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Sun 24th Oct 2010

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ukiby3000 commented on Hydroventure Guarantees a Wet Christmas for Eu...:

@9 --> I'm buying it (when it's released in the US, what's taking them so long, really!) especially because I LOVE LocoRoco and Fluidity reminded me of it.

I don't think the game is repetitive at all. Specially the second one.



ukiby3000 commented on We Love this Michael Jackson Wii Glove, It's S...:

Also, just a heads up: the video game and music industry are business. People make money out of business. Because money is needed for people to live. So, discussing that it is 'wrong' to profit from music and games is just... kind of pointless in my opinion.



ukiby3000 commented on We Love this Michael Jackson Wii Glove, It's S...:

I've always been a HUGE fan of MJ. I mean, really huge. I got pretty sad and the poor man died </3

And when they said they would release a dance game revolving around him, I was pretty excited, even though dancing games aren't exactly my strong point... But this glove... DAMN! So tempting!!! Why do you have to tempt me like that game??? But I don't know if I'll buy it, because the game will probably sit here and I'll never play it due to my lack of talent for these XD

Also, guys, chill down. Is just a game about dancing to MJ's music. It's no conspiracy, they aren't going to 'destroy' MJ's image (at least, not more than it already was when he was alive =/) If he was still alive, none of this discussion would be happening, really. I even dare saying that there would be multiple jokes about him in this here page.

So, let's cut that out, m'kay?



ukiby3000 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

Well, I already ordered the Japanese version so... I guess I'll pass haha But it's nice to see that they are releasing this out of Japan, really. At first, I thought they were going to hog this beauty all to themselves giggles That's why I rushed and pre-ordered the Japanese one, even before the European release XD



ukiby3000 commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FATE (WiiWare):

Totally downloading this when I have the time (and my Internet isn't CRAP). Even though... I'm totally running out of space in my Wii and my Memory Stick haha

Also, man, I've never seen that loading screen, ever! Now I want to D=