If you haven't already seen it, N64: Recompiled is revolutionising the Nintendo 64 emulation scene and native PC ports.

Wiseguy, the creator of this new tool, is already rolling out updates for Zelda 64: Recompiled, and the latest version (1.1.0) has now arrived - adding a new (dual) analog "free camera", improved motion blur at higher frame rates, and multiple other features and fixes to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Some other "big stuff" is apparently in the works as well, and Wiseguy is looking to improve N64: Recompiled to make it easier for other developers to get their own projects up and running:

"This update is on the smaller side of things, but there's big stuff in the works so stay tuned! I'm also working on improving N64: Recompiled itself to make it easier for developers to set up their own projects, so for those on the technical side keep an eye out!"

Save data is stored separately, so don't worry about overwriting existing progress. Here are the full patch notes:

Zelda 64 Recomp - v1.1.0

- Added an analog "free" camera in the style of later entries in the series. Moving the right stick will allow you to freely rotate the camera, and pressing the Target button or going through an entrance will switch back to the normal camera.
- Improved motion blur effect at high framerates by using a high precision internal framebuffer (won't be enabled on machines with less than 1GB of VRAM).
- Implemented N64 noise dither (affects the motion blur scenes).
- Extended Dawn of the X Day screen to account for faster load times to match console timings.
- Added a configurable scaled deadzone option to the menu.
- Added the option to remap the menu button on controllers.
- Added an automatic save backup system to reduce chance of losing data if saving gets interrupted.
- Fixed a Linux crash on startup by forcing SDL2 video driver selection to X11.
- Fixed the Skull Kid "curse" effect in very wide aspect ratios.
- Added a main volume slider.

Once again, this is just one part of Zelda 64: Recompiled, with the creator working on Zelda: Ocarina of Time as well.

You can learn more about this new tool in our previous coverage here on Nintendo Life and also on our sibling site Time Extension. As previously mentioned, it allows for all sorts of modern enhancements from uncapped frame rates to ray tracing.

What do you think of this project so far? Let us know in the comments.

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