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First Photo of New Look Wii Console

Posted by James Newton

Not really much different

Anyone expecting a huge change for the upcoming Wii redesign might be disappointed that the console has only undergone a slight alteration, as Eurogamer's first image proves.

The console's box art shows the machine lying horizontal for the first time on a Wii hardware box, with the console logo displayed on the front too. As far as we can see, that's the biggest difference from the front, although there will be no GameCube controller or memory card ports on the side.

What do you make of this new design for Wii? Would you miss the backwards compatibility for Gamecube games?


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grenworthshero said:

Well, that was...anti-climactic.

"Wii redesign unveiled here!"...oh, look, it's a Wii. On its side. Without Gamecube ports.



Kifa said:

So a Wii without backward compatibility? I guess that it will be attractive for many people - not everyone has any Gamecube games lying around - and it still makes more sense than the PSP without WiFi we've heard about yesterday from Sony (or I just misunderstood something). Otherwise... well, it's a Wii...



BenAV said:

This is stupid.
It looks pretty much exactly the same.
All the appeared to have done is taken away my beloved Gamecube backwards compatibility.



jaffa said:

wtf where's the U

EDIT: omg I am so stupid I thought this was the new boxart for the Wii U





Slowblues said:

It says "Wii Family Edition" meaning it is based just purely for the casual gamer. The parent with young children that want something for them to play with and other situations similar to that. Going to a Game or Best Buy (for you US) and being told by an employee at the store that it has backwards compatibility and had hold up to four gamecube controllers with two memory card slots would just build more questions as to what they are. Remember not everyone in this world is a gamer.
That said, I think this is a product re-design done a little too late. Seeing as the new console is going to come out why make a re-design of this one now? Silly if you ask me.



LN3000 said:

Oh come on, I hope that this isn't going to be a main "redesign". I don't think Nintendo would pull a move like that and yank backward compatibility. They would have learned from Sony what a move that is. So hopefully that's just a bundle-only version, and not a "Ok everyone, here you go!" version.



antdickens said:

I imagine this is just a re-iteration of the design inside, making it cheaper to produce and more efficient. Makes business sense. Little difference for the majority of consumers..



biddenden_sue said:

I hadn't heard about this, but I assume it's the equivalent of the 360 Arcade - a budget version of the full console for casual family gamers. No harm in that, so long as people know what they are buying. I assume this will be nearer the £99 price point? If not, then it's a waste of time. Also, does the controller come with motionplus built in, or is that still seen as an advanced gamer's choice only?



ThumperUK said:

antdickens' comment hit the nail on the head.

Anyone who wanted backwards compatibility for the Gamecube will already have a Wii which can do that, so it makes business sense to take out parts that new console owners won't be using. Besides Nintendo needs the extra few quid that the redesign saves to counter the lack of profit on the 3DS !



DrSlump said:

Seems like that the new orizzontal orientation recalls the new wii U style... maybe that's a marketing move.



JimLad said:

This casual version will likely have only basic online features and a small amount of internal memor... oh



Gamesake said:

It's not compatible with GameCube games and accessories? So the new redesigned console is worse than the original... I need to sell my Nintendo stock ASAP.



6ch6ris6 said:

why are they releasing this? wiiU will come out in 2012 so why a "new" design for the current gen? and why remove the backwards compatibility. makes no sense for me!



NESguy94 said:

Now you won't be able to play all the VC games with buying a classic controller, which may be a reason Nintendo did that.



HipsterDashie said:

Hmm, I may pick this up purely for the collector side of things. Anyone remember the NES 2 or the SNES Jr?



Kirk said:

They could have at least made it much smaller and slimmer like the difference between the PS2 and the PS2 slim for example.

Still, as long as they also drop the price in time for Christmas too it's not that big an issue.



timp29 said:

Without the extra gamecube support and ports, presumably it will be cheaper again??



Wheels2050 said:

To all the people saying this is a bad move - I imagine that very few people in the Wii target audience use the GC compatibility. If Nintendo can strip out unnecessary components and make a super-cheap console it'll position itself like the PS2 today - a great entry-level system for people buying their first console or buying for children.

Having said that, I assume this will be sold alongside the current Wii. Can anyone confirm?

EDIT - Eurogamer has confirmed that this will be replacing the current model. THAT seems a little much to me - let's hope my Wii doesn't break down!



Doma said:

You think they need a non-gamers version to make the casual feel at ease with the system? lol
The GC slots aren't even visible, they need never be mentioned.

This is a waste of time to anybody unless it's MUCH cheaper.



rwq said:

Are you sure they are missing? After toppling the unit over did you check the correct side of the unit?



Blaze said:

They're making it look even more like a Wii U, now Nintendo really are gong to lose more customers because of people thinking, 'I have a Wii that lies on it's side exactly like Wii U, so I don't need it.'



theblackdragon said:

@MiracleBlaze: right, because consumers back in the day were all saying 'meh, i've already got an NES that sits exactly like that new SNES, so I don't need it'. please give people some credit :/

Nintendo isn't going to lose customers, this is the same thing that has (almost?) always happened toward the end of a given console's lifespan, a cheaper redesigned version is released and everything begins to focus more on what's coming next. :3



Chris77 said:

I wonder if this is in preperation for the Wii U. This could extend the Wii brand to casual gamers who wouldn't buy a Wii U (not for a long time) and never owned a NGC. So from a marketing point they would try to eek out a low price Wii to casual customers (wii fit/sports etc) and then have the Wii U as the premium. That way they try to keep a foot in both camps until the Wii U really takes off. I think there is little doubt that if you cared about the gamecube, you already have a wii. no doubt there will be plenty of stock of the old SKU's through to next year.



