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Nintendo Holding Online 3DS Press Conference on Friday

Posted by James Newton

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Nintendo of Japan has announced an online press conference for 3DS taking place this Friday at 8pm Japanese time.

Dubbed the "Nintendo 3DS New Information Internet Presentation", the event will be a pre-recorded video of Satoru Iwata going over some of the information that couldn't fit into the company's pre-Tokyo Games Show press event. We expect to find out more about the upcoming November 3DS system update that will add 3D video recording and more new features, as well as extra information about the wireless play options in Mario Kart 7.

The show will be broadcast via Ustream from Friday, 8pm Japanese time, with more links to be found on the Nintendo website. Don't get your hopes up for big announcements, but we'll be letting you know exactly what's revealed all the same.


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Shinjix2 said:

I want a release date for my GBA games along with knowing what the other 5 are!!



asoccerstar43 said:

please youtube application and a release date of ambasedor 10 gameboy games

I dout about the youtube app but you never know



Burny said:

Anyone else here who couldn't care less for recording poor quality 3D videos? Online pictochat, now that would be a nice feature.



Nintonic said:

@4 and 6
I like. When will they release news about Flipnote Memo?
They haven't even said a word about it!



craigmoss19 said:

I'm hoping they'll announce some way of messaging your friends. Online version of Pictochat would be perfect for this.

I'd also like to know more about the GBA games and it would be good to hear when they plan on releasing NES, Game Gear and Turbografx games on the Virtual Console.

I'll be happy if just one of these things are talked about.



theJOE said:

introducing my fireplace for 3DSware so you can have a fire place on the go! and its 3D



crazyj2312 said:

Their efforts so far aren't really bringing in new customers, just appeasing the crowd that already has it. If they want to make people without a 3DS jealous of those that do have one, a Youtube app would do wonders lol



Aqueous said:

@Eviscerator - No more pokemon remakes! Give them to us in eshop and then they can give bonuses like pal park and more random encounters in the 4th gen games, which would be more would mean I could do clock events again and use those pokemon for pal park transfers. Where a new game would only give the ability to trade directly with black and white,




Majora's Mask 3D, GBA Ambassador games list, more upcoming games for 2012 other than the ones we know about. Release dates for 2012 games



armoredghor said:

It's probably an overhauled menu or something universal for players. Either that or it's horrible news. hopefully they're maintaining their fanbase.
btw that's at 4am us pacific



DemonKnight said:

Here is what I want to know: Flipnote Memo release date,if it is possible for pokemon ruby and saphire remakes, GBA ambassador games and date,and if youtube is ever possible.



Aqueous said:

I think we can give up on ambassador games they were/are sending us that through spotpass if I recall correctly.



LordTendoboy said:

I have a feeling the video recording feature will be extremely short, like less than 2 minutes of recording time. Just like how the sound recording only gives you 10 seconds of recording time.

Prove me wrong Nintendo. Stop holding back and do something amazing for once.

Here is what I want Iwata to reveal:

  • Add StreetPass people to your friend list
  • Allow us to transfer our purchased Wii Virtual Console titles to the 3DS
  • Announce more GBC games, and more systems in general
  • Flash support for the internet browser
  • Youtube app
  • Facebook & Twitter apps (for those that care about that stuff)
  • Allow us to save different types of image files from the browser, not just JPEG images
  • Messaging and IM feature
  • Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc. apps
  • update the eShop so games are categorized better, no more useless categories
  • Give us an option to sort the Home menu icons by name, by type
    (3DS software, DSi software, VC software), by download date, by most played, etc.


DarkKirby said:

"Internet Presentation"? Maybe he'll talk about how the 3DS and its upcoming games wont have donkey internet capability like it and it's games does now. Nintendo promised more focus on online that doesn't suck but so far has shown their online sucks as much as ever and no effort is being out into making good online for it's games.



Supremeist said:

^@tendoboy1984 I really want the first one. This really cool guy at GameStop wanted to add me but he was very busy with a long line of customers so he said to wait until I come back another time. I moved 5 states away and never get to see him again, but he is on my StreetPass. Nintendo, make it happen.

A few things I would like is a Messaging System, YouTube App, The ability to edit pictures like the DSi can and upload them directly to Facebook (again, like the DSi can.) and I want them to talk a little more about Paper Mario 3D.

And wouldn't it be Grand if Nintendo decided to talk about Flipnote for 3DS after so long?



Chris720 said:

Please just give me this:

Friend messaging
Facebook app
Enhanced Internet Browser that supports flash
YouTube app
Renewed HOME Menu with more ways to customize it
Nintendo Life app
Can add DSiWare to Favourite Title



Raptor78 said:

You can post your photos directly onto facebook with the 3DS as well as posting photos anywhere else on the internet which the DSi cant.



Maggots said:

@ 29. .... I like the way you think... but might I add and change a bit myself... instead of just a sorting option how about folders like on the iPhone except not limited to 12 icons... so when you tap on the Game Boy folder it opens up a whole new window of spots to put game boy games... !!! ... the other thing... allowing us to transfer our Wii VC titles... I think what would inevitably be better is if when the Wii U comes out to put all the titles we have downloaded on a user account and then we can play them on all Nintendo Systems registered under that account... Imagine playing mario world on Wii U (even on the controller) and then you're going to visit family so you transfer to your 3DS and head out... !! ...



anti-duck said:

Apparently we're in for a few surprises, there is going to be "information that hasn't even been slightly revealed unveiled".

