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Movemodo is Officially Open for Business!

Posted by James Newton

PlayStation Move site ready to rock your socks

PlayStation Move is on the horizon, bringing with it a stack of new games and possibilities. Who's going to guide you through the Move minefield and make sure you're the most clued-up Move gamer there is? We are, of course.

Movemodo is a new site from the team behind the world-dominating Nintendo Life, and it's here to save the day. Movemodo is 100% dedicated to PlayStation Move, bringing you all the news, reviews and information you need to get the most out of your Move experience.

We'll be reviewing every single Move-enabled game, from PlayStation Network titles such as Hustle Kings and Flight Control HD to big new releases such as Killzone 3 and even updated games like Heavy Rain: Move Edition.

We'll also have more of the same great features, interviews, studio visits and user interaction you know and love from Nintendo Life.

If you want to get involved on Movemodo, remember: you don't need to create a new account! Your Nintendo Life username and password work over there, and the same will be true of future sites from the Nintendo Life team. We'd also like to make it clear that although some staff members will be writing for both sites, nobody is leaving Nintendo Life; the same team you love will be on both sites.

This will not mean a decreased amount of content here on Nintendo Life. We will keep working away just as hard to make Nintendo Life bigger and better.

You can follow Movemodo on Twitter and Like Movemodo on Facebook, so you need never be without PlayStation Move news again.

PlayStation Move kicks off on September 15th with the US launch, followed by the European debut on September 17th. The fun is just about to begin.


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User Comments (120)



LuWiiGi said:

Well, I'm not getting a Move, but I'll check the new site out. Congrats, guys!



Popyman said:

I think the Move is pretty lame but a Playstation site run by you guys I can get behind!



James said:

I think the article actually says that, JayArr. I put it in bold and everything.



LuWiiGi said:

Wow, Movemodo is so similar to NL. Are you guys going to be posting less on NL though? I hope not. You're still Ninty gamers at heart, right? (Not saying you can't play Sony games as well)



Yamishi said:

I'm looking forward to...

"The Kinect Connect"?



Archy said:




JayArr said:

Sorry James. I was born a skimmer and will die a skimmer.

Great site though. Love the blue.



Zach said:

We'll still be providing you the same quality Nintendo coverage on Nintendo Life that we always have. None of us are leaving, and only some of us are going to be doing both sites. As regards being a fan, games is games. I've owned Nintendo systems my whole life, but I love my new PS3 too!



Hokori said:

Ahhhh Why is Sony stuff of a Nintendo Site, I mean I know MVSC3 was on here once but that was because that game had a chance at Wii.... Movemoto has nothing to do with Nintendo.



Raylax said:





LuWiiGi said:

It does have something to do with NintendoLife though. Wow, my sixth post on this article.



James said:

I'll be writing just as much here as I did before. As I said, nobody's going to leave, this site will remain our focus as we all love it



Splat said:

I thought I was on "Nintendo"life I must have came to the wrong site.



bboy2970 said:

Well I won't be visiting very frequently. I'm happy for you guys for the expansion but a site just for the Sony Wii remo......I mean Move? I really hope news frequency doesn't take a serious drop on NL with this and after the new site about the Kinect launches in the near future.......



Splat said:

I hope all "Move" info "moves" to that site and stays there one of my favorite things about NL is not having to dig threw non NL stuff.



James said:

@Splat This will be the only Move-related post you'll find here on Nintendo Life

@bboy2970 and anyone else worrying this means less content here - that is absolutely not the case. Everybody here is just as committed to Nintendo Life as they were before. This doesn't change anything for Nintendo Life - it will continue to be the site you know and love.



King_Boo said:

How many of the move games should we assume will be Wii ports or copies, or additions to already released games? I'll be keeping an eye on the sight for something original to pop up.



RyuZebian said:

Well, I'm okay with that... But I've heard a lot of bad things about Move? One gadget site gave it a 4/10! They said it worked "okay" and that it "had an uncertain future..." So what do you think, creating a site like that? Are going to make sure that the ones who actually get Move are going to get the best games available maybe? Like you did for the DSiWare and WiiWare users (much appreciated, btw)?