Samholy said:

yeah, burning_spear is right. nintendo made clever moves this year. this one tops it all. no gamecube backward ? why the hell not ?
oh yeah, to make us buy all the older models.
they did the same with DSi and dslite. you needed the DSi, but needed also the DSlite for its advance port. !#$!@
Whats next ? a 3DSlite without... DS backward compatibility ?



Link79 said:

Better hurry up and get the normal Wii then if you wanna play Gamecube games. Unless the Wii U really will have them on VC.
I'd never wanna give up the ability to pop in my Cube games once in a while.



RonF said:

A new model with a significant price cut is a good move. However, they should change the box in such way to avoid confusion with the earlier model.



HandheldGuru97 said:

This will probably end like the NES and SNES redesign, rare. So I would only get to sell it later for a really high price.



ThumperUK said:

I can't believe the hysteria because Nintendo has removed the Gamecube backwards compatibility.

Just about anyone who wanted the backwards compatibility will already have a Wii (or kept their gamecube). So the only people buying a Wii now are people who don't need the backwards compatibility.

Nintendo will undoubtedly keep the Wii going after the WiiU release (at least for some time) as a budget console for 'casual' gamers with the WiiU positioned as a premium product for both 'hardcore' and 'casual' gamers. These people don't either want or need Gamecube functionality.

So will people stop throwing their toys out of the pram? This redesign isn't the end of civilisation and existing Wii/Gamecube owners can continue to play great games like Eternal Darkness.



motang said:

The way they have it on the box looks very similar to Wii U was showing in promotional photos.



Ren said:

3DS without DS compatability? give them another 2 years and it'll totally happen.



Azooooz said:

Since I already have Wii, it isn't a big deal to me, as for backward compatibility, I still have GameCube console. The only thing that I am waiting for is Wii U and looking forward to trying it.

And bad move for Nintendo to release a new model that don't have the most important feature in Wii.



chrisy said:

this is obviously a move to make it a bit cheaper to produce, presumably they are going to keep selling the wii alongside the new wii u - and it would look bad for the wii to have gamecube compatibility when the wii u doesn't!



WaveGhoul said:

What is Nintendo thinking!? 'Family Edition'...? With soccer mom box art? If i were in charge the box art would of been 'flashy' showing off actually Nintendo characters or Wii games such as Supe Mario Galaxy 2 and the like, along with Virtual Console Nes and SNES sprites.

This just leaves a bad CASUAL taste in my Also, personally i'm not sure i care 'too much' about removing the GCN compatibility. BUT, understand that the newer designed gamecubes axed the component cable input, only alowing gamers to use composite or S-Video which comptelely sucks...In my CASE. As to why i always play GCN games on the Wii because of the Component Cable Connection....



WaveGhoul said:

And here I thought Nintendo was trying to 'weez' out of that Wii Casual image considering we got that cute little depressing HardcoreZZZ trailer of shooter games and the like during Nintendo's E3 Press conference for the Wii U

Guess they're just trying to keep the balance. Oh well, looks like little Suzy will now wan't a new Wii for



SuperLink said:

It looks fatter...

Plus, the fact that it can't play Gamecube games is stupid.'s stupid...and dumb...



Wolfenstein83 said:

I was going to say, what is the point of this "re-design" but I agree with your post, they did it to save some money, and so the Wii appears to have less features next to the Wii U.
We all know the old saying, if it isn't broken, don't fix it, and in this case, fixing things means taking things away.
I mean, I don't know how many people actually play Gamecube games on the Wii, but I do and it was one of the reasons I got a Wii in the first place, so I didn't have to have an extra console taking up space for no reason.



Gamer83 said:

This is a bs move by Nintendo but the way this company has operated lately it's not shocking at all. One year away from a new console and they re-design and take out backwards compatability on the current machine? That's a total joke and especially f'ed up if somebody's current machine has to be replaced. In 2008 this would've been annoying but acceptable. Now? It's utterly ridiculous.



Supremeist said:

I don't really care.. I wouldn't get this design though because It's nice to have the Gamecube ports. But I guess since it's on it's side, it makes it more suitable for a family (with lots of kids) and what-not. So they don't tip it over. Still kind of pointless in my eyes though.



Mike1 said:

This is a really stupid move but it doesn't effect me at all since I got both a Wii and a Gamecube right next to each other.



Sgt_Ludby said:

Everyone, before complaining about how this is a "stupid" move on Nintendo's part, please read ThumperUK's post (39). He said everything that came into my mind once I started reading people's complaints.

If anyone has waited this long to purchase a Wii, then they won't need it for Gamecube compatibility. If anyone really does care enough to have Gamecube support, they would have purchased their system already, or they plan on doing so now before the new model is shipped. This makes perfect sense, as it now costs Nintendo less money to produce each system, and people this late in purchasing a Wii won't be buying it for it's backwards compatibility.



Squino said:

Re: comments 39 & 59... What about those of us who just purchased our first wii gaming system only to learn we got robbed of the ability to play certain games that require those ports (ex. Dance Dance Revolution 2 bundle) which does not even say on the box that it requires these ports? What a rip off, wish I would have known of this before my purchase, I certainly would not have bought this wii version!!! Oh I'm sure I'm not, and will not be, the only person buying and returning game bundles due to lack of specifications as to requirements (If store will even allow returns in this case)?!?! Stupid Stupid Stupid decision Nintendo!!!! Thanks a Bundle



xXBlade270Xx said:

but then why does it still show the gamecube disc at the game select screen? couldn't they bother to remove it?

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