Which will you choose?

If you've been hoarding away your Club Nintendo coins in the hope that something awesome would come to Club Nintendo in celebration of Super Mario Bros.' 25th anniversary, take a look at these new updates and see what your coins will net you.

You could spruce up your computer with the "Evolution of Mario" screensaver for 10 Coins, but if your lapel is looking a little lacklustre you might have your eye on the four new pin badges featuring the plumber himself. Costing 450 Club Nintendo Coins, each badge has a different design, all of which are galleried below.

The rewards are available now, so be quick if you want to nab them.

The “Evolution of Mario” screen saver features game-play footage from Mario™ games throughout the history of the series, from 1985’s original Super Mario Bros. to this year’s acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy™ 2. Members will be able to download the screensaver for 10 Club Nintendo Coins. This is the first time an exclusive screen saver has been offered as a Club Nintendo reward. The four commemorative copper pins featuring original 2D Mario artwork will be available for 450 Club Nintendo Coins.

Additional details about these and other Club Nintendo rewards, as well as how to become a member of Club Nintendo, can be found at http://club.nintendo.com. For more information about the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., visit http://mario25.nintendo.com.

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