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Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Red meat is heading into the red ring!

Well Meat fans, hold onto your shorts. It seems our beloved and much-anticipated WiiWare release Super Meat Boy is going to be doing a little moonlighting on another download service.

We've just learned that Super Meat Boy will not only be making an appearance on Xbox Live Arcade, but it's going to debut there first. And to sweeten the deal, the game will feature online play, not to mention the ability to enjoy the more relaxed file size restrictions of XBLA.

WiiWare and PC fans can rest easy as the game is still coming and looking as amazing as ever, you'll just have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy it. Team Meat have said that the WiiWare and PC versions should release shortly after the Xbox Live Arcade version, most likely within the same month. Hopefully each version will have a few tidbits of exclusive content or hidden characters to sweeten the deal a little.

We'll keep you updated on any new information regarding the game and of course we'll have a full review when it hits the WiiWare service. Of course that's if we can pry ourselves away from the Xbox Live Arcade release.

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Supermarioman said:

Oh, Oh, Oh Another One Bites the Dust. How many more games Wii Exclusive will go before our library of exclusive games is just Shovelware and Nintendo made stuff?



Dazza said:

Bah grumble, we're still getting Mega Man 10 on WiiWare first aren't we?

(Just smarting because I swapped my 360 for a PS3!)



Supermarioman said:

Corbie: Sometimes I wounder what dimension you came from, you are on a Nintendo based site, yet whenever something goes to the 360 you go all happy. Its people like you who are causing the Wii to die, the poor thing what did it ever due to you besides having bad online! Don't be mean to the poor 3 year old. (Sarcasm From Beginning to End!)



Stuffgamer1 said:

I suppose it'll come to PSN over a year later as well, just like the still-upcoming port of Castle Crashers.

The REAL good news is that Super Meat Boy being on XBLA means it'll have a DEMO! Without one, I was planning on ignoring the game 'cause I don't like the original flash game (due to crappy controls).



Corbs said:

I love the Xbox 360. Sue me. LOL. Now if I can just get them to change the name of the site to XboxLife my plan for world domination will be complete!



SwerdMurd said:

this just made me chuckle. Coming out on a different console first with better specs and features. Way to hold down 3rd place and show no signs of moving forward, Wiiware.

@stuff - I agree--the game/concept seem ridiculous to have gotten any hype whatsoever. It's a genuinely busted flash game. Prediction - 6/10 for generic platformer without good control. You know--once it gets around to releasing on the Wii



moomoo said:

I don't see how this is bad. It's still coming out on WiiWare. Seeing that it might have more content then the Wiiware version due to file constraints not being that big of a deal on XBLA, I might get this version instead. Still, I've always felt games like these played better with a wii remote.
Will Commander Video still be in it? He's only been on Wiiware.



ejamer said:

The bad part is how the dev team managed expectations. No mention of an XBLA version until suddenly it's the lead platform with the best features and the earliest release date? That's a huge disappointment for Wii-only owners who were rooting for and supporting the game.

Total conspiracy theory, but does this feel like a moneyhat blow or what? Shades or RE4, or FF13...



Donatello said:

Bluh. I hate the 360. Why I baught one I'll never know, but I sold it 8 months later, thank god .And it'st controller, ugh. Not to mention playing Super Meat Boy with the 360 pad would feel too modern and crappy for the game, considering the 360's pad is thee' worst D-pad ever created in the gaming world... and using the analog stick wouldn't feel right. Like all retro titles, the Wii remote on it's side is golden and is the real way to play to get that true Retro experience. i even tried using the dual shock for MM9 and it just didn't feel right, and sucked the fun out of the experience.

I'm a Nintendo nut, and i like alittle Playstation on the side ;p
MS needs to be banished from the gaming industry, and Sega needs to make a comeback!



irken004 said:

Whyyy do we need and HD version of a pixelated game? :3

Maybe we'll have exclusive characters for each version.



Donatello said:

We don't need an HD version of the game. Team Meat just want's to branch out their game to other platforms to make more money. A Game like this belongs on the Wii.

And why isn't this heading towards the PS3? Not that i care though



odd69 said:

Even though meat boy is going to be awesome, online play beats the wiiware version. Im afraid the the wiiware version is just another port,without online play....



Donatello said:

The PS3 may have inferior Online but at least it's Free. Not that i really care, because i'm not much of an Online gamer unless we're talking about Fighting games. As for the Controller, the DualShock is a much better controller than the 360's because it still reatins a bit of retro-ness with it's d-pad placement and feel, yet i'm not a fan of Sony's loose analog sticks. but again all of that is a matter of opinion.

