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Ocarina of Time 3D is a Smoother Experience than Before

Posted by Trevor Chan

Both visually and control-wise

Zelda fans worldwide are surely counting down the days until the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D; with just just three days separating the game's release in Japan, North America and Europe, adventure fans will do well to dust off their shields and sharpen their wooden swords in anticipation of Link's return in June.

Some of you are no doubt going to hold out on the game for whatever reasons, but maybe Shigeru Miyamoto can help persuade you in making a purchase next month? As you can see from the latest trailer and screenshots from our gallery, Ocarina of Time 3D looks a lot more immersive and vibrant than the Nintendo 64 original and Miyamoto explains why:

It ran at 20fps on the Nintendo64, but on the 3DS, it runs at 30fps, so there is extra smoothness of movement. The graphics, too, have been strengthened: you can feel the immersiveness of its world in 3D. Plus, the touchscreen lets you place items wherever you want them to be.

Noting that the switching of items such as the changing of boots in the Water Temple use to be somewhat of a minor annoyance, the touchscreen has been instrumental in creating an updated more fluid user interface. The touchscreen won't be the only 3DS feature that will be utilised in the game as the system's gryo sensor will be used to control the aiming of particular items:

In the original, it was really difficult, say, to change into your boots in the water dungeon, but now [due to the touchscreen] it's easy. And in the original, it could be confusing when, say, using the bow, whether you were supposed to push the stick up or down to aim it – but now we have the gyro-sensor on the 3DS, it's easy.

If you still need more incentive to at least check out the game, then maybe our Hands On: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D article will provide some for you.


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Punny said:

Yes! The Market doesn't look like some muddy painting anymore!



TwilightV said:

I take it something's off about the audio? Because no one seems to want to talk about it...



pixelman said:

I'm really excited for this. The poor framerate and muddy textures in the original gave me a headache every time I played it, which prevented me from finishing it. Can't wait to finally play this to the end without those problems. :3



Lobster said:

I am drooling over how good the Market looks! I'm never going to want to skip ahead in time now.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

It looks good so far. It would have been nice if they put some more work into the ground's details. The ground looks mostly flat, pretty sure it's just a flat texture. Some of the walls seem to have the same quirk as well.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm loving all this Zelda goodness the last couple of days! When I first seen the market place screen shot I thought I've never seen that town LOL! Can't wait till my favorite game of all time is going portable and 3d awesome stuff!

@Pixelman I never had a problem with the textures in Zelda but goldeneye made me sick quite a few times to the point where I as well couldn't finish it!



OrangeSmoothie said:

I'm amazed that the N64 version was only 20 fps.

Honestly from what I've seen I have no complaints about what this game is going to be. I have a few wishes that would make it even better cough*full orchestral score*cough but they aren't going to do everything I suppose.



Raylax said:

Yeah lol, adjusting to 20fps OoT after playing a few 60Hz Gamecube games was really noticeable. **judder judder judder**



Glade said:

Never played the original. Pre ordered this.. hopefully NA will have something awesome as well as a bonus
As for the new motion controls, I will definitely use them cuz I'm good with staying in the sweet spot



Kid_A said:

Gah! I've been avoiding that marketplace picture because I wanted to be surprised the first time I entered it. But there's Trevor for you. Always ruining the happiness of others.

On a slightly more serious note, that's great news about the increased framerate. I thought I noticed it running smoother in a few of the preview vids I've seen, but it's nice to get a confirmation.



Big_Gamer said:

OoT is still my least favorite Zelda game (excluding the NES ones) and this did not convince me its worth playing trough again.
Suprised about the 20fps, didnt even think that was playable, guess Ive become spoiled



JebbyDeringer said:

Well Ocarina wasn't a constant 20fps but it dropped there frequently. Fighting Gannondorf it dropped much much lower when he did his attack.



Gressil said:

I just started playing the original again, it's so much fun. I remember beating this game with my father, and us playing it launch night. This game was such a neat adventure, always loved it. I'm so ready to play this game.
The music of this game has always amazed me, I whistle with each Ocarina note even to this day. Every single note seems to be brilliant and fantastic in my opinion.



suburban_sensei said:

Such awesome news! I can't believe how close the release is, and wow, love the image of the new market, looks fantastic!



MeloMan said:

Curse you Nintendo and your temptations! I'm SO glad my friend is getting it so I can borrow it from him



AlexSays said:

Oh that's awesome.

I'm glad they've improved a ten year old game. I know they were short on time and all but it's nice they care enough to put forth such effort.



komicturtle said:

Hm, was the framerate the same on the VC version? I played it even while going through Twilight Princess and was never bothered by the framerate. I played the N64 version too but that was years ago (2001-ish) so it's been awhile. Quite awhile...



SwerdMurd said:

game should run at 60fps imo, but 30 should still play fine and look smooth w/ 3d.



James said:

The music sounded all-but identical to the N64 original when I played it last week. Maybe slightly better instrument samples but certainly not a huge overhaul.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It seems that this game does anything a good remake should do. I still think it should ony be budget priced but that's another story.
But in the end they have to modernize it if they want it to sell and want it to be a more modern version of the game. So i can't be too excited about these news. Or to quote AlexSays:

AlexSays wrote:

Oh that's awesome.

I'm glad they've improved a ten year old game. I know they were short on time and all but it's nice they care enough to put forth such effort.



shinesprite said:

WOW! The marketplace looks really good. If I didn't already have the VC version, this would be a must-buy! (So many Zelda games, so little time. I only gained interest in the series two years ago, and I'm trying to slowly catch up.)



Picola said:

Like shinesprite, I am a newcomer to the series. Currently playing thru link to the past and phantom hourglass in preparation, and will get this on launch day. Never played it before, so will be a whole new game to me, hope it's as good as everyone says it is...

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