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Ten Minutes of Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage Inside

Posted by James Newton

Special trailer released

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is still months away, but you can feast your eyes on ten whole minutes of in-game footage with Square Enix's new "special" trailer, embedded below.

The trailer ticks all the right boxes, with a mixture of CGI footage, Japanese singing and a look at Tron world, featuring what's likely to be Jeff Bridge's first and only appearance in a 3DS game.

If you just want to see the gameplay, skip to the 4:00 mark.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is due to release later this year.

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wwww said:

@MiracleBlaze Haha, i'm commuting to work right now so I watched it on my cellphone, whose screen is about half the size of ONE of the 3DS's... Add in the crazy border on the video and I've been watching an animated postage stamp for the past ten minutes.

I've never played a KH game before, can't believe it's ten years I've been putting it off already. Perhaps I'll try this one, though I may get distracted and go play TWEWY instead. Seriously, what was Neku doing there? I know he's dressed for it, but still. And Shiki's cat...

@JarvanZheitk install flash, get a flash blocker. That's what I do. Best of both worlds. :>



Late said:

Nice video. May even be first day purchase for me. I love KH series and having TWEWY characters is a biiiiiiig bonus



Portista said:

Um, so what is it all about? I've never tried any of the other games, and it just looks so random. Please explain.



Shotgunryugan said:

I've heard of this game before,but never saw any trailers,it looks so awesome

I love Kingdom Hearts,one of the few series were i actually have a tough time deciding a favorite character,because i like the vast majority of characters.

This is probably a day 1 purchase for me,i have yet to buy Re:Coded,but i have Days and i had Chain of Memories,i could never play the Playstation games due to being a Nintendo fan boy,but i followed the story,with cutscene videos and mangas



Late said:

@Portisanta: It may look really random to those who haven't played any of KH games. And a bit random to everyone else too as this game seems to have almost all of the characters who were killed in other KH games. But all the KH games seem to make sense after getting hang of the story. There's one really big story when all the games are combined.



FriedSquid said:

Wow, I can't wait for this! I hope they give us a release date soon, that Tron world looks really cool! (even if it doesn't look as cool than in the movie)



Rococoman said:

@Portisanta That's because it IS that random.

Holy moly, could we please get a new KH game already? Honestly, the only must-play in this whole series is the very first one, and arguably the second. How many times do we need to retread the same areas with the same characters?

I tried playing the PSP game, Birth by Sleep, and it was just awful. Nothing but button-mashing, and the story was a mix of StarWars riffs from the Square characters and very poorly written scenarios with the Disney characters. Again, the only game that remotely attempted to decently write in the Disney characters was the first one.

As much as I 'kinda' want a KH3, I don't really know where they could go - the 2nd game pretty much wrapped up the story.



Knux said:

That trailer was beyond epic! I can't wait to get my hands on this game!



Aerona said:

I've pretty much stopped caring about the storyline at this point, but I'm still gonna love this.



EdEN said:

The Tron segment looks great! I've bought and played all of them except Birth by Sleep (siting on my games drawer so I'll get there before this one releases), and I'm definitely buying this one as well.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Sora you brat ! How can you not invite your secret twin bro Pit to the party ?
Seriously, this trailer makes me more worried 'bout KI: Uprising than it does excite me for what would be my first KH experience.



kyuubikid213 said:

I cannot wait to get this game. I fell in love with the Kingdom Hearts series with Kingdom Hearts 2 and I was also able to play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 on DS, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories on GBA, and Kindom Hearts. I didn't have a PSP, so I was unable to partake in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep...and so many people told me Kingdom Hearts ReCoded wasn't worth it... I'm getting this one no matter what.

Also, I love when "My Santuary" starts playing at the end of the game...



Aqueous said:

To epic. When does this come out?
Ah, no multiplayer but I'll live, I mostly play singleplayer anyways.



MagicEmperor said:

I met Bruce Boxleitner (Tron) at a convention, and I was wearing my ABIDE shirt. As I approached Bruce, he pointed at my shirt and exclaimed, "DUDE! DUDE!" Words cannot express how much of a proud nerd I was that day.

Anyway, I'm excited for this!



Knuckles said:

In my opinion the headline was a little misleading, i thought i was going to watch a 3D trailer through my 3DS browser.=( I should have known it meant Kingdom Hearts 3D. Worst of all i already knew the 3DS cant play videos, and i thought nintendo life jimmy-rigged a video to play on the 3DS Browser...



ianmage1 said:

I have never been so excited for a game before. The trailers keep getting better and better. It looks like Xion, Roxas, Axel, and the whole organization 13 is coming back. Day one purchase guaranteed.



Godstrike said:

this looks like this could have been on the wii not saying that the wii looks amazing but the wii is a console so to have this be for a handheld and still look amazing is pretty damn awesome.



Wildvine53 said:

The Tron world looks incredible, the characters look just like their movie counterparts. This just moved up to a day one purchase!



ianmage1 said:

I have one concern. Are the CGI cutscenes compressed like the DS Kingdom Hearts games? I'd like to see that improved.



Late said:

Have we seen Roxas or Xion outside the cutscenes from previous games yet? At the end of the video Sora is surrounded by Organization members and there's only 12 of them.



sainrub said:

10 years later and that music still gets me teary eyed.
The game looks Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!



Linkuini said:


Is there actually gonna be a world based on The World Ends With You? When am I gonna find a copy of that game...?

Can't wait to try the Fantasia segment!



LightSamus said:

I've beaten KH1, Chain of Memorys for GBA, and 358/2. I still haven't played KH2, do any serious Kingdom Hearts fan advise I quickly go play and complete KH2 before playing this one?



RR529 said:

Easily my most anticipated title of the year. KH is the only series besides Zelda and Smash Bros (and the only non-Nintendo game), that I go nuts for. I loved playing I & II on PS2, CoM on GBA, and Days & Re:Coded on DS. Never played BBS, but I've watched all the cut scenes on YouTube so I didn't miss out on the story.

@35, I agree, a Gargoyles world would be sweet! I discovered that show about a year ago and became hooked (seriously, how that's not in KH is beyond me).

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