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United Kingdom

Mon 10th Oct 2011

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anti-duck commented on Nintendo Holding Online 3DS Press Conference o...:

Apparently we're in for a few surprises, there is going to be "information that hasn't even been slightly revealed unveiled".

The best thing they could do in my eyes would be to add the ability to download playable demos and the functionality for DLC.



anti-duck commented on Interview: Gameloft - Let's Golf! 3D and the S...:

I would love to purchase this game bit I don't want to add £10, £20 or £30 to my Nintendo funds to buy a game for £5.40, this 'top-up' system is ridiculous, perhaps I might have considered it if there was more than 1 decent 3D game on the eShop. Why can't I just pay £5.40 with my debit/credit card? Annoying.