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Fri 30th Jul 2010

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lilboyblue commented on Rumour: 3DS will be Region-Locked According to...:

Guy calm down. I see Nity hasnt learned their lesson about holding back system power. I guess if they keep this stuff up. Hackers are going to make a 3DS brew. Hackers will be the solution/problem. Hey that my guess on the future anyway. (I dont support piracy.) just to make it clear.



lilboyblue commented on New Trailer for NBA Jam Remix Modes is Nothing...:

I'm sorry every one but this games is D.O.A (dead on arrival) for eceryone no matter where u buy it. Ea really had the nerve to screw over everyone this time. I wont buy this game unless it bargin bin ($30). The game deserves nothing but to bomb I mean only 150k sold. I dont know about u guys but I getting sonic colours



lilboyblue commented on Fan-Made Zelda MMO in Early Stages of Development:

Nintendo stupid the squander opportunities like that. They know full well their fans want it and then get mad when the fans make it them selves. They could've did it this gen but they gimped they're online. they should just make a Pokemon mmo for wii or next gen instead of sitting out they butt look to take down other peoples tributes to them.



lilboyblue commented on Ghost Recon Shows Different Strategy to Invade...:

@ who ever brought red steel 2 into the discussion. that game was almost bound to fail for 7 reasons.

1.) I say It was connected to a bad launch title.
2.)not much reply value
3.)no multilayer what so ever
4.)no mercenary mode like RE4
5)another reason I personal didn't buy it was because of the MHT bundle
6.)they missed they're holiday release date. then choose to release it march when most people are tapped out because of the holidays.
.7)lastly A torrent got leaked b4 the game got released to the public so everybody just pirated it. (they should have protected they're stuff)

back on topic the game another rail shooter. why should we settle for this when sin and punishment 2 the best rail shooter this gen is out and on the lose.



lilboyblue commented on Epic Mickey Cinematic Intro is Suitably Cinematic:

looks very meh is this the brilliant game mechanic everybody speak so highly of. I tell you the game look graphically o.k game play o.k style it got coloring need work and why is mickey talking is it cause his voice actor died so he doesn't want to replace him. I see a 6s in it future at least on IGN. I think rent and then make my final jugdement.



lilboyblue commented on First Impressions: Disney Epic Mickey:

WE need some color. WE all know this wont be better than SMG2 but It be good. I think the game need lots of work in the game play department because its atmosphere seem to be all it has. If you to add paint elements as the game play look to Okami for inspiration. the games is coming out September the need to delay the game lest the slaughtered.



lilboyblue commented on First Impressions: NBA Jam:

Add Online Vs./Co-op/Tourneys, Create A Player/Team, Trades, GCN/Classic Controller Support, and more crazy stuff like hotspots, stages, mascots and then it'll be worth the $50. I was hyped when I thought was a wiiware title. It just seem like another case of people letting nostalgia get open.