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North America Cools Down with Club Nintendo Folding Fans

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Re-enact those Smash Bros. bouts

Earlier this week, the North American branch of Club Nintendo added a few new items to its rewards catalogue. For a plump 300 Coins, members can order one of four Nintendo flavors of sensu, those paper-and-bamboo Japanese folding fans that Western gamers might know best from throwing at Pikachu in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Two of the fans are Animal Crossing-themed, one with a pattern of characters and another with a fireworks display; and the other two come in a Super Mario and a clearly superior Blooper guise.

With autumn now in full swing in North America, the cooling practicality may be a bit lost for a fan, but you can always hang them on the wall of your game room or, inevitably, hit each other with them.

The fans start shipping out on Oct. 25.


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Birdman said:

I loved pissing my friends off with the fan in Brawl. If I ever get a Club Nintendo account, I just may have to get this.



Egg_miester said:

a few days late but hey better late then never, i love the fans but we need some music CD's in n/a



DrCruse said:

So Europe gets the SNES Classic controller and we get folding fans :/



Egg_miester said:

@zkaplan i guess its the grass is always greener on the neighbors yard feeling, or people want what they can't have, now they can have it and they don't want it.



Malouff said:

All I want is the ability to redeem these coins for Nintendo Points to use on WiiWare/DsiWare like Europe can do with their stars.

Who do we all eMail or call at Nintendo to voice our opinions?



cheapogamer4life said:

pass..... gotta keep saving for something awesome.
Think I'll have enough CN points by next hoilday season. :/



Dodger said:

My little sister can't stand the fan. xD I think I might get one of the animal crossing ones once I get enough coins.



AVahne said:

300 Points is a bit too steep for me, I'll save up to get Hanafuda (which is also expensive)



Iggy said:

I think its a cool fan in all but nintendo deals in video games why are they giving out fans, folders, & playing cards? Im not saying give us free games but they could atleast give us accessories we can use. Yea there giving these things out for free but were wasting our time giving them information on how we like there games or not. Thats huge for a company to kno what there customer like and dont like. And to repay us they give us this paper crap....



zezhyrule said:

I actually think this stuff is really cool. For instance, I sold my Zelda series poster set for $40 on eBay. >:3



Egg_miester said:

@Iggy theres a few things you don't understand.
1. in japan for 100's of years sensu's or hand fans were important even the poorest villager had a sensu that was everywhere, no one would been caught without a sensu no mater the season, or the time of day or where the person was they always had it with them so the fans is to pay respect to japanese history.
2. noa really doesn't seem to care about club nintendo we are lucky as hell to get anything.
3. the fans maybe made out of paper sure it would be great if they had it made out of cloth but the designs on them are great detail.
4. with the hanafuda cards is to pay respect to their nintendo's history made the cards before they got into video games.



Mayhem said:


Amazed no one has made that gag so far.. still, it's better than nothing and one may go well with the Okamiden fan I got in San Diego.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Okay, so assuming the rate of coin earning is equal (I don't know for sure; tried and failed to confirm online), these cost twice as much in America as they do in Japan. That's bull.

On the other hand, I have a lot of coins piled up and nothing to do with them. I do think these should've been released BEFORE Summer kicked in full gear like they did in Japan, but I guess I could always just order one in preparation for next year. IIRC, my coins will expire at the end of the current Club Nintendo year anyway, so I'll have to get around to ordering some random junk sooner or later.



theblackdragon said:

the rate of coin earning isn't equal, stuffo. i did the math a while back, and iirc they either earn stars/points/coins at about half or twice the rate we do in NA depending on whether we're talking EU or JP, and their CN reward prices are adjusted accordingly.



Starwolf_UK said:

Japan points depreciate in value pretty quickly (as Japan has strong used market). The upside is the equivalent of intend to buy is better and 3rd part games have codes. But, I think the base payout is lower in any case.

Thing is the goods don't have to travel to America and then be shipped round it so that also changes the costs somewhat. Actually, how these things work is they have a set budget so have to be able to provide round that (Europe and Australia have very little budget which is why most of the time the goods are terrible or unwanted hand-me-downs from PR, America or Japan).



irken004 said:

Nice try Nintendo, but ur not getting my coins for something made partially out of paper!



SilverBaretta said:

I saw this article, and I thought, "Why would anybody need this?" Then I read it, and I thought "That's reason enough."