That aside, the PS3 also has better exclusives if you ask me....But it's a shame that the 360 usually always gets the 'better looking' version of 3rd Party multiplatform games. Resident Evil 5 is a perfect example..It looks soft/blurry on the PS3, has poor contrast, slowdown and it's missing effects in certain areas of the game, While the 360 version looks crystal clear, has great contrast, less slowdown and the effects are better. Ghostbusters also looks like crap on the PS3...There are a dozen more examples as well.

But really, i hate MS....I'm all about Japanese developers nowadays...Most of the exclusives for the 360 are made right here in America, like Halo, Mass Effect, Bioshock, GTA, Call of Duty, PGR, Splinter Cell ect and many more. I can't stand all of those franchises, even Bioshock got incredibly boring and tedious once i entered the second area and no IR/Motion controls hampered the experience for me after witnessing the amazing controls Metroid Prime 3 brang to the table.

And, who can forget the Red Ring of Death, it's happened to me 3 or 4 times..but for some reason my 360 was fine after all of those times it happened, weird.

Anyways, the 360 seems to be the console of choice for meatheads, close minded adults who need 'serious' Army games, and little kids that are trying to be hardcore by buying mindless shooters and gangster Sandbox games ;p I kid, I kid hehe

At least the PS3 retains that japanese vibe...And it makes for a great Bluray player lol



cyrus_zuo said:

I think it is great whenever any game becomes available to more people.
I think it is sad that it appears to be a money motivated move...which is usually seen very negatively in the indie community.
I think the communication from the dev team to fans has been very poor in this instance and deserves an apologetic response.
I also think this will greatly hurt the game's sales on the Wii as it is clear that many Wii fans feel mislead and played by the announcement.
I hope the move works out for them in the end.



Corbs said:

XBLA alone makes the box worth the price of admission. It's so far ahead of every other download service it's not even funny. My poor PS3 will just have to collect dust until God of War 3 hits. At least it will be good and rested by then.

Hey at least this will allow Super Meat Boy to be seen by a wider audience and can be demoed on XBLA.



Donatello said:

At least the Wii is getting Mega Man 10 first before the others. And again, playing it with the Wii Remote 'nes style' on it's side is the only way to fly



Knux said:

Oh SWEET! I'm buying this on XBLA instead! You guys really need to lay off the Xbox 360, all that's wrong with it it's RROD and disc reading problems. But, XBLA and the Xbox 360 controller rules! Looking forward to playing with fellow NL members online on the Xbox 360 with fellow NL members when this is out. Yes, I like the Xbox 360 more than my Wii right now, sue me.



vakama94 said:

i hope it gets the same online play as in the XBLA version, if not, the world its not fair



jbrodack said:

So is xbla getting online play and we aren't? Doesn't sound good to me. Still looking forward to the game though my excitement is dampened a bit by this announcement.



odd69 said:

Yea corbs is right. No one should miss out on this gem.I'm going to still get it on Wiiware though, that's a promise i made for the Wiiware service, but if this game releases on the PSN, then I'm going to buy it there too, so that means I'm gonna buy it twice LOL. The only way i wouldn't buy the Wiiware version at all is if the PSN gets it first and is the same or on par with the 360 ( both hd graphics and online play), but i doubt it very highly.



WolfRamHeart said:

Ha ha, this is awesome! It looks like I will be getting this game on XBLA instead of WiiWare.



Croz said:

I dunno, the 360 controller kinda sucks for these type of games.



SwerdMurd said:

Me wunderz if Corbay postid thiz to intentionally igniyt peepl into a furee?

Apparently it worked Well, Donatello took the bait at any rate...



CanisWolfred said:

Whoop-dee friggin' doo. How's about lettin' us know when a good game comes to XBLA next time, eh?



0-Watt said:

I'm not bashing the game at all, but it looks like they did not plan this too well. The game is half-way done and at 30 meg or so. There is a very obvious reason why they chose to go from Wii-exclusive to Steam and now XBLA: the size.

This is now how you hype a game: announce it as WiiWare exclusive, then nearly six months later tout Steam, and then another half-year, announce XBLA. That pretty much hurts its position, especially for WiiWare.

I can see it now: The game comes to XBLA, does well, goes to WiiWare, does poorly because of backlash (I don't want it to, but this announcement has ticked off people I assure you), and then Team Meat moves to doing XBLA exclusive content.

This is going to turn into another example of this statement: Many developers just don't give a care for the Wii :<



Swiket said:

@0-Watt: Actually, it was planned to be released on the PC along with WiiWare since the beginning. I don't know how recently it was announced for Steam, though.



