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Wed 22nd Jul 2009

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Yamishi commented on Why the 3DS Will Not Use an Achievement System:

As has been mentioned, achievements give me more to do in a game, once I've finished it.

The fact that achievements/trophies are universal is a huge draw, because I can show off to my friends how I beat Contra on a single credit, or cleared all of Sonic's stages with an S rank.

That said, I'll still be getting a 3DS, and I'll still enjoy the Hell out of it.



Yamishi commented on Yes, You Can Transfer DSiWare to 3DS:

I would imagine that you have to connect the DSi to the 3DS to transfer games. I bet there'll be a firmware upgrade to the DSi that allows it to send game data to another machine, and wipes the download rights from yours. If that's the case, it's possible that we could get ALL of our DSiWare off of ALL of our DSi/XLs onto one 3DS.

As others have said, the limitations are probably on things that couldn't be backed up to begin with.



Yamishi commented on Yes, You Can Transfer DSiWare to 3DS:

Yeah, I'm with you, Corbie. I've invested more than $90 in DSiWare (it'll pass the $100 point with Shantae) and I will just sob if I can't take it all with me.



Yamishi commented on Review: myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan (DSi...:

500 points is a steal for a notebook that is digital, backlit, infinitely reusable, and fits in your pocket, along with other games and applications.

I've been using myNotebook to plan out short films for months, now, and the upgrade to Carbon was a no-brainer.

Also, as has already been mentioned, Facebook does have the ability to rotate images, without the PC middleman.



Yamishi commented on Take Note, myNotebook Carbon is Released on Mo...:

I'm stoked for these notebooks, as always.

Nic, if you guys decide that myNotebook is going to be continued in the future, you should design some sort of handwriting-to-text recognition that can be customized (no Nintendo software can recognize my B's!)

Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I still think it would be cool. An on-screen keyboard would also be helpful (for drawing comic books, for example!) 'cause I have difficulty writing small.

Then wrap it up with a feature to send pages wirelessly through WiFi! Then I could illustrate my own comic books, put my dialogue in text, and send it to other myNotebook users!

Yeah, definitely getting ahead of myself...




Yamishi commented on myNotebook Carbon, Tan, and Pearl Trailer Rele...:

Don't listen to the negative Nellies, Mr. Watt. I'm getting (at least) one of these for sure. As an avid writer, I'm always scouring for a piece of paper, and always using up all the space in my myNotebooks.

I'll probably start off with Carbon!

Keep up the good work at Nnooo, and make sure to bring us more applications like this! I love 'em!



Yamishi commented on Flipnote Studio available for download in Nort...:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Yeah, I don't know what the Hell I was thinking, either.



Yamishi commented on Flipper: New Screenshots and Artwork Showcase ...:

I gave this game a passing glance; I wasn't expecting anything, though the art style caught my eye.

After reading this comment section, I must say, I'll be picking this up the moment it's available to me. In addition to the cool-sounding gameplay, 200 points makes it a no-brainer.



Yamishi commented on First Video of myNotebook:

@apocalypse217 post #1:
I bet your notebook also has a backlight and can be reset when you're done writing to play games, take pictures, browse the internet, et cetera. So I suppose you, with your awesome notebook, wouldn't need this app.

The video convinced me. I'm down for all three myNotebooks when they hit DSiWare!



Yamishi commented on Pop Creator Bringing New Apps to DSiWare:

@Stuffgamer1 - Assuming I'm still getting this correct (write on righty-page, flip, write on lefty-page, flip, repeat) you could still hold the DSi with the touch screen on the left, it would just make the writing on alternate pages upside-down.

Edit: After looking at your pictures, Stuffgamer1, I understand your predicament. I hold my styli the same way, but I hover, so it wouldn't smudge the screen.



Yamishi commented on Pop Creator Bringing New Apps to DSiWare:

@Nnooo As far as Premium myNotebook would go, allow me to use a popular quote: "If you build it, they will come."
Seriously, though, I would love additional features in the future, even if it means buying a new set of myNotebooks to access them. As an amatuer-writer coughworkinginretailcough I'll scoop up any chance I get to write, save, and edit on my DSi. It'll sure beat the Hell out of having to carry a notebook and pen everywhere!

I would like to personally thank you, Nic, for making an app for the DSi that is not entirely useless. Keep up the good work!

Edited, because I apparently missed the name earlier.



Yamishi commented on Pop Creator Bringing New Apps to DSiWare:

@Nnooo - I think it's awesome that you're in here, chatting it up with us.

Let's say that myNotebook sells well enough. Would there be any possibility of updates to it in the future, or, say, a "Premium myNotebook" that would have additional features (more pages, ability to transfer things you've written to friends, convert handwriting to text, maybe even a save-to-SD-card-in-common-file-format option)?

I plan to get all three myNotebooks, and I personally hope for more notebook-style apps in the future. As of reading about myNotebook, I am officially a die-hard Nnooo fan. 8)