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Sony: Publishers Pulling Resources From Wii Development

Posted by Darren Calvert

PS3 Vs Wii... Fight, Fight!

Lately we’ve seen some of the big-third party publishers such as EA distancing themselves from the Wii somewhat, largely because sales just ain't what they had hoped for the platform. Could it be due to increased competition from Sony’s mighty PS3? According to SCEA vice president of publisher relations Robert Dyer in a recent interview with IndustryGamers, the PS3 is stealing away developer attention from the Wii.

What publishers have said is they're not going to spend the resources on Wii... In my job, we compete against Microsoft and Nintendo, and we're competing for resources. So when I walk into a publisher, I ask, "Where are you guys pushing your resources?" In the past, it was "Look how hot the Wii is," or "Look how hot the DS is," and 'We should put resources there." They did that and realized, "You know what, third-party product just doesn't sell on that platform." So now they're taking those resources, coming back to us and saying, "Sony, we're going to be able to provide you with that exclusive content," or "We're going to put more engineers on it and figure out to maximize the Blu-ray and get more out of PS3." That's what we're seeing now.

Dem’s fighting words Rob! But does he have a point? We still haven’t heard that the excellent brawler Tatsunoko vs Capcom is coming to PS3 yet, so maybe his optimism is misplaced for the time being? Then again, we haven't heard anything about Street Fighter IV for Wii either.

What are your thoughts about these illuminating revelations?


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V8_Ninja said:

Please, o' mighty Reggie, show this man the errors of his way and verbally pwn him in the process......



Egg_miester said:

i don't buy it, most companys are not putting out effort to fully use blueray graphics and while the wii is the top selling console and always has the top selling games ps3 is always the weakest selling system and games



SilverBaretta said:

I think that all systems will have their ups and downs, exclusives, and selling points, but the fact remains that people have less and less money to spend on games in general. I would like Street Fighter IV Wii, though.



MasterGraveheart said:

Do you think maybe third party companies just can't make good games nowadays period? I mean, look at some of Capcom's recent exploits on the HD systems, like Dark Void and Bionic Commando ReArmmed. Not exactly steller.

You wanna know the REAL reason why third parties are failing on the Wii? Laziness. There, I said it.



Ren said:

yeah, this doesn't mean much. He's probably right, in fact, it doesn't sound like he's trying to be a jerk. Nintendo just makes the best games, so it's hard for 3rd parties to sell anything on a lower powered platform that takes so much to squeeze games on to. It takes things like, um, creativity and good marketing which many of them aren't willing to spend a lot on since they assumed any old thing on the Wii will just sell if it says "Wii".
You have to use the Wii the way it was designed to be used not just try to port over the same gaming crap that people are used to churning out, thats why Nintendo's own games are always best, but it doesn't mean the console is in trouble, it's just slow on the uptake like DS was. Wii still dominates this gen just by it's install base alone.

None of those "casual" gamers are going to be like: " I'm not getting the robust shooters I want from Wii so I"m going to get a PS3", they're more like "I gotta get my kid from school and then make it to the grocery store by 5 so I can make dinner"



Golgo said:

Well...the only things I'm really looking forward to on Wii anymore are the 3 or 4 firstparty titles we've been 'promised', although I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple slip back onto the Wii 2.



Stargazer said:

Sony is going for Nintendo's throat! Wii is on the ropes and Sony is trying to make a move. They can point to Heavy Rain and say they are innovative, and meanwhile they will continue to 'innovate' by stealing Nintendo's and Microsoft's ideas.



fortius54 said:

So the main man at Sony has nothing better to do than talk about Nintendo when he is with third party developers. That is pretty rediculous. Why not talk about developing games for the PS3? And, if the Wii is on the ropes, Why are you and Microsoft developing motion controls. These guys need to realize that Nintendo does not see them as competition. Plenty of people own a Wii and a PS3 or a Wii and a Xbox.

As for third parties, the poster that said laziness hit the nail on the head. There have been some great third party games (Zack and Wiki, Murmasa: The Demon Blade, No More Heroes), but it gets lost because everyone else is either porting old games or making these "party" games. Does Nintendo have a responsibility to check these games for quality? No. We are in the internet age. Other peple get game build prior to release just like Nintendo does. We generally know if a games is good or bad before it comes out.



Hardy83 said:

I don't blame third parties for games selling like crap...Fully.
It is their fault to an extent, but it's also Nintendo's, and the Wii audience, and the market in general.

It's everyone's fault really and in a business where millions of dollars can be lost on a flop, you can't expect them to put money into what many business think is a big black hole.
Whether that's true or not it doesn't matter anymore. It's too far in the Wii's development for them to be proved wrong, and if they are I doubt they'll care.

