Say goodbye to this classic console

Nintendo will release a new-look Wii console in the UK this Christmas, reports Official Nintendo Magazine.

The console will be part of a new package that includes Wii Party and Wii Sports, and will be a white Wii slightly redesigned to sit horizontally rather than vertically. Nintendo has also revealed it'll announce more bundle deals soon.

It's been revealed that this console will not be compatible with GameCube games or accessories.

We now have the first photo of the new-look Wii console.

Those looking for the perfect present for all the family this Christmas can look no further than the new value Wii bundle. It not only offers great value to European fans, but introduces a streamlined Wii console with a slightly altered configuration**, which is designed to sit horizontally, rather than vertically. The bundle includes the newly configured Wii console in white, a Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk™, and copies of Wii Sports™ and Wii Party™. A number of other Wii bundles will be announced this autumn, all offering great value for the family this Christmas.