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United Kingdom

Tue 28th February, 2012

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AndyCarolan commented on GAME Enters Administration, Closes 277 Stores:

Very sad indeed :(

The staff in my local branches of Game and Gamestation were among the most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of ANY store I have visited. I actually felt like my purchase meant something to the store. As I've said before however, the pricing difference between Game and other retailers (and indeed Game's own web store) may have been a big reason for consumers shopping elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, I wish the staff and all concerned at Game the very best outcome in this terrible situation.



AndyCarolan commented on GAME Not Selling Mario Party 9:

Not surprised that Game/Gamestation are in trouble, not many people are willing to pay £39.99 for a Mario Kart 7 or SM 3D Land.

That said, on the few recent visits ive made to their stores, the staff have appeared to be have a passion for gaming and are happy to stand there and discuss the games and anything new that may be arriving in store soon.

If Game and Gamestation are to survive, they really need to look at their pricing structure. Even aligning their in store pricing with the ones shown on their online store would be a vast improvement.



AndyCarolan commented on Team Meat: "We Never Said eShop Limit is 2GB":

Well, whatever the eShop app size limit is, large capacity SD cards are relatively cheap. And with Nintendo releasing Demos now, maybe a bigger card would be a smart move anyway. I dont have a Huge amount on my 3DS, but the 2GB card is half full (or half empty lol) already