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America, These Are Your New Club Nintendo Rewards

Posted by James Newton

Two bags and a screensaver

As if Mario pinbadges weren't good enough rewards, North America's Club Nintendo has just been updated with three new treats you can purchase with your coins.

You can purchase a tote bag for 250 coins, a messenger bag for 550 coins or a Super Mario Galaxy 2 screensaver for just 10 coins.

Those of you waiting for your Super Mario anniversary pin badges are advised they will begin to ship this week, so keep an eye on those mailboxes.

Tote Bag
A fun and functional tote bag that features a silkscreened Super Mario™ Power Up Mushroom design exclusive to Club Nintendo. Use this environmentally-friendly bag to tote groceries, toys, games, or Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers to a friend’s house!

  • 100% Natural Cotton Canvas, Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 6 inches, with 24 inch loop handle
  • Bag holds up to 20 pounds

Messenger Bag
Ideal for carrying games, books, and much more, this durable and stylish messenger bag shows off a Club Nintendo exclusive design featuring Mario™ icons including Super Star!

  • 100% Black Cotton Canvas, Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 3 inches, with 45 inch loop handle
  • Bag holds up to 30 pounds

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Screensaver
Features gameplay footage from Super Mario Galaxy™ 2, and gives fans a view into the expanse of the Mario™ galaxy.

  • Select Mac or PC version of screensaver to download
  • File size is 76 MB (PC and Mac)
  • System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, Flash Player 9.1; Mac 10.6/10.5/10.4, Flash Player 10.0; 300 MB free hard disk space
  • Recommended Environment: CPU Windows Intel Pentium 4 or more, Mac Intel Core Duo processor or more; Memory 512 MB or more.

Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in.


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bro2dragons said:

i actually like the Messenger bag. the tote and screensaver i can do without, but I may try and scrounge up points enough for the power star bag.



Token_Girl said:

I like the bags, actually. I may pick up the super star tote at some point.

Edit: Also there are Wii and DS Holiday surveys for owners of the respective consoles and a customer satisfaction survey for 10 points each up. Hooray for free 30 points!



2-D said:

@NintendoWorld1 Yeah, I'm hoping for that too. They're in the EU shop, but just to taunt you with their ridiculous price. I'd have to buy like 25 games to get it.

I wish they just sold them, it's stupid really.



blink83 said:

I think Im the only guy who bought the tote bag.

It all I can buy tough...



DrCruse said:

I would like something decent that actually has to do with gaming. Maybe a special controller, game, or something?



zeeroid said:

The messenger bag is amazing. I ordered it instantly I know I'm going to regret it once they put up a SNES Classic Controller or something like that, but I couldn't resist. Still have 400 coins and a couple unregistered games so hopefully I'll manage somehow.

By the way, all you complainers, there's a new free 10 coin survey available now for you to provide feedback on the sorts of rewards you'd like to see from Club N in the future. It actually really gives you the opportunity to emphasize it so go ahead and fill it out.



Malouff said:

I am willing to exchange Club Nintendo rewards for WiiWare Points.

As I personally don't like any of the rewards and would want the points for games.



JayArr said:

Please tell me you are all buying these bags for your girlfriends. If not, you will most likely never get a girlfriend if seen in public with one.



ueI said:

Why is one bag more than twice the price of the other if they're almost the same? I'm also wondering how the messenger bag holds more stuff, since it's smaller.



blink83 said:

yay Im not the only one but I got it for piano books but the one have is like but no thing on front of it.



LuWiiGi said:

Cool. By the way, how many coins would you get for, say, registering a Nintendo Wii on NA Club Nintendo (Europe has stars, not coins)?



Malouff said:

In the USA you only get an extended warranty for registering a Wii.
You only get coins for registering a DSi

We also don't get anything with a remote like Japan does.



Iggy said:

The bags are nice might pick one up when my coins expire. Nice to see them adding to CN.



Iggy said:

The bags are nice might pick one up when my coins expire. Nice to see them adding to CN.



HappyHappy said:

Yawn. I just checked the rewards list and the Mario and Blooper Japanese Folding fans are sold out, I didn't think anyone would actually buy those.



Drewciffer said:

Definitely just ordered the messenger bag. I hope now that I've finally spent half my coins, they don't go and put something super-awesome-amazing on there for Xmas. =



ueI said:

@Iz2010: It says both bags are 100% cotton. I don't believe cotton is of higher quality than cotton.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@uel One is of black cotton and the other is made of natural cotton. I'm not too familiar with that particular industry though...maybe someone else can explain?



Azikira said:

cry I spent all my points on a Fan and a Mario Pin!! I FREAKING NEED THAT MESSANGER BAG!!! D":



PaperLucario said:

this is actually a really cool update, i want the messenger bag, but i already spent my coins on game and watch 2



Iggy said:

Thats good there all sold out of the messenger bag im getting tempted to buy one if nouthing good comes to Club Nintendo around xmas im defentally going to pick one up.



XCWarrior said:

Such bad gifts. I have over 1200 points and still haven't bought anything. Terrible Nintendo, just terrible!



Noire said:

I like the way that messenger bag looks... and I just have coins sitting around anyways... might pick one up.

Edit: Well, except for the fact that it's sold out and all. Yahoo.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Hate to say, but to me these look awful. More power to the rest of you though. I would not be seen carrying one lol.



Amorous_Badger said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Other than wii points, is there ANYTHING on Club Nintendo that isn't load of tacky old crap?

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