Fleeper said:

And people wonder why Nintendo fans are often labeled as whiny little kids. Gee, let me think!



ejamer said:

It will be hard to act surprised when this game doesn't sell well on Wii. Surely people will wait longer to buy something that has less features, right? Or is it because Nintendo gamers aren't hardcore enough to spend money on gimped versions of games that are available elsewhere?



Hardy83 said:

"This is now how you hype a game: announce it as WiiWare exclusive, then nearly six months later tout Steam, and then another half-year, announce XBLA. That pretty much hurts its position, especially for WiiWare."

They most likely discussed the risk, this change obviously was decided after the mention of it being Wii exclusive, and it seems they've determined a larger audience and potential sales is worth more then the damage Wii users might do being mad at it not being exclusive.

To which I say.. It was already going to PC, it wasn't exclusive to begin with, the small devs need money and multi-platform is really the only answer in this day and age.



Swiket said:

This whole thing reminds me of Toki Tori. Remember that game?

It was released on Steam about a month ago, and it's available for only $5 (half the price than it was on WiiWare). It comes with extra levels, achievements, free DLC, and apparently a level editor is in the works. Neat.



Hardy83 said:

"This is now how you hype a game: announce it as WiiWare exclusive, then nearly six months later tout Steam, and then another half-year, announce XBLA. That pretty much hurts its position, especially for WiiWare."

They most likely discussed the risk, this change obviously was decided after the mention of it being Wii exclusive, and it seems they've determined a larger audience and potential sales is worth more then the damage Wii users might do being mad at it not being exclusive.

To which I say.. It was already going to PC, it wasn't exclusive to begin with, the small devs need money and multi-platform is really the only answer in this day and age.



Donatello said:

Yez, I bit Ze' Bait hehe ;p
Nah, i'm just expressing my opinion based on why me no like ze' 360.
Anyways, I'm not exactly looking forward to this game anyways. On the other hand, Mega Man 10 has me doing ninja turtle back flips in anticipation

But I gotta say, Yet it Moves looks alittle more interesting than Meat Boy, graphicly speaking at least. I love my Fido Dido. ooo, and Can't forget about CaveStory.



SuperJim64 said:

Why the hate for wii ware? It's in some ways the best of the three services, along with XBLA. PSNetwork, is utter garbage, you get like 2-4 games per month, very few quality back catolog games are availible. The only issues with wii ware is, it's a touch pricey, no sales, and file sizes. Lets's face it, most add on content on XBLA and PSN is just ridiculous.



accc said:

@Swiket: That's not really a good comparison since Wii owners got to enjoy Toki Tori for almost 2 years before the PC version came out.



Xkhaoz said:

Oh come on. Can Wii please get a exclusive for once? Argh, I'm getting ticked off with this.



V8_Ninja said:

While I do agree that people really can't miss out on this game (even if it does mean going multi-platform), doesn't it seem odd that something like this would happen? An XBLA version is announced out of nowhere with better, enhanced graphics and more modes. Suspicious, no? It's like a fancy PC exclusive shooter that looks very original being randomly announced that it will be on 360s and PS3s before it comes out on the PC and will include extra multiplayer maps, modes and even a longer campaign. It seems to be something that translates to "We were bribed by another company."/"We want to make MOUNTAINS of money before we actually give it to the people who were anticipating this game for months before the other guys even knew about it!"



Swiket said:


I don't think that's an equal comparison considering that the Wii is being limited by its file size.

But Toki Tori isn't the type of game you enjoy for two years... it's the type of game where you have fun, get frustrated at the difficulty, go crazy looking for a solution, and never play again.



Slapshot said:

@Corbie.... dude as crazy as you are with RPGs and insane difficulty in games how come you have gotten Demon Souls yet, I would recommend getting it quick as it can be a pain to find as it sells out really quickly everywhere still. I might change your mind about that Casual Console quote ^^^^^ there!



Supermarioman said:

@SoulSilverIV: We've tried to lock him up in the past, but every time we try he pulls out a ban hammer and goes ballistic, our first attempt was a complete failure and 250 people got banned, only 25 people survived with several injuries and hurted feelings.

On Topic: I don't mind that the game is going to the 360, but I hate to see another "Wii" exclusive go.



mnementh said:

who cares. this looks awful. Wiiware has so much better stuff. I'm not going to waste any points on this garbage. Maybe 200 points. I'd rather save my points for all the awesome exclusive stuff, and there's a lot of that on Wiiware.



Porky said:

@Lanafire7: No, think how long loading a 100mb wiiware from the Sd Card will be. Can hardly stand games with over 250 blocks to load.

