Persona 3 The First Mission
Image: Atlus, G-MODE

G-MODE Archives+ series has another surprise in store for Switch fans, announcing it's releasing the Atlus 3D action RPG Persona 3 Aigis: The First Mission for the eShop on 6th June 2024.

Unfortunately, this title (which marks the 100th game in the series) is only being released in Japan, and English is not a supported language.

This "side story" originally made its debut back in 2007 for mobile devices and stars Aigis, who appeared in Persona 3.

In this title, you'll defeat enemies, gain experience, and level up Aigis. You can also buy equipment such as weapons and items which have certain effects. Of course, the "Persona" system also plays a part in the gameplay.

Here's a brief description, along with some screenshots and video footage (via Steam and Persona Central):

"The story takes place in 1999 at the Kirijo Ergonomics Institute in Yakushima. When the Type 7 Aigis arrives on the island, an incident occurs during a training exercise. The past story of "Aigis", which was never told in the main story "Persona 3", is now revealed...

"In addition to original characters, characters that appeared in the main story also appear! Additionally, the familiar "Persona" system from the series is still alive and well in this game. Raise Aigis' level, strengthen her equipment, and conquer the shadows that appear on the island."

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