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GAME Not Selling Mario Party 9

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not available online either

It's emerged today that UK retailer GAME will not be stocking Mario Party 9 when it's released this coming Friday. In a Nintendo statement GAME and Gamestation, which are both part of GAME Group plc., were omitted from a list of retailers where the title will be available.

At the current time the retail group doesn't have a running supply agreement with Nintendo, meaning that distribution is being negotiated on a game-by-game basis. The retailer's websites aren't currently listing the game either, meaning that this issue applies to the high street and online stores. Recent titles distributed by Nintendo, The Last Story and Tekken 3D Prime Edition, were also excluded from GAME stores.

GAME's supply problems stem from its recent credit troubles, which forced the chain to purchase stock with cash rather than credit. This has understandably curtailed its usual buying power, and recent talks with suppliers and distributors haven't been able to secure positive agreements: GAME is not stocking Mass Effect 3 or any other EA titles for March.

With all future Nintendo titles being negotiated on an individual basis it remains to be seen whether key upcoming titles such as Kid Icarus: Uprising will find their way to GAME shelves.

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Kifa said:

Like seriously - what is GAME's problem with Nintendo stuff? It sells well, sometimes even better than games for other systems, and they are just not stocking it? Really? Can someone smarter than me can explain?

I understand the financial problems, but wouldin't additional sales actually help to remedy those?



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

Nintendo should have considered using motion plus for Mario Party 9. The series needs some new life.
The article explained that it's not just Nintendo products that GAME is not stocking. Did you not read the article?



James said:

@Kifa OK, so normally chains buy on credit, which is essentially a promise to pay the distributor with money when the stock sells. It's an IOU, basically. GAME's been unable to secure credit which means if it wants to buy stock, it has to purchase it with money like you or I would: obviously that curtails its spending as it might need to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to stock its stores of just one release.

It's not a case of "oh, Nintendo stuff isn't going to sell well, we won't stock it", it's more likely a case that Nintendo and GAME's respective product managers can't reach an agreement about contract conditions.

Not that I'm an expert on this.



Burning_Spear said:

Obvious statement: It's not looking good for GAME if it can't sell first-party Nintendo stuff.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Wow, this looks bad for GAME. I hope people go shopping in other stores too or they could get the impression there's nothing new on their platforms.



Azikira said:

All I ever see is on the main page "GAME not stocking anything you want" >.>
Glad I don't have to deal with em



The_Fox said:

Not being able to get credit=not being able to stock some of the top titles.
Not stocking top titles=underperforming stores.
Underperforming stores=an inability to secure more credit.

GAME may be entering a death spiral.



ueI said:

This must suck for whoever shops there. It must reeaally suck.



The_Fox said:

Really? Ask yourself how many people that would put out of work (in a weak economy, no less) and see if you still feel the same way.



Marios-love-child said:

This isnt looking good for Game..... Shame really as I think from memory I've purchased pretty much every console I've ever owned from them. At least going back as far as the PS1 anyway.

Prior to that mummy & daddy used to buy them for me so I couldnt say where they were bought from back in the SNES days.

Having said that I do tend to buy most of my games from either Amazon or simply because they're cheaper.

I just guess I'll have to find somewhere else to buy my Wii U from if Game are no longer in existance by then



AVahne said:

From all these recent articles, seems like GAME ISN'T UK's Gamestop; it's much worse.



Tasuki said:

Ok is this place going out of business or something? If it isn't it sure will be.



AltDotNerd said:

Why is it every time I log on to Nintendolife, there's an article about GAME not stocking (insert game name here)?



theblackdragon said:

@MetalDragonZero: Remember that NL is a UK-based website, and over there, GAME is a pretty big retailer of video games. It'd be like GameStop not stocking these titles; think of it as a heads-up for our EU userbase.

If you were just asking why they're not stocking all these games, though — apparently they've fallen on hard times



niggyt2004 said:

im anoyed with GAME, i pre ordered last story a month ago and they didnt even tell me it had not been processed. i cancelled the order and went else where. so much for loyalty points. I have a GAME giftcard awaiting for mario party, this just takes the mick!!!



Capt_N said:

Hope they don't get eaten up by Gamestop. Edit: That would be a shame for all the people out of a job.



Victoria said:

Boy, it's really sounding serious. It's the only decent gaming shop that I go to. The staff at the ones that I've been in have always been real nice, decent folks. I'd hate to see them go out of business.



