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Wed 10th Feb 2010

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Namo commented on Review: Globulos Party (DSiWare):

I bought this before the review anyway, but Nintendo life doesn't seem to realize that many people here are review-sheep; meaning that they only buy a game if it gets a good review.

Although I've only seen a few cases where a game got an unjust score based on something irrelevant (Corbie, I firmly suggest that you ask Panda to rewrite his Rayman DSiWare review), the cases where they have appeared have been on games that are genuinely good.

I recommend saying things like "This game is not for everyone" or more "If you like X you'll like this" just to make sure people don't see the score and avoid it altogether.

Or better yet, Nintendo should offer demos.



Namo commented on Review: Globulos Party (DSiWare):

Usually, yes, a 10 out of 10 means a very great game. After all, 10 of 10 is, last time I checked, 100 percent!

So quick to criticize here, I swear to god.



Namo commented on Review: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Virtual ...:

Christ, what the hell is wrong with the reviewers here? This game is a masterpiece. Sure, not as good as the other Kirby games, but still incredible in its own merits.

sigh... at this point, IGN seems like the better site to go to for game reviews.



Namo commented on Calling:

It seems that Hudson is incapable of making bad games when they aren't making shovelware like Deca Sports and Diner Crap.



Namo commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:


For some reason, Duke Nukem Forever comes to mind.

But in this case, Cave Story will be excellent. Prediction: Its sales will break a world record!



Namo commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:

@53 How do you ride uphill both ways?

If anything, you "Youngsters" (I'm 16, ha) should get this game solely for the perfect story, charming characters, and surprising depth. The original game took over 5 years to make by one person, and just like any Metal Gear title, you can just feel the hard work and love the creator put into this game.



Namo commented on First Impressions: Bit.Trip RUNNER:

Am I the only one who couldn't get into Tomena Sanner?

Anyway, this game looks freaking awesome, and will most definitely be a day one buy for me.

Are there any videos available?



Namo commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

Alright, we get it. We can ask some random guy a question.

Stop putting it at the top of the front page.



Namo commented on Review: Zoo Frenzy (DSiWare):

@Chunkeh Droid

True, but its still annoying. I kind of tend to avoid reviews and learn whether or not a game is good by actually playing it for myself. Yes, I've bought games that have sucked before, but I've also ended up buying games that reviewers gave low scores on and enjoyed greatly. Do a google search for "The Sentinel Returns."

By the way, yes, this game isn't that good. I'd give it a 5 and a half.



Namo commented on Review: Zoo Frenzy (DSiWare):


I agree. This isn't the first time I've seen a shoddy review here. The reviewers here give low/high scores either unjustified or justified too much. Just check out the Rayman DSiware review. The reviewer goes on and on about how the screen being too small makes the game too difficult, when really Rayman is just a genuinely hard game, and its apparent he never actually finished it.

If some of the reviewers here would take some of our advice at heart rather than face-value, this site could get so much better. But at current it's almost like some reviews have a bias.



Namo commented on First Impressions: Kappa Michi:

Actually, in mythology, a Kappa is a very very large turtle with an island on its back in place of a shell.

And yes, they eat chirrens and cucumbers.



Namo commented on First Impressions: Aa Mujō Setsuna:

Thats a shame, I love bullet hell shooters, but if Nintendo's applying the sugar-coating a little too much, I may have to pass and just stick to Cho Aniki.



Namo commented on Diner Dash:

Oh God no... PLEASE God, no... Not another F*cking Diner Dash!

This game needs to die, seriously.



Namo commented on Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade:


The 360 may supply the best online service available, but what does that really mean when you think about it? A bunch of idiots spewing profanity at each other while playing games.

If you ask me, local play beats online play any day.



Namo commented on Review: NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (WiiWare):

Drake, you give awesome reviews, but is it really necessary to make each review title a question? I mean, I understand if its for a bad game, but it just seems kind of unnecessary to do it for good games.