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GoldenEye Gets Golden Pad Bundle

Posted by James Newton

$69.99 for game and Classic Controller Pro

We engaged in some GoldenEye Wii multiplayer a few weeks ago, taking down Oddjobs and Trevelyans with the Classic Controller Pro and its dual-analogue set-up. It seems Activision is keen to get people into this control method as a bundle has surfaced offering the game and a limited edition golden Classic Controller Pro.

With a suggested retail price of $69.99 and currently no confirmed release outside the United States, this is a golden opportunity for Bond fans with an eye for a limited edition package.


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FunderThucker said:

Already have the black one, but this one is gold...and I could use a second one.....hmmm.......



Corbs said:

Bring me a gold Wii Remote and Nunchuk and I might bite.



skywake said:

I hope they release this bundle here. Not at all interested in playing goldeneye with a CC Pro but.... I wouldn't mind a CC Pro (esp a gold one!) and I am kinda looking forward to Goldeneye. Two birds, one stone.



Fuzzy said:

That looks pretty cool, but as Corbie said, I'd wanna have a gold Wiimote + Nunchuck too. But the controller looks like it has a black cord, so it might go with the black wiimote.



Dazza said:

There's nothing at all tacky about gold coloured plastic is there?



Aviator said:

I can't keep buying stuff.

But this will be a good 4th Classic Controller.



motang said:

Very cool, reminds of the gold N64 controller that came the Ocarina of Time.



Ian_Daemon said:

"Why would you want to play a FPS with a controller that makes it less intuitive to play?"

They're clearly trying to rope in 360/PS3 gamers that only know how to use dual analog sticks. Plus the N64 (and the original game) had dual analog sticks. (I think the N64 might have been the first mainstream home video game controller to have dual analog sticks). "theblackdragon" is right. I forgot.

They may as well launch an ad campaign that says "See? We're a hardcore FPS. We have two analog sticks."

@NeoRausch: I didn't know that. You're right, "it sounds awkward" but cool.



StuffyStuff said:

Definitely getting the bundle. This is the first gold thing I've seen come out by Nintendo that wasn't related to Zelda.



theblackdragon said:

@Ian: the N64 controller only had one analog stick. The PS1 was the first console to get a dual analog controller iirc; i remember when it first came out, lol.



Adam said:

Everyone's looking for a good Wii-specific FPS, this game comes along with the potential of delivering that dream, and they try to entice players by bundling a controller that totally removes the game from the Wii's most distinguishing features? Genius.

Has anyone even been able to try IR control yet? Seems like it's always demoed with the classic, though I may just be forgetful. This is not a confidence-inspiring development. Guess I need to start following Conduit 2 for my split-screen, good IR control FPS dreams.



lilboyblue said:

Does the remote come stand alone because more intereted in Conduit 2. I would have gold wii mote and nunchuck



komicturtle said:

I probably won't be playing this game with that Gold CC Pro. I'll get the bundle to at least HAVE that Golden beauty and play with Wiimote and Nunchuk



naut said:

The point of bundles is to make the total of the items less than buying them separately. Guess the gold thing justifies it (?). Anyway, I don't understand Activision hyping up this dual stick thing. Everyone knows the Wiimote controls are highly superior.



brandonbwii said:

What happened to the rumored golden klebb (klobb) shell bundle? I'd like one of those even if I never use it.



cardboardboxer said:

Probably going to play the game with Wiimote/Nunchuck, but I really want to get this. It would be great to have, since I don't have a Classic Controller, plus it's gold.



NeoRausch said:

@ theblackdragon

true that, buuuuuuuttt.....(now listen closely and be astonished!)

there was an opton in golden eye (N64) to use TWO controllers at the same time. so u grabbed your two N64 controllers in the middle and you had super awesome double analog stickking.
sound awkward, but played like heaven



theblackdragon said:

@Neo: that's cool, but his comment (specifically "I think the N64 might have been the first mainstream home video game controller to have dual analog sticks") read as if he was trying to say the N64 had a dual-analog controller, which it did not. :3



ErrorSupply said:

It'll be interesting to see how they handle IR vs dual analog matches. Aim assist is practically a must when dealing with analog, but then that would offer an unfair advantage against IR. I guess they could give IR aim assist as well, but that kinda negates the split second precision offered with Wii Remote aiming. Sigh, as long as the casuals are happy I guess. So far the Modern Warfare: Reflex team at treyarch have the best idea of how to handle the unique nuances of a Wii FPS.



Klapaucius said:

Awesome that it'll use the classic controller. Colour me interested.

I played that control scheme a few times Rare really let us control the game how we wanted to.



Nintendaholic said:

I dont see why they are making the bundle 70 dollars when the monster hunter 3 bundle was 60. I think i am going to go spray paint my black one gold just because it looks so cool.



Metroid133 said:

I'm getting the bundle even though I already have the controller from the Monster Hunter Tri bundle. Too bad this is not $60 like the Monster Hunter Tri bundle was.



ErrorSupply said:

@ Ian

I found The Conduit to be a prime example of how NOT to do a Wii FPS. I mean you could just point at the middle of the screen, mash lock on, and it would zip the enemy right to your reticle, even if they were outside of your peripheral vision. If you search youtube for "Conduit Aimbot", you'll find a video of me getting kills without even pointing at the screen.



Ian_Daemon said:

@ErrorSupply: I was only considering the single player campaigns, not glitchy hacked multi-player messes.

And can we get a headset for online deathmatch chatting? I thought that was in the works...



Gamer83 said:

I was planning on getting a Classic Controller Pro at some point, this seems like the perfect opportunity.



Punny said:

It's times like these that I'm thankful that I have only two Classic Controllers (the regular white one and a black Classic Controller Pro). I'll consider this another holiday gift of gold (along with GoldenEye itself and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn).



IanUniacke said:

@ErrorSupply: With any luck they will have no aim assist for either classic controller or Wiimote and then the so called "hard core" will finally have to admit that wiimote is superior. Just like in the old Doom days, you could play with keyboard but you couldn't compete.



AVahne said:

Nice, but seems a bit expensive. If anyone wants to play multiplayer with me, I'll just plug in the black classic controller that I got from Monster Hunter Tri's bundle (I only have one nunchuk).

Speaking of which, why is this $10 more expensive than MH3's bundle? Sure it's a gold controller, but isn't the game best with Wiimote+nunchuk anyway?



PSICOffee said:

I thought this was originally announced as a pre-order bonus where it was $70 for just the controller. I saw videos of this remake and it looks far too much like Call of Duty: Goldeneye to me. Besides, the music for the first level in the original game is enough to stick with that version compared to the on-rails cinematic level design of this game with new music.



Ian_Daemon said:

@51-Moosa: Um, ok? If you don't like it, don't use it.

I feel it's more accurate and more intuitive. We will agree to disagree. For both of our sakes, I'm glad it supports both.



MarioFoy said:

I am so rubbish at Goldeneye on the N64 hopefully I will get better. The gold controller looks great.



Gameday said:

yea nothings like the feel of that classic n64 controller when it comes to goldeneye but as long as the side step works it i can work it with it. and the golden pad is koo. i need another classic why not make my second one golden

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