And Nintendo can't prove them wrong because their games always sell. It's the Nintendo affect, which is both a blessing and a curse. First party games will always overshadow and outsell third parties. Sony and Microsoft don't have that, which is also a good and bad thing.



Amorous_Badger said:

Isn't it pretty well documented that the wii is much cheaper to develop for than the HD consoles?

Makes sense to me then to allocate your resources accordingly.

tin hat



Hardy83 said:

"Isn't it pretty well documented that the wii is much cheaper to develop for than the HD consoles?"

That's never been confirmed or denied, and in all honestly I don't think games like NMH2 and Red Steel 2 are that cheap to make.

MW2 cost around 20 million to make, no I doubt the Wii is that high but when you consider how much developers get paid I bet a game like red steel cost 5-10 million.

Shovelware on the other hand is another story. This is like Ninjabread Man quality shovelware. THAT is cheap to make.



Ian_Daemon said:

How is third parties sales Nintendo's issue? How can one company blame their success/failure solely on another company?

Third parties need to step up. Don't just make pretty looking crap. "Ooh, the turd isn't selling, let's bedazzle it!"

"Zack & Wiki" is/was awesome!



Hardy83 said:

"How is third parties sales Nintendo's issue? How can one company blame their success/failure solely on another company?"

How is their issue?
I dunno... I can think of lots of systems that survived with little to no third party support...3DO, Jaguar...Virtual Boy....Saturn....32X, Sega CD....Yeah they all came out fine with no third party support right?

Not saying Nintendo is doomed, far from it, but third parties are an issue for the systems company alright.
How many games would there be for the Wii if there was zero third party's be pretty sad.



aaronsullivan said:

I like Zack & Wiki quite a bit (though it suffers from too many interruptions to the main gameplay), but it's an example of an exceptional game that sold ultra-poorly on the Wii. Just horrendously. It was at a time when there were far fewer games and a lot less shovelware, too. It still failed.

So... whose to blame for this? Probably lack of confidence/marketing from Capcom. It's also partly due to the game not fitting into a presently popular genre that people could relate to.

However, I think Nintendo could have done a lot more for this title. It was one of the few titles that really tried VERY hard to make the Wii remote integral to play, and yet Nintendo just let it sort of die there on the shelves. Just sayin'.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

No surprise! By now most third party developers should have realized that the possible audience on Wii is much smaller than on Xbox360 or PS3. Of course Wii has the highest console sales in this generation. But the great success of Wii is mainly based on the casual audience thanks to Wii Fit and Wii Sports. Many gamers bought a Wii only because of Nintendo's classics (Zelda, Metroid, Mario) and maybe some casual gaming sessions (e.g. playing Wii Sports at a party). I guess many gamers who own a Wii do also have a PS3 or Xbox360 (or at least planning to buy another console soon). So I can really understand why all major third party developers prefer the HD consoles over Wii for all their big releases.



naut said:

The thing 3rd party devs don't understand is this. Just because you want to make a game for the gamers doesn't mean you have to make a game that's rated M for everything. These morons put games like Madworld out that have mega-violence, language, sex, and whatever else and wonder what went wrong. Maybe that doesn't appeal to everyone. How about a nice Uncharted-like 3rd person shoote T for violence only?



BrainBoxLtd said:

"That's never been confirmed or denied..."
Yes it has been confirmed

THQ CEO 2006 saying Wii games could about 1/3 to 1/4 as much as 360/PS3.
EA CEO 2009 saying Wii games cost about 1/3 to 1/4 as much as 360/PS games.

"MW2 cost around 20 million to make..."

Modern Warfare 2's budget has been reported to be 40-50 Million dollars to make, and it's "launch budget" was allegendly $200 Million.



Hardy...are you comapring those consoles to the wii?! How on earth are they simmilar?!Doesn't make any sense! AT-ALL. And is not losing 3d party support don't be ridiculous! Just because they are crying like spoiled kids doesn't mean that Nintendo is doome.

"but it's also Nintendo's, and the Wii audience, and the market in general."

How is Nintendo's fault?! Do you want them to make games for them?! They are doing their job and they are doing them the best they can! If 3d parties don't want make good games is their fault. Nothing more and nothing less. And what the hell is a "wii audience"?! There's no such thing! That's Industry propaganda. And how the market is faulty for that. I am sorry but we wanted a 3d person Dead space not a boring interactive movie passing as the real thing. The Market know what it wants if 3d parties can't then they are more dumb than they look.

Is incredible that many Nintendo fans agree with this dork. I don't get it. The last 2 generations Nintendo was dying and know that is back like before they want them to be like MS and Sony...two companies that have no real business in gaming but sucking it like vampires!? You want them to be like THE LOSERS?!

They are doing something that not other company has done in almost 20 years, creating new gamers, attracting new ones, destroying barriers, returning it to the masses, making it a phenomenon like in the 70s and 80s..and yet you still want them to be on 3d place and being a 3d party.




