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E3 2010: Animal Crossing Confirmed for 3DS

Posted by James Newton

First screenshots of the life sim

Rather like Retro Studios' stab at revitalising Donkey Kong, this is another rumour from last week that turned out true: Animal Crossing is heading to 3DS, as these screenshots prove.

Although the core graphical styling is unchanged from previous outings, the graphical improvement over the DS's Animal Crossing: Wild World is clear – textures appear crisper, with an eye for detail that wasn't possible on DS.

With little information available it's tough to tell how big a leap this will be over the previous entries in the series, and with existing furniture pictured in the screenshots it's clear this game won't be a radical overhaul of the gameplay system, but as soon as we have more facts we'll update this page to bring them to you. Until then, feast your eyes on these screenshots and the taller, leaner figures contained therein.

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Leshclen said:

I gave up on the Animal Crossing series a while ago, but this looks pretty good. At least they fixed up the graphics a bit.



Kid_A said:

One of my top five favorite franchises these days. Like the new look, and I'm very excited to hear new details.



Olorin said:

They're a lot less chibi... not sure if I like that, but it doesn't look bad



ToastyYogurt said:

I don't like the way the characters look. Making them taller and leaner makes the game look more realistic, and that's not what the series is aiming for (anyone who says other will have to face the fact that you can't socialize and live next door to a panda bear in real life).



Hardy83 said:

I don't care about the visuals for this game. Is there an actual evolution in gameplay that the series HASN'T seen for a decade.



GammaGames said:

I'm watching the E3 Nintendo recording now. This still looks pretty great, especially compared to original DS version. I like the people arent llittle circle and ovals. cant wait!



Rhansley64 said:

4th Animal Crossing hmmm i'm kinda tired over Animal Crossing but keep them coming!!!



sillygostly said:

Not the overhaul that I was hoping for, but as long as they add a heap of new activities to the game then I may consider jumping back into AC. There simply isn't enough to do in the DS/Wii games.



Belgicario said:

It looks like there will be buyable trousers in the game if these are the normal body sizes. You can also see a girl wearing a skirt on one of the screenshots. Animal Crossing + 3D + Trousers = INSTAPWNAGE
That's not true! My neighbour is a raccoon that owns a shop!



grumblebuzzz said:

The change of the art style is very welcome and amazing. So glad Nintendo are switching up the Animal Crossing formula a little bit with this title. When City Folk was basically Wild World 2, I feared the series was winding down and would die off if the next game didn't deliver a few changes to keep fans interested, but this looks great!



Markystal said:

The graphics have improved a bit and the characters seem older. Another must buy...



DarkEdi said:

City Folk was the update of Wild World. I played it like 2 months. It was like DS version but with "but the hat of Stacy Malibu is New". I pass this time.



ArjunaAle said:

So happy there's going to be a new Animal Crossing. This game is always hideously addictive. Yay that the characters are taller. Now I don't have to be short in the digital world too.



Bobpie said:


I much preffered the handheld game to the two home console ones. Handheld Game + LGTTC Features + 3D + (More realistic) graphic revamp = AWESOME game. ;D



clyde said:

I hope that my current person can migrte to the new one.. If so that would be awesome



HapsNinFan said:

I Was Looking Forward To This! Because I Just Love Animal Crossing ! Until I Saw The Pictures... The Graphics Are Awesome! But The Humans!!! They Are Not Meant To Be Tall : Its Cute When Theyre Small. Sorry But Im Not Getting This

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