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Wed 25th Nov 2009

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bluegray commented on Nintendo Hits Rock Bottom In Greenpeace Rankings:

Kinda funny how some dorks think they know how things work.

While Greenpeace is out there trying to make a difference, all you guys can do is sit on your @$$3$ and play wii/ds and criticize the good intentions of other people.



bluegray commented on Review: Earthworm Jim 2 (Virtual Console / Seg...:

I remember beating this game as a kid. Yes, it was pretty damned hard, but honestly, if I can do it as a kid, adults can do it today. Few games have the personality this one does, and the challenge does not detract from the enjoyment of that.

Plus, I'm concerned that you graded the game down because it didn't meet the expectations you held from the first game: namely the platforming-oriented game play. That it strays from this formula shouldn't deduct points from it, as it is not the first game, and it should be graded, to a large degree, independently of it.

The "gimmicks" were done well. Just because they aren't of the platformer format, doesn't mean they sucked.