V8_Ninja said:

As I said on Movemodo itself, it's happened; the sweet and innocent world of Nintendolife is dead. D:



Zach said:

@RyuZebian I've read similar reviews of Move's initial incarnation. I think it's improved since evaluations like that were made. For example, IGN was originaly extremely pessimistic about it but after E3 their opinions changed drastically towards the positive.



MeloMan said:

Doesn't bother me, I like keeping up with gaming news in general though I'll always be a Nintendo fan no matter what other system I own.

The one thing I hope you guys can do, if you're are indeed destined to keep expanding, is one day knock off IGN... I'm so sick of them it ain't even funny. When I'm here, I'm loving the news, loving the forums and the people... it's like blogging bliss. Keep it up the hard work fellas.

runs to copyright blogbliss, lol!



Sneaker13 said:

IGN is positive about Move, but the games they've reviewed so far sucked pretty much. I'm not impressed either. Not only do you need two of those ugly controllers (can't imagine how you can play archery with only one) but also a camera. Pretty expensive and I'm sure that the casual gamers with a Wii won't be buying another console. The hardcore PS3 gamers were always making fun of the WiiRemote and now they have their own. I doubt that without really impressive software, Move will be a success with them and in general.

But I wish them and of course Movemodo best of luck.



The_Fox said:

I think you guys should have gone full on with Playstation Life and Xbox Life sites, but that's just me. I'll pop in from time to time.



DrCruse said:

I read through half of this post thinking this was a joke. Then I realized you were serious.

Is there any reason the Move will not meet the same fate as the Eyetoy, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Famicom Disk System, and all other innumerable add ons? The Move and Movemodo will be dead within a few years.



theblackdragon said:

@The Fox: as far as I've been told, when the next gen consoles hit they'll be (hopefully) going full on with 'em at that point, but for right now, there would be way too much catching up to do, and there are already plenty of other sites that already offer full PS3/Xbox coverage. :3



Sylverstone said:

Move is actually warranting interest, and I'm liking more than the buggy Kinect.

So I guess Movemodo is the "good looking" cousin, and Kinectaku "the weird" relative no one knew about.



FonistofCruxis said:

The sony move just looks like a wii remote rip-off with a stupid glowing ball on the end. At last years e3, for an example they excitedley said if you waved it when casting a fire spell in an rpg, it glows red and that would only excite little kids and the only rpgs they play are pokemon games which are only on nintendo consoles. I wouldn't be surprised if sony's next handheld was 3D.



theblackdragon said:

@mariofanatic128: yes, it looks silly, but if they churn out some good games for it, people will gladly look like fools in order to play them. :3

also, i wouldn't be surprised if Sony's next handheld was 3D also, but mainly because they've gotta keep up with the competition.



zezhyrule said:

Cool, but I need to get the controller first...

I love the design of the site!

Edit: When are the forums gonna go up? :3



Punny said:

Even though I don't own a PS3, I'll have to see what this site is like.



Hokori said:

NEW SITE NEW SITE, ahh I wonder if this site will be anything like the new Big Lots by us



siavm said:

I don't care about the move. That new site should focus on the ps3 and psp. If it did then I would care. I like this site because it focuses on all nintendo not just on an add on that I know will fail.



Paperclip said:

I didn't think you guys were serious. How does a CONTROLLER deserve its' own site? Can't wait to see VitalitySensorToid.



DrCruse said:

Maybe we need a website celebrating the Atari 5600 controller, or the Intellivision disc pad



ToastyYogurt said:

I don't like this. I know you're going to write just as much about Nintendo as you always did, but I liked it when you guys were dedicated to Nintendo stuff.

And sure, give the Move the slicker site, and leave us with this whiteness.



nintendogamerftw said:

I kinda agree with Destroyer. Movemondo may look very similar, but it definitely has a much "cleaner", for lack of a better word, look to it. Maybe you could make a couple of changes?



Machu said:

I'm happy you guys get to expand and I wish you luck, I really do. But... I just wish the time invested in creating moveplacethingy, had been invested in making further improvements to NL instead.

