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Wed 21st Sep 2011

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mac_hine commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

I did notice that if you hit the down arrow on the d-pad it changes playback from the tv to gamepad. I never noticed this before seems new to me from the update but not 100% sure.



mac_hine commented on Zen Pinball 2 Now Gearing Up For January 2013:

This will be my first eShop purchase on WiiU!
I already own a bunch of tables on the PS3 version, and I already own the 4 Zen Pinball tables on the 3ds as well as the 4 Marvel tables on 3DS, but that won't stop me from buying tables on the WiiU. At first I'll probably just be buying tables that I don't already own on PS3/3DS and then maybe do some doubling down, or in some cases tripling down... yeah I love Zen Pinball that much...



mac_hine commented on Cosmos X2:

An ok game. However I strongly prefer 99 Bullets and Metal Torrent over this schmup as far as DSiWare schmups go.

I will say that the weapon/life system is pretty unique and cool. Other than that I found the first 3/4 of the game pretty boring. The game is very slow, but does get faster when you turn up the difficulty.

Not worth the 500 IMO, but maybe 200 like it is in EU apparently.,..

My score 5/10



mac_hine commented on GO Series: Pinball Attack!:

This games LOOKS like it should be good, its a good little concept HOWEVER, it plays like garbage. I regret every one of the 500 points I spent on this game. The physics are horrid. There are Game Boy pinball games with better physics than this game, which is unacceptable. (those games include Kirbys Pinball Land and the Gator series).

If you are looking for a good pinball game on the portable shop go with Pinball Pulse: Ancients Beckon. Even though its only one table its absolutely terrific. And if you have a 3DS another great option is Zen Pinball 3DS. Both are must haves IMO for any pinball fan with a 3DS/DS.



mac_hine commented on Japan Gets Super Street Fighter II with Online...:

I think this is a great sign of things to come. This is probably a test phase and they will unleash on the world on the Wii U.

this is how Nintendo could get me to rebuy a few titles on my Wii-U if they added online or they could be nice about it and let anyone who owns the original VC release to upgrade for free.



mac_hine commented on Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Col...:

I will be picking this up for sure... along with Zen Pinball! While it is $30 new, it is only $20 used at Gamestop. Not sure why its significantly less than new (unlike most other new vs. used prices at GS) but great nonetheless.



mac_hine commented on First Impressions: Zen Pinball 3D:

Very Excited for this! Big fan of video game pinball when done right! wonder how much it will be...

Also, for all you pinball fans on the 3ds and ds: Be sure to check out Metriod Pinball if you haven't already! Its a fantastic pinball game and it's less than $10 used at GS. and of course there's Pinball Pulse on DSiWare... another goodie... as many others have already stated