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Officially Licensed 3DS Headset Revealed, Priced and Dated

Posted by James Newton

Chat and tunes in one set

It didn't take long for the Nintendo DS to get an official chat headset, and now the 3DS is getting its own add-on later this year.

PowerA's take on the cans features an in-line remote for controlling your music, with play/pause, previous track and next track commands accessed with a single click. It also allows voice chat for supported games, of which there currently are not very many.

The headset's set for release in Europe on 4th November for an RRP of £24.99. There's no North American date yet, but you're looking at around $29.99.

A top-notch video game experience deserves audio quality to match, and the Stereo & Chat Headset for Nintendo 3DS fits the bill. It offers great sound quality for games, music and video. One-click music control with the inline remote and a detachable mic boom put the power in your hands, and the fold-flat design lets you easily store the Stereo & Chat Headset when you're on the road. That leaves your hands free for other things - like gaming!

PowerA accessories are made to the exact specifications of your console. All products meet or exceed Nintendo's standards for quality and safety. Enhance your gaming experience with cool characters, sleek styles, and superior functionality

Compact, stylish stereo headset
Detachable mic boom for game chat and video-conferencing
Designed perfectly to complement the Nintendo 3DS
Folds flat for easy portability
Adjustable headband for kids or adults
Great sound quality for games, music and video
3DS compatible inline remote with one-click music control button (play/pause, track fwd, track back)
Official Nintendo Licensed Product


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Raptor78 said:

The big question is will the 3DS music program still be as quiet as it is now. THe other programs sound fine on regular headsets but unless you are in a very quiet room you cannot hear the music program propperly.



6ch6ris6 said:

why should i need this?
the 3ds has a microphone and speakers/headphoneplug



Wheels2050 said:

It'll be interesting to see what the price is - it's not like there's a shortage of headsets on the market.

They'll want to be pretty competitive!



Teh-Ray said:

Man, these look great!

If only they had the power to make the 3DS louder, they'd be perfect. As it is, the 3DS is useless as an MP3 player because the max volume isn't even that loud, and is pretty much volumeless unless you're in a room that's really quiet.

If these headphones can pull off that feat, consider me sold. Heck, I want them now anyway!
(Here's hoping that in-line remote works on an iPod Touch as well!)



GuarinoMatt said:

Now gimme Skype and a better Music app, or this shiny new headset won't have a reason to exist



daznsaz said:

would get these for heroes of ruin but like @4 says the 3ds has its own mic so not sure.



Collinhall said:


But what would I use them for, I can't think of one game that supports online chat! Anyway if it amplifies the 3DS volume I'm sold no matter what <3



coolvw93 said:

this would be awsome to use on Monster Hunter 3G or 4 when it comes out on 3DS



jer18 said:

These look a lot like those headphones in the nurse's office in elementary school for hearing checks. Raise your left hand.. raise your right hand..



Raptor78 said:

No doubt they will package it with a 3DS program along the lines of wiispeak that way they would try and justify a £25 purchase rather than get a cheeper third part version that would no doubt be released.



Raptor78 said:

Mmmmm... just relised as well that they plan for a November release which just so happens to be when the next big 3DS update is planned to be.

3DS Speak? Skype app perhaps?? After all the Android version supports video chat now and that works very well.



AVahne said:

"Detachable mic boom for game chat and video-conferencing"
Meaning we'll get a video chat feature on 3DS soon? If so, then AWESOME!



kobe1724 said:

Does this mean we'll be able to voice chat for all online games, and with our friends? I sure hope so



Objection said:

Actually looks pretty snazzy. If this is actually used in games, I'd prolly pick one up.



Chris720 said:

I might pick it up for Heroes of Ruin, but the square speakers... are you kidding me?! Those would look ridiculous round your head. It would be pretty good and if you want to use the mic, POW! you got the mic right there can you just lob into the port. No more flappy microphone dangling around anymore, thank god!



Milkman-123 said:

why the headset? does it come with a microphone? because last time i checked, the 3ds already has a microphone. so doesnt that make it any oridinary headset? will it work on my xbox live?



Supremeist said:

I will get this as soon as the 3DS supports louder music. The music application is a bit too quiet... I think that Nintendo should release Pandora or something on there. But if games start to support the microphone for online play, I'll end up buying.



Jonisme said:

Cool... But I already have really nice sennheisers, and chances are I don't want to pay 30$ and downgrade, just so I can have a mic that is probably not a whole lot better then the built in mic.



yoyogamer said:

3DS sound is too quiet? Really? Does everyone these days listen to freakishly loud music blasted into their ears? Dang kids!



SennaKurosaki said:

Use this Nintendo headset in combination with an Apple iPod for the ultimate coolness! Merging of cool brands results in ultra-cool fashion statement.
On a more serious note though... because it has a microphone, can this headset be used as a hands-free headset for an iPhone or other mobile? If I had to guess... I think it can!



bowkid50 said:

those things are huge.why would i want those when i can just the use my xbox 360 mic?well actually i have to try and see if that mic works with the 3ds first

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