Yeah, I'm selfish like that, and... I don't like Sony.



Sakeraf said:

first you steal Nintendo's ideas, now our websites?!
well,we'll see whos laughing after ur Move sends u bankrupt!



cnm_nintendo said:

Funny, Sony took after Nintendo and developed their own form of motion control, and this new site, looks just like Nintendo Life... Hmm...



AVahne said:

Though I want a PS3 someday, there's no way in hell that I would ever get a Move. Waste of money in my eyes. But great new website guys.



mastersworddude said:

Sweet, although I wish you guys made just a Playstation site rather than a site based on Move. But good site btw.



Slapshot said:

My Move plus extra controllers was over $200 but the technology is fantastic and Sports Championships and Eyepet will keep me busy for awhile, as well as Heavy Rain.

Great job guys, I now will get most all my gaming info from yall and I'm very happy about it



Kid_A said:

Kidding. I'm not currently planning on getting the Move, but I'll keep my eye on the new site--maybe it'll change my mind



Nintendo-64 said:

I thought all the time this is a site FROM AND FOR HARDCORE NINTENDOFANS! You guys just lost your credibility.



Taya said:

I giggle whenever I see the Move controller because it looks just like "The Magic Wand". (google it)




To be honest, I dislike Sony and therefore think the site is little more than a waste of time hovering around a doomed peripheral. But it is within their rights to expand and cater to a larger audience - everybody has different views. So good luck, though with the editing prowess you have shown us on NL, I'm sure you won't need it.
Thought I'd put a positive spin on things.



James said:

If you compare the Nintendo Life team to the Movemodo team you'll see NL is still very much our main focus.

I'm stunned some of you feel we've lost credibility just by opening a site based on another format. We announced this months ago and NL has flourished within that time and will continue to do so.

I'd say we're working on bringing new enhancements to Nintendo Life, but then I suppose you'd say you've heard that before and I'd find it hard to disagree with you.



DrCruse said:

I'm fine with you making other websites, but why put your faith behind Move?



James said:

Well, why not, really?

As I'm sure you know, the Nintendo Life you know now started as separate sites covering niche WiiWare and Virtual Console software. They were under-represented online so a website dedicated to them made sense, and allowed us to build up the site you know now. I hope this is what will happen with Move: my inclination is it'll be around for years to come and will likely form the basis of the PS4's control scheme. If not then let's face it, Nintendo's not going anywhere any time soon



King_Boo said:

I'm not so sure Move will work, I mean the Wii doesn't get much effort out of third party and I can only think of a few games that use the sixaxis controller. That leaves it all up to sony to make a good game for it.



MrWout said:

Good Luck with the site guys ! Will surely check it out when I get my ps3, somewhere after the, hopefully not that far away, next price-drop. But I've got to agree with what some other chaps have said in the comments, a Move-dedicated website ? that's like weird, I know Nintendolife has always been about niche-things like Wiiware, DSiware and VC, but Move ? that's just weird was expecting more something in the line of Playstation Network games



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't have ps3 but if I did the, the only move game that I'm interested in is the NMH remake. It's one of my favourite games so I wouldn't mind playing throught it again even if the only changes are the graphics and controller but the graphics look really nice. Although it woudn't feel right playing it with the move. Also, if I did get a ps3 it would be unlikely that I would get the move because it woud be a waste of money if theres only one game I'd use it for and I'm not sure I would want to use a move anyway.





im not dishing out money I dont need to, especially when I already have a good enough wii, but good for you.

by the way, I expect some amazing 3DS coverage. And also, since were dishing out sites, when is our idevice site coming?