Objection said:

So they're not selling The Last Story, Mario Party 9, Mass Effect 3, anything EA for March...are they selling anything new?

At this point, the company is in denial...



NintendoLee said:

I can understand them not selling TLS as at the end of the day it's a Wii JPRPG which in all honestly won't light the charts on fire (great game though). The Tekken thing didn't surprise me as their focus has been on Vita for the past month however this is a strange move.

Firstly Mario Party is one of those games that always sells, heck they still have MP8 on their shelves and that's saying something.

ME3 will be one of the biggest sellers of the year and definitely quarter 1, for the biggest gaming retail chain not to sell this is madness.



Yrreiht said:

Wow, it's obviously not going well for GAME...
Maybe laying off some new releases will save them some money.... or it's just gonna go downfall and the company will go bankrupt... joy!



OldBoy said:

Apparently they won't be stocking ANY!! new Nintendo games and the loss of Mass Effect3 will be the final nail in the coffin. All their VITA stock has property of SONY stickers all over them ,it's only a matter of time now.
Yes its sad for the staff but why should people support a business that continually rips you off with mega high prices, doesn't stock anything other than FIFA ,COD type games, gives ridiculously low trade in prices, pushes second hand games over new, have staff that are clueless/rude and ignorant (in my experience) and well ,is basically just a terrible store.
Their demise is of their own doing and they are now sat on so much used stock that they can't shift and have such bad credit ratings that I can't see a way out for them.
Its just a shame that GAMESTATION will be dragged down with them.
They went about the business the completely the wrong way and ignored their online competition.They should have made their stores more hobbyist and sold cool merchandise and such to give people a reason to go in their stores.Why would I go into town to be told they dont have X game in stock ,when you can sit at home,order online and save yourself a bundle of cash.Poor management IMO.



FonistofCruxis said:

With the way things are going, it feels like the demise of GAME is getting close and closer. At least there will still be HMV to buy games from.



misswliu81 said:

@OldBoy re: Yes its sad for the staff but why should people support a business that continually rips you off with mega high prices, doesn't stock anything other than FIFA ,COD type games, gives ridiculously low trade in prices, pushes second hand games over new, have staff that are clueless/rude and ignorant (in my experience) and well ,is basically just a terrible store. >> this.

i feel for the employees who will be losing their jobs, however, those exact reasons @OldBoy stated with regards to GAME is precisely why they are in the situation they are in right now.

by turning away 3DS, wii , DS owners by not stocking certain titles- YET still promote the heck out of COD, and other high profiled PS3, xbox and adding to that vita games, means owners will get their games elsewhere. be it in another store or online.



dizzy_boy said:

tbh game have never really been nintendo friendly anyway. they always put nintendo stock in a small corner at the back of the store while they flash the heck out of the other main consoles leading upto it.
i`m not expecting nintendo to be shoved in my face as soon as i walk in, but a bit more thought given to how they sell games goes a long way, like promoting new and upcoming games at the front of the store, top twenty cross format shelf next to it, then filter it back.
one good thing is that i went through my local game yesterday and they had tekken prime up on the shelf, albeit with the comming soon sticker on the boxes. i asked the guy behind the counter when the planned to sell it, and he said "march 9th". i replied that "everywhere else has had the game since 17th february", and he said "oh i never knew that". which goes to prove that the some staff don`t really care or know what`s going in within the gaming world, and even within other shops on the high street.



ecco6t9 said:

@my_point_is I'm not sure if you can blame him. The writing is on the wall for this company and he may not care anymore.

It's like what happened here in the states to Circuit City.



flatspikes said:

The end must surely be nigh? Does Game even have a year left? I've not shopped there in years but still feel if they go there will be a negative effect on gaming.



dizzy_boy said:

@ecco819 there`s a good chance that your right, but that still shouldn`t give the guy the right to come across like he didn`t really give damn.
this is one of the foundations of customer service, if you speak to people in a posative tone, even if you are faced with information you were previously unaware of, you put yourself in a position where people are happy to return to your shop and address you for further assistance.
thing is, nobody is going to want to return to a shop if the staff come across like they just don`t care, and from what i`ve read in the above comments it seems like alot of people have had that experience with GAME staff. you`ll probably find that that is one of the main complaints that GAME has after not stocking the games people want to buy.
tbh, if GAME does go into liquidation, they should be able to get there money back on any unsold new stock, the second hand stock will probably be a nightmare for them to shift, especially the mountains of shovelware that they`ve amassed.



grumblebuzzz said:

@espinozac7 Hes WAYYYY back in the back on the balcony in the tower.