Hardy83 said:

Doh' sorry, I knew it was 50 million, I don't know where that 50 came from.
So then my 5-10 million guess is wrong. According to those links, marketing aside, a good Wii game (like RS2, NMH2 or Dead Space) would've cost 10 -15 million to make. That's not counting marketing. So a game would have to sell 200k roughly at 49 dollars to make that amount back, but we all know that 49 bucks doesn't go directly to the dev so a game has to sell even more than that.

So when you see a game like Dead Space or Spyborgs only sell 9k in it's first week and never go much higher than that.....I can REALLY see now why their backing away from the Wii.



Hardy83 said:

Nintendo created the Wii market. It's not bad for them by any means, but they created it, the effects it has on other devs is.. In essence their fault, not like they have to do anything about it though, it makes them piles and piles of money. It's just that it's their "fault" for the market, I'm not saying that in a bad way though, it's just how it is.
Companies deal with it, and this is how some are doing it.



Sean_Aaron said:

Those budgets are just way too big and it's not just Wii: publishers are scaling back production on all platforms and closing studios because video games AREN'T "recession-proof" as much as they'd have liked to think so.

There's too much product on the shelves which is too similar at too high a price. I expect we'll see fewer games (though probably still to similar to each other for my taste on the HD machines) from the big studios, spaced out further with greater intervals between sequels and less chances being taken with new IP.

I'm mostly excited about the possibilities in the download space because the lower overhead, shorter development windows and greater variety of publishers should hopefully mean a more varied and interesting experience. No, we won't see the big-budget cinematic stuff, but that's fine with me.



Hardy83 said:

Also being pathetic would be not looking at both sides of the table actually the multiple tables.
The devs, publishers, system creator, market, competition, everything.

When you just look at it from the consumer and games side only, of course it looks like third party developers are being morons, but when you look at their situation and the other various sides of things, you'll understand even if you don't like it. You'll just grumble about it under your breath like I do.



Hardy83 said:

Yeah, I was gonnna say. This is the perfect opportunity for better support on platforms such as WiiWare or PSN and XBLA.
THAT issue would be Nintendo's fault though because most people don't even know it exists or can connect their Wii's to the Interwebs. lol



mnementh said:

"Sony deserves to be in third because of all things they haven't lost that cocky, arrogant nature "




Nintendo didn't created any audience. That's what companies, MS, Sony and Pactter wants guilible people like you to believe. Nintendo just went for the gamers that nobody paid attention and find new ones. It was already there, it was just ignored. Is not their fault but the rest of the companies.

"So when you see a game like Dead Space or Spyborgs only sell 9k in it's first week and never go much higher than that.....I can REALLY see now why their backing away from the Wii."

Have you ever wondered that, I dunno, they were just bad, mediocre games? Spyborgs was a repetitve boring game and DEE was nothing that anyone wanted. Of course they failed.

Again, 3d parties failures are 3d parties fault. Period. End of story. Blaming Nintendo is idiotic.

Or why don't you go and blame MS and Sony for the bad sales of Dark Void, Silent Hill 5, Bayoneta and other failures?



nasachi said:

blablablubb, Sony...

PS3 is a great multimediamachine imo, but the (exklusive) games are pretty generous and boring, no competition for Nintendo

and i'd say most Wii-owners mostly buy Nintendo-games on Wii because there aren't any better games you can play
(most of the good PS3-games instead can also be played on 360 and/or pc, that's the main difference with games, so i don't worry at all)



Luigi-la-bouncy said:

It wouldn't suprise me if he's right.

Nobody talks about the multi-platform owners, who probably only buy first party games on Wii and everything else on thier PS3/Xbox360. That has to have an impact as well.

And if there is a culture of only buying first party games on Wii, then I think Nintendo is partly to blame. For example, why not give out Star bonuses with 3rd party games as well? That would help them to sell.



Hardy83 said:

"Nintendo didn't created any audience. That's what companies, MS, Sony and Pactter wants guilible people like you to believe. Nintendo just went for the gamers that nobody paid attention and find new ones. It was already there, it was just ignored. Is not their fault but the rest of the companies."

Wow... That's all I can say...



Hardy83 said:

"And if there is a culture of only buying first party games on Wii, then I think Nintendo is partly to blame. For example, why not give out Star bonuses with 3rd party games as well? That would help them to sell."

I wouldn't put full blame on Nintendo for a "first party only" culture. Like I said, it's both a blessing and a curse, but with Nintendo it's hard not to have their software affect the sales of third party games. That's just how it is, it's not like they can do anything about it, unless they make more Wii Music games. lol

And the club rewards thing is a good idea. I mean they do it for WiiWare and DSIWare.. But I wonder (we'll never know) how many people use Club Nintendo to begin with.