Odnetnin said:

Nintendo Week hinted these months ago, and they're only now coming out? They probably had to delay them so they weren't understocked, just like the 3DS.



ueI said:

This might be the first reward I actually get from club nintendo. The funny thing is, I didn't want the fans when they were out in Japan.



Taya said:

I ordered the Mario and Blooper fans. I'd rather something cool like this than something boring like a controller.



Deviant_Mugen said:

I love the Mario-themed ones, but I think I'll hold on to my points just in case we get the Super Famicom CC further down the line (or a Metroid poster series)...



KaiserGX said:

It's gonna be a while before they add any prizes so just get something now before your points expire. Also how do I hang the fans on my wall?!



GammaGames said:

ill get the animal crossing one! im pretty sure I have over 300 coins, or like 250. Not sure D:



Z_Bone said:

Wait a second...PLEASE TELL ME OUR CLUB NINTENDO POINTS DON'T EXPIRE! I've been saving them up for something good and I have well over 1000 coins. How do we know if they are going to expire or not? Will they warn us? Will they just delete them? Please no!



Hokori said:

got me the mario fan, and I must say even though i would want the SNES controller a million X's more, i actually like this



NintyMan said:

I don't think it should've been more expensive than the folders and bookmarks, but whatever. I'll keep my coins to save up for the hanafuda cards, which won't be for a long time since I currently have 200 coins and they cost 800.



Megumi said:

...I thought Club Nintendo was done with...or was that just that yearly...reward...thing? lol



Stuffgamer1 said:

@labrat7: Yes, they do. From the Club Nintendo user FAQ:

"Unredeemed Coins will expire two (2) full Club Nintendo years (July 1 - June 30), plus whatever is left in the current Club Nintendo year, after they are earned. Example: Coins earned in March 2009 would not expire until June 30, 2011."

So any points you earned before June 30, 2009 will expire at the end of the current Club Nintendo year. Nintendo probably spends the coins closer to expiration before the newer ones, so as long as you order SOMETHING once if a while you're probably fine. I guess we'll only know for sure once we get closer to the first official expiration date.



Z_Bone said:

@ labrat7,
I looked it up, and Club Nintendo Points DO expire. It says they will expire after two full Club Nintendo years (July 1 to June 31). I don't understand why they would expire, it makes no sense. Because of this, it looks like I'm getting the Mario fan (cuz that's what I am) and the hanafuda cards. I actually think the fans are very reasonable at 300 coins when you look at the prices of everything else.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Unbelievable! Even when NA's Club Nintendo does get an update, it's always something stupid and/or useless. This one falls in the useless category.



mjc0961 said:

@7: I was going to say something about other regions getting the junk while Japan gets all the goodies, but Japan got this waste of coins too? I'm genuinely surprised.



Aviator said:

@ Everybody who thinks NA gets crap stuff.

Look at the AUS store. Nuff said.



jack0 said:

yea look at us aussies, always drawing the short straw, stop your whining bois

what is this snes controller u guys are whining about im intrigued



WarioFan63 said:

I like how whenever Japan updates with ANYTHING their so perfect and NoA sucks for not offering the same stuff.

NoA offers the same stuff and they suck just for offering it at all.



JimLad said:

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

...that's me hitting you with the fan Smash Bros style :]



RantingThespian said:

Eeek, I hate Bloopers. I don't want them on my fan! Every time the fan would flap near me, I would try to run away as fast as possible. I'd love that Mario one, though.



SwerdMurd said:

the grass is always greener....

These fans are alright--kinda wish there were some different design options, but they really aren't too shabby--plus bamboo is cool.



MeloMan said:

Club Nintendo has a LOOOOOOOOOONG way to go. The basic stuff for coins is "ok", and the Mario hat and figurine set for reaching platinum status 2 years in a row are "pretty good" but it's time for an earth-shattering gift, NOA. You CAN do better than this.



Iggy said:

@25 I understand what ur saying about the fans but do we really need them? No we dont its not even gaming related besides the mario prints on them. When i said most of the stuff is made out of paper i didnt mean start making stuff out of different material. Even tho t shirts would be better than half the stuff on CN. And just to let you know i said playing cards im well aware what Hanafuda cards are and there not the only card related thing they have. And yes i know NoA doest care about CN im just hoping they will give us something good for a change



PSICOffee said:

are you f-ing kidding me NOA? I guess its my fault for expecting a little something more than paper fans for marios 25th anniversary. >.>

Everyone should know anyway that fanning yourself to cool yourself down doesn't work because you're just causing more heat by moving your arm!

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