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Japan Gets Super Street Fighter II with Online Play on VC

Posted by James Newton


While the Wii Virtual Console continues to decompose in the West, Japan's still getting the goods, with a few enhancements to boot.

The latest game to hit the service is the Mega Drive version of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, brought up to date with online play via Nintendo WiFi Connection. By comparison, in the West we have Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers on Super NES with, of course, no online play.

This isn't the first time we've seen online play added to a classic game though: SEGA added multiplayer to Puyo Puyo earlier this year to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary, of course. We still haven't seen that release in Europe or North America, and it's unlikely we'll ever get to pummel T. Hawks online either.

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JayArr said:

Thats really cool. Though outside of Japan can't even get a VC game released so I doubt we will get on-line capability updates. u__u



Link79 said:

Well good for Japan. Let us know when they plan on giving the rest of us something on VC. You know what would be better than nothing? ANYTHING!



SpaceKappa said:

That is SO bogus. I love playing newer fighters on Xbox Live but man, I'd love to play the old ones against devious human opponents.



mac_hine said:

I think this is a great sign of things to come. This is probably a test phase and they will unleash on the world on the Wii U.

this is how Nintendo could get me to rebuy a few titles on my Wii-U if they added online or they could be nice about it and let anyone who owns the original VC release to upgrade for free.



CanisWolfred said:

^Dude, I so hope you're right. Except for the upgrade for free, that's simply too good to be true. Though I wouldn't mind paying a few buck to get online with my games.



sc100 said:

I do think we'll see a revival of the VC at some point, maybe when the Wii U gets released and Nintendo starts pushing digital downloads for that system. Nintendo's emphasis lately has been on the 3DS and getting that going.



dizzy_boy said:

nothing coming out in the west i`m sure is partly the 3rds fault too.
i would love to see a few more VC games get online multi player aswell, but i doubt that will ever happen.



DarkEdi said:

This is the only way to rise the VC sales, because if a person have a title already then that person doesn´t have interest to download it again, but if it has online or new features it will be downloaded again. I think Nintendo es a little dump because they don´t think these.



Ryno said:

Poor T. Hawk, he made the cover of Nintendo Power but yet all people do is just pick on him.

If Nintendo did this with their future VC releases I would be certainly tempted to purchase them again.



Rococoman said:

Forget this game - why don't we get Street Fighter HD Remix? For just a few more dollars, Xbox and PS3 owners get the definitive version of Street Fighter II, while the Wii gets the Genesis version (not SNES, not to even mention the Arcade version).

Sorry for ranting, but this is a beautiful example of Nintendo not "getting it." I thought they were trying to do the 3rd party thing correctly?



XCWarrior said:

Wow what the crap Nintendo. Bring this to America! It won't cost you anything. Do it!



x10power said:

Personally I would want like Super Mario Kart with online, Super Smash bros with online, MK64, Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Kirby Super Star, etc



Buster13 said:

Those voice clips...!

You know, even considering we probably won't get this anyway (at least for a while, if ever), would using the arcade version have been too much to ask? I mean, Capcom has been a decent supporter of the VCA (Well, as decent as one can get), wouldn't using the most superior version for this update make more sense?



Supremeist said:

This would be heaven if they released SF games on the 3DS VC. Will probably have to wait longer.



Ramses said:

We need online multiplayer for 3DS virtual console! It would make games like Radar Mission so much more fun.



motang said:

This is so cool! Retro game that had online play built in with XBand. Now you can still play it online cause of the VC.



47drift said:

This article needs to be updated with the confirmation that it's coming stateside. The amount of uninformed bitterness in these comments makes me scowl. More than usual.



millarrp said:

I hope the links from capcom are accurate...It would be nice to see nintendo (and the third parties) would expand online multiplayer to alot of vc games...even though I don't do a lot of online multiplayer, having that option is definately a bonus



Rensch said:

That's a great move. I hope this inspires developers to put a little more effort into their VC releases in the future. Many classic games on XBLA already have added content like online modes, so why not on Wii VC, which is the main platform on any system for classic titles at the moment.



SNK said:

why are Capcom bringing this Cruddy Megadrive Version to the VC when they can Bring the Arcade Version instead,the VC is going downhill fast.



vio said:

Too bad Super Street Fighter on the MD/Genesis is a steaming pile of crap. Worst sound ever.



Linkuini said:

Bah. Good thing I have SFIV3D. Of course, I'm less likely to get any good at it than the VC is to get an online multiplayer game.



WaxxyOne said:

Glad to hear online play for VC titles making progress, but could they have at least chosen a version of the game that doesn't suck? Why don't they just add it to the SNES version of SSF2 in a patch? Heck, even if we had to pay a couple bucks for a "DLC" that adds online play, it'd still be preferable to the pile of crap that is the Genesis port.

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