The best thing they could do in my eyes would be to add the ability to download playable demos and the functionality for DLC.



Corbs said:

They're dropping the price to "3 easy payments of 19.95" and tossing in a fourth circle pad and worm light if you order within the next 5 hours.



CrazyOtto said:

What I hope for:

  • Ability to do multiplayer with GB, GBC, and GBA VC games
  • GBA VC games for non-Ambassadors
  • A DSiware storage app that lets you play your DSiware games from the app (for when more 3DSware games come)
  • Ability to do more than ten Streetpasses at a time
  • An adapter cord that lets you hook your 3DS to a TV and have it show the picture on the TV screen.


Raptor78 said:

using the internet browser on the 3DS, when you are on Facebook or similar website. Just select upload photo and you get access to your photo album on the 3DS. You can also save images directly to your 3DS usiing internet browser, including 3D photos.



Raptor78 said:

…if your interested I have, bookmarked as it works well with the browser, then from your photos or profile page etc when you see the option to add a photo (like posting on your wall) it first brings up a disclamer about the legality of the photo, much like it does on the DSi, and when you accept it opens up your photos for you to browse through so you can upload them Including 3D photos!!!!
This works the same on other sites that allow for uploading photos.



carson said:


yeah, i agree with the adding friends via street pass. Allowing us to transfer our purchased Wii Virtual Console titles to the 3DS would be sooo awesome too! but doubtful.

I want SNES games!!!

you think we'll hear an update on the ambassador program?



Shworange said:

The good news, we've figured out how to make these systems sell. It's a revamped 3ds with a larger screen that doesn't get scratched by the lower screen, OLED display, ergonomic design with dual slider pads, improved sweet spot in 3d screen, multiple touch touch screen, archaic developer royalties have been corrected and the flood gates are open for content! The bad news: we are grateful for our early adopters, but unfortunately youre screwed, and we aren't even going to have the courtesy to buy you a drink first...



pntjr said:

What I want:
-GBA ambassador release date
-Flipnote Memo
-3DS home menu update
-Friends List IM
-Social Network Apps
-Importing Streetpass into Friends



Megumi said:

Monster Hunter Tri G, will release on December 24th in North America....yeah yeah, I'm dreaming, lol. T_T



tertium_quid said:

I've used NintendoLife for my Nintendo news for awhile now, but this is my first time posting a comment (Just created my account today).
Anyway, what I would really like to see is an update that allows you to play your DSiware directly from the SD card.



Metal_Slugger said:

A Youtube Channel for the Wii would rock. Something efficient and going through a sound system and large tv would be the ticket to keep the Wii cruising. I'm actually tempted to buy an Apple TV just for the Youtube channel. I wouldn't use anything else my Netflix on my Wii is perfect for my needs.



Olaf-symbiote said:

If they'll reveal Mario Kart 7 will only have local multiplayer, I'll go apes**t. If they do, remember, you heard it here first!

In all seriousness, I hope the new features will be worth it, particularly the Street Pass Plaza update, as I've finished the two games they've had ages ago.



Ren said:

Video function is what I actually want most. besides retro games I only use the thing for the camera now. Video would be great, I hope there is some kind of editor app to make short films with.



Raptor78 said:

I would imagine the next system update is a big one and a majority of the message is just going to be about that, followed by a thank you to early adopters for supporting them and finally a run down of the great games being released in next few months.
In regards to the Update, Nintendo will probably getting in before Sony release the Vita a lot of the simple software features such as Social media apps and other basic applications. We already know Video is coming and new Streetpass function but with it being around the time that MK7 launches I wouldnt be sirprised about some kind of ingame or atleast pre-game messaging system.



falloutboy152 said:

Here's what I want Nintendo to reaval at the confrence: Flipnote Memo release date, Super Mario Sunshine 3D(which wont happen),super mario world for 3D classic,adobe flash update on browser, and Donkey Kong Country as on of the remaining GBA ammbassador games.



belmont said:

This is a great list you have there. I would also like those features especially the way to transfer Wii VC games to 3DS. However everything you suggest is pretty unlikely to happen.
This is a good idea, I have also wanted this.



zionich said:

@ lz20XX

That about sums it up for me, but ill add " that I want to play".



SaKo said:

i cant find it on ustream! i know its not live, but i want to get ready for it...



Raptor78 said:

I dont speak Japanese
But I did notice somthing about a Free 3D Classic of Kid Icarus...
does anybody know if this is a Japanese Exclusive or will it be worldwide?



Burning_Spear said:

He showed some of the new StreetPass game; he spent about five minutes showing a taped interview about Mario Kart 7; and he did brief bits about upcoming titles and how they would utilize the 3DS WiFi capabilities. It finished with a calendar of upcoming Wii and 3DS releases.



pntjr said:

Ugh... I'm trying to watch it but i don't speak freaking japaneese...
I hope there is a thread that will explain what's going on!

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