One of the other highlights during the Marvelous Game Showcase this week was an update on "Project Magia", now officially known as Farmagia.

This title was initially revealed during a "sneak peek" in May last year, and during the latest broadcast, the game's product manager Takehiro Ishida introduced viewers to the game's intro video, which you can see at the beginning of the video above.

In brief, Farmagia is about "people and monsters working together" according to Ishida.

The same update included a quick introduction to the game's characters including the protagonist Ten, his friends Arche and Chica, and the mascot Lookie-Loo. They were designed by Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail). Here's a bit more about each one from the PR:

"Ishida-san also shared details on key characters in the game, designed by popular artist Hiro Mashima, including Ten, the protagonist who often acts before thinking; Arche, his childhood friend who balances both kindness and a competitive nature; Chica, another childhood friend with a more reserved demeanor; and Lookie-Loo, Ten’s sidekick and de-facto mascot. The title is planned for a global release in 2024."

No platforms have been announced just yet but if we hear anything on the Nintendo front, we'll be sure to provide an update. As for the release, a global launch is planned for some point in 2024.

What are your initial impressions of this one? Leave a comment below.