Nintendo's E3 conference proved last weekend's rumours true, as viewers saw a trailer for a Retro Studios-developed DK game. Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii looks to be a sidescrolling affair in the style of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat or New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As the name suggests, Retro has taken inspiration from Rare’s contributions to the DK franchise, with jungles, mine cart rides, Diddy Kong, barrel-blasting and banana-collecting, with DK showing off a few more varied fighting abilities, similar to Jungle Beat.

Retro Studios is already known for its take on another classic Nintendo franchise, the Metroid Prime trilogy. The company did its homework with the Metroid series, which like Donkey Kong Country, is full of atmospheric soundtracks and environments. The game is slated for a Fall release.

Rejoice: DK is back to kick some tail.