Last year, during the Marvelous Games Showcase, the company revealed it was working on the next major entry in the farming and lifestyle simulation series Story of Seasons.

Now during this year's showcase, the Story of Seasons series manager Hikaru Nakano has provided a development update and another look at the project. The brief video reveals fireworks, a glider, updated natural lighting, and the return of fan-favourite pets.

Here's everything he had to say about this new chapter in the series:

The next game is about feeling like you're truly experiencing nature and the delights of the four seasons. For one, lightning during nighttime and fireworks that illuminate the sky are unlike anything the series has seen before. Even familiar flowers and vegetables have been given a fresh look that Story of Seasons fans will appreciate.

We are also hard at work, tweaking seasonal weather to be just right. That means storms, blizzards, and howling winds that will immerse you in the experiences of living on a farm. The next entry in the series will even feature a glider for the first time! Look forward to learning more in the future.

And animal lovers, rejoice! Furry friends, such as cats and dogs, will also be in the game. Our goal is to please longtime Story of Seasons fans with the next title, as well as make it enjoyable for new fans. Please wait just a little bit longer for more news. We hope you are as excited as us for the series' future!

Story of Seasons
Image: Marvelous

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