If Xbox360 version has online please let the wiiware version have it to or no sale from me... for the wiiware version though.



mnementh said:

@Ezekiel - that's just a simple matter of firmware update. the loading time is not in game anyway. Nintendo can and probably will at some point eliminate the size limit.



Supermegaman said:

I wonder if they will get the commander video part. Isnt he wiiware only?
Well, we will still get it, so thats a plus.



Corbs said:

I'd assume that since Tim from Braid is appearing in the WiiWare version that Commander Video could find his way into the Xbox Live Arcade release somehow.



Sushie said:

Whatever is good for the indie developer is ultimately good for their fans as well. I like the original flash version of Meatboy, and I don't have a 360 so I will be waiting for the WiiWare version, and it'll be a day one purchase for sure. I wish them loads of success on x-box live, I think those dudes deserve it after all the great free games that have been released by them.



Jockolantern said:

Hate to see a WiiWare exclusive go but what's good for the geese is good for the gander. If the developers can make more money on their product by marketing it across multiple download services, it only means we'll be seeing more games from them in the future. And that's never a bad thing.



odd69 said:

Haha i couldn't feel more differently. In my opinion everything else is crap (minus the good titles like the rebirth series) and Meatboy is one of the best titles as of yet to be released. But everyone likes what they like. This is a day one purchase for me regardless. Team meat has to eat right, if your family had to pay bills you would do what you had to do right? Sell outs? I disagree.



qiliieun said:

y meat boy i like specific names like chicken wing boy or beef boy uuh scratch that meat boy is fine



Namo said:

For some reason, whenever a game is multiplatform, developers just feel the need to HAVE to make the wii version worse. That's how it always is. I mean, yeah, the Wii's graphics are suck compared to the other two, but that's no goddamn excuse to remove features. No goddamn excuse.



StarDust4Ever said:

Boooooooooooooooo... You know your home is on Wiiware... Traitor!

Will get when it releases on Wiiware, as I know better than to get an RRoD Xbox 360.



mastersworddude said:

Meh, I was never really looking foward to this game anyway, but its strange seeing how they hype it up for WiiWare, wait forever to release it, then they just basically say "F*** you" and release a superior version earlier on Xbox.



JimLad said:

It's why games that make use of the Wiimote's capabilities are most worth celebrating.
Otherwise why not just have a 360/PS3?



Varoennauraa said:

I wish I could play the XBox-version with Wiimote...Online or better gameplay. I have to check what that online is before buying, but I propably couldn't play this with XBoxes d-ring and flimsy buttons.



vherub said:

as long as it plays as fun as it looks, doesn't matter when it comes out or on what platforms.



NotEnoughGolds said:

@Donatello: "At least the Wii is getting Mega Man 10 first before the others. And again, playing it with the Wii Remote 'nes style on it's side Classic Controller is the only way to fly"
I agree 100%



PhoenixRising said:

Truth be told I hated the Flash game so I won't be buying this on Wiiware. People buy more games on XBLA so I can see the reasoning, seeing as it's not exactly a title with a creditable following. It'll need a platform that appeals to people who are a little more frivolous with cash and are less wary of crap games that gain some unexplainable 'credo' - just like so many unremarkable Flash games and animations before it.

I say let it die before it hits our service.



The_Fox said:

Those complaining about the enhanced version need to place the blame at Nintendo. The size restriction is a needless handicap.



Slapshot said:

From what Ive seen Mega Man 10 is dropping the same week on all consoles to there respective download dates, I know its March 4th for PSN.



TeMPO said:


No creditable following? SMB has been nominated as a finalist for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2010 Independent Games Festival. That means that it's in the top 5 games of over 300 entered into the competition this year, putting it at the same class with some of the best independent releases to date such as World of Goo, Audiosurf, Everyday Shooter and Crayon Physics Deluxe who are all past nominees. To top that it's one of only three games to be nominated this year as a finalist in more than one category. For an independent game that's about as creditable as you can get. So no, it's not gonna die. It's only gonna get bigger. Good job looking silly, though.



SherlockHolmes said:

Dang Xbox! Wii is awesome. PS3 is awesome. Xbox sucks. I mean who wants to pay for online? Suckish that Xbox 360 has online play aswell.



TeMPO said:

True, I refuse to buy a 360 even if it means missing out on some of their exclusives that I really want to play. But, having said that, despite my opinion on the console I do have to admit that Xbox LIVE does provide the best online service of the three consoles so I suppose you're getting what you pay for. But still, I wish it was coming to PSN instead.



Namo said:


The 360 may supply the best online service available, but what does that really mean when you think about it? A bunch of idiots spewing profanity at each other while playing games.

If you ask me, local play beats online play any day.

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