Also, what's up with this GAME place not selling stuff? If they're in financial trouble, wouldn't it help them to sell products? Glad we don't have to deal with them here in the states.



Aviator said:

If a store is selling one product well, aka COD or Battlefield, and other products, Nintendo games aren't selling well, then what's the point of putting all the bad stock at the front of the store?

Some stores may sell Nintendo products more than other products, therefore Nintendo titles would be at the front.

It's sad to hear whats happening to GAME over in the UK. Hopefully GAME AU isn't affected, because my local stores are good quality.



Chris720 said:

If this is the end of GAME, I won't miss them... they sell games at such a high price it's ridiculous. I'm going to start buying my games online anyway, it's overall cheaper and you can pre-order them for release and it'll get there. But if I pre-order with GAME, I won't get it until 1-3 days after release.



JimLad said:

I've never really liked GAME, but I will be sad to see GameStation go despite not having shopped there in many years.
What's going to happen when this black hole opens up? With HMV on the backfoot as well, it looks like the UK retail market is in for some tough times. I can only see an American company coming in and taking over.
In the mean time this Mario Party thing is going to hurt it's sales BAD, which is another shame.



HouseofBees said:

Yeah, I echo the above: It'll be a shame to see Gamestation go. Dwindling money meant Gamestation's gotten steadily worse, stocking fewer peripherals and retro games and getting less adventurous as it went. GAME on the other hand, didn't know its elbow from its Great Giana Sisters. My girlfriend worked there,and the attitude was even worse than out front. Snobby bullies who saw elderly customers and thought 'CLOSE THE SALE!' That mentality comes from the panic above, I guess.

No specific Game retailers left then. My girlfriend now works at HMV, and they (as anyone can see) order very few games in. They can't compete with the Supermarkets. Whether they remain in business, the only people who will lose out will be the customers.



Marakuto said:

I'm always hearing my friends say "I'm gonna buy the new COD or Fifa (insert year) for £40" always happening but it disappoints me that GAME is doing this but I understand since its money issues...



RevolverLink said:

Does this store actually sell any games? It feels like I'm coming across two or three stories a week about another big game they won't be selling.



AndyCarolan said:

Not surprised that Game/Gamestation are in trouble, not many people are willing to pay £39.99 for a Mario Kart 7 or SM 3D Land.

That said, on the few recent visits ive made to their stores, the staff have appeared to be have a passion for gaming and are happy to stand there and discuss the games and anything new that may be arriving in store soon.

If Game and Gamestation are to survive, they really need to look at their pricing structure. Even aligning their in store pricing with the ones shown on their online store would be a vast improvement.



ThumperUK said:

It is not a case of GAME not wanting to stock Nintendo or EA games, but more that their finances are in such a bad state that they cannot get any credit and must pay cash upfront for their merchandise. This will be very difficult for GAME to recover from, I'm more sad that Gamestation will go under too if GAME goes under. Gamestation's Brighton branch appears to be still staffed by the staff who were around before GAME bought the company. They care about their customers and are all gaming addicts. There is no comparison with the soul-less staff in the two GAME stores we have (who treat customers like something on the bottom of their shoes).



Mandoble said:

I dont thing game is overpricing games at all, I find similar prices in all the stores, only difference is if you buy via web. I guess most of the price is mostly imposed by the publisher with a pretty ridiculous margin for the store: New Super Mario Bros 46€ yet, I would put the blame on Nintendo not in GAME.



misswliu81 said:

@Mandoble you would say that as you are so anti-nintendo in your posts on here.

this wasn't about the price of the game- it was the fact that GAME are not stocking this game in their stores.



Henmii said:

Not even Marioparty 9?!

There is serious something wrong with GAME!
I call it now: They are bankrupt!
Bye bye, GAME!



Pj1 said:

Sadly I saw this coming for a very long time, the Game group are up for sale and I think think it includes Gamestation. If I was them they should either merge the two together to get running costs down or off load Gamestation, Gamestation for me has never been the same since they got rid of their 'retro' stuff. It's a sad day to hear about Game troubles but they've been a victim of their own success over the years, does anyone rememeber when Gamestop were due to expand in the UK and Game blocked the move? then a couple of years later they bought Gamestation when they were told not to by the monopolies commisson. I feel bad for their staff but they havn't gone burst yet.... I really thought they would stock Mario Party 9.

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