SavageBlackWolf said:

Tut Tut Tut ! I refuse to cast a glance upon Any site with Sony for these reasons:
1. Obnoxious loud mouth kids pedaling their products ! (aka: a CEO with a case of foot-N-mouth-itus) !
2. "Adults" taking "advice" from kid on Schoolbus commercials !
3. Dissing products only to jump on said bandwagon almost a half decade too late !
5. Kevin Butler !
6. Marcus !
7. Insulting peoples Intelligence! ( I aint buyin no tv for 2 grand even if it did the dishes) !
8. Refusing to accept reason 7 !
9. Illegal doses of Arrogance !
10. See reasons above !
I might check out the Kinect page . (Although, i refuse to pay 10 X-tra dollars for Xbox Live). lol : )



Nickno said:

when I first read this I thought it was a joke....O.o guess I you would say...WRONG!



cnm_nintendo said:

If "the team that brought you Nintendolife" makes an Xboxlife I will seriously facepalm myself until there's a big giant handprint on my face. But seriously, we all should keep an open mind and accept that there are other companies out there who make their own video game consoles and wish to compete with Nintendo. Inevitably, we know that those companies are FAIL (a.k.a Sony & Microsoft). Anyway, NINTENDO FOREVER! :3




Not for me, thank heaven. I think they're too late into the market for motion control and they seem to be struggling weith poor ganes despite devs having the experience of the Wii motion controls to draw from.

I used to have Sony PS1 and PS2 in my pre-family days. I soon started not to like Sony's exclusional philosphy of gaming and now that they have the Move, they can't cope with social style gaming by the looks of it. Early days yet, but come on.

Btw , isn't this a Nintendo site?



Mr_Nose said:

No thank you.

I frequent Nintendocentric sites, because I am... ( dramatic pause ) a Nintendocentric gamer.

I fail to find any interest in the other companies latest efforts to ape Nintendo, whatsoever.

It does bother me that, of the same folks who made fun of 'waggle' game-play, now one is using 'whole body' waggle, while the other blatantly copies the Wii-mote.

So, no. I couldn't give a toss.



mjc0961 said:

@20: Your avatar is freaking perfect for the content of your comment. Nice one.



SteveW said:

Sounds like a bad move (pun intended)...
Sony should be ashamed, afters years of insulting the Wii remote they copy it, how pathetic...



cnm_nintendo said:

OK... Something I just noticed... Look at the bottom-left of the page. "Developed by Cuttlefish / Movemodo?" WTH!? o_o



Mr_Nose said:

What later became known as the Wii remote was in development in 2001, and intended for the Gamecube. In fact, Rogue Squadron was one of the first games to be coded for it.

The 2004-2005 demo from Sony, merely shows the eye toy plotting the location of a stick in 3d space. Kinda different from saying Sony beat Nintendo to the punch, don't ya think?

Still, if you can look at move's 'remote', along with it's very Nunchuck looking add-on, and tell me it doesn't bare a strong resemblance to the Wii-remote and Nunchuck, maybe one of us should take off our rose colored glasses.



DrCruse said:

Many companies have been dabbling in virtual reality since the Vectrex with its 3D glasses, up to the Virtual Boy and current motion controls. The prototype Eye shown in that video is very different than the Wii-mote. However, it is impossible to say that Move isn't a blatant rip off of the Wiimote.



James said:

Move isn't a blatant rip off of the Wii Remote.

Hey, that was easier than I thought!

Yes, there are big similarities between the two. Did the popularity of the Wii vindicate and even expedite Sony's decision to bring the Move to market? Sure it did! Why should Sony reinvent the wheel with the controllers anyway?



theblackdragon said:

@cnm_nintendo: weird... at Movemodo, it's the opposite -- says 'developed by Cuttlefish/Nintendo Life'. idk what's up with that, lol.

@JesusSaves: I believe what James may be trying to say (if I may be so bold to assume?) is 'on the outside, maybe, but on the inside, no.' the technology behind both the Wiimote and the Move is different from each other, even though the outer form (perhaps for reasons of practicality) may be similar.



Zach said:

Hey guys, this article proves that Sony isn't copying Nintendo. They may have realized their mistake in not doing such a controller first, but they aren't just ripping them off.



James said:

@DesFace That analysis was, as Zach might say, "spot on". There's only so many ways you can design an ergonomic controller that needs to imitate a range of objects that have handles, but on the inside they're quite different. Move has a magnetic field sensor thing, for example.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and I'm not really planning on getting the Move. But there are some good Sony games coming out.

But NintendoLife is the superior one, because its Nintendo.

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