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Sun 16th Oct 2011

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DJ_Siniestro commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:

@Peek-a-boo I am so disappointed at Nintendo for not giving us a physical release of Fatal Frame. Even if I wanted to download it, I have the 8 GB console and the console doesn't have enough space. Wish the Wii U was not region locked, very jealous of that European collector's edition that they got for Fatal Frame.



DJ_Siniestro commented on Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō:

The North American description of Ninja Master's on the Wii Shop says it is only compatible with the Wii Remote and Classic Controller, making no mention of the Gamecube Controller. I am happy to inform that I just downloaded the game and it is compatible with the Gamecube Controller as well.