Please let this one be true

You know the deal by now: until we have this confirmed, please treat the following as a rumour.

Robot-worshipping games website Destructoid recently posted an intriguing piece of news, suggesting that one first-party launch title for the 3DS could be the next instalment in Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise.

According to the site's unnamed inside source, Nintendo has been showing off a demo of the 3D-enabled title to third-party developers in order to encourage them to come onboard with the new handheld. With worldwide sales of the DS instalment Animal Crossing: Wild World nearly at 10 million copies sold worldwide you can bet your bottom Bell that Nintendo's interested in pursuing the series for its next machine, and a day one launch would certainly help to snare in the more casual gamer unsure about the advantages that 3D can bring.

Nintendo's press conference is scheduled for 9am PST (12 midday EST, 5pm BST) on Tuesday 15th June. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more E3 2010 coverage, including live site updates, First Impressions and more.