@Hardy - Oh so you REALLY believe that there's a casual and wii audience that was created from nowhere?

Wow. That's so sad.



Hardy83 said:

@buffalobob you have no concept of markets and anything to do with them. What I wish to say will get me banned so all I'll say is I politely disagree with you on everything you've said.



Mandoble said:

Oh yep, Nintendo did create a new generation of players, and takes care of them. But Im not reperesented at all by this "new" generation of players, and I dont care at all about this "new" generation of wii-fit fans.

Not considering the company names, if I have an idea to implement in a game, I would always prefer the system that imposes less limitations for my idea. ATM Wii is the system that imposses most limitations, and that implies to use most tricks to have something almost decent, almost playable and with an almost good frame-rate. OR, I do quite basic casual games where the resources of the machine are irrelevant. Just an example, none of my prefered PC games would be able to run/load on Wii even with the minimum detail level, while many of them are already ported to XBoX and/or PS3, Oblivion and Fallout3 are two good examples of that.



BrainBoxLtd said:

You can't assume that Modern Warfare 2 is the average cost for every HD game and apply this 1/3 to 1/4 figure to it to figure the cost for every Wii game.

Stranglehold's budget was estimated to be around 30 million, Lost Planet 20 Million, Gears was supposely 10 Million. (Probably because they own the Unreal Engine and outsourced at lot of work ot Epic China.) THQ's CEO also said he hates using broad strokes like that for that reason. (Here's the right link, my last post reused the EA one for some reason.)

No More Heroes is particularly bad example for "costly" Wii games because GHM is famous for making odd low-budget games and No More Heroes was their first ever financial success that actuallly got a sequel. Something they never managed before.

We don't know what Dead Space Extraction cost EA or Red Steel 2 is costing Ubisoft. For some reason few Wii games have thier budget's announced so it's hard to guess what kind of succes they will be. (All though FYI, VGchartz claims Extraction has crawled past the 200k mark despite it's crummy opening.)

And it's funny you mention marketing for Wii game's. Exactly was the marketing for Dead Space Extraction and No More Heroes? I think Extraction had some web banners where as the orginal Dead Space on the 360/PS3 had a animated movie made after it, a digital comic series you could download, a demo, and some TV ads. Ubisoft wouldn't even bother to put the comic included in the JP/EU versions of No More Hero's manual let along advertise it. And yet they still rushed to publish No More Heroes 2 and even beat the EU/JP release so I guess they're making money off it. Oddly enough they immediately announced the wouldn't publish the HD port of the first NMH.

And what about all the major HD failures that these companies never talk about? Bionic Commando was a huge failure and the company that made it was shut down after 12 years of being in buisness.
Dark Void's people will probably be next.

EA Black Box (Skate 1 & 2) and Redwood Shores (The first Dead Space) are getting massive cuts.
And EA shut down Pandemic as well.
Guess Mercanaries 2 didn't do well enough.

Free Radical and Factor 5 folded after Haze and Lair failed to light up the charts.

Midway almost completely ignored the Wii and focused almost all their money on the HD consoles and went bankrupt. Take-Two has the mega-succesfull GTA series and yet they still post Losses almost every quarter.

I really don't want to hear about how the greedy Nintendo is making it impossible for Thrid Party companies to make a profit when those companies already pour most of their time and money into the HD Twins.

I also find it a little ironic that this talk of 3rd Party's leaving the Wii when Mistwalker's next game is for the Wii and published by Nintendo. Mistwalker, a company Microsoft dumped money into establish JRPG exclusives on the 360 is making a Wii game next.



maka said:

Yeah, let's all blame Nintendo for putting out quality games that people buy. It's clearly their fault how they polish each game until it is miles ahead of all 3rd party games around...



JebbyDeringer said:

The third parties seem to barely advertise their games so it's no wonder they don't sell. It's almost as if they are trying to sabotage the system.



SwerdMurd said:

/cue everyone defending the Wii despite the fact that 3rd party publishers are indeed shying away from the Wii and going to the PS3 as stated.

Third party publishers that make casual-friendly games do fine--those who don't...don't. It's that simple. I understand why publishers would want to jump to a console that supports the type of game they want to make.



Snoopy said:

3rd party devs such as EA have been making a bunch of crappy games. i am not sure why they dont follow nintendos lead and make graphic simple but gameplay awesome.



Ren said:

Sean really hit it when he mentioned that the economy in general does play a role here that shouldn't be ignored. Couple that with what someone called the "nintendo effect" (i.e. fantastic software that sells systems that is tough for 3rd parties to live up to).

Other Nintendo systems have done well on largely Nintendo software before and the virtual boy had obvious other issues. I bought a launch system after bailing from video games during the early gamecube days thinking "if the Wii really does what it says it does, like IR and waggle that even partly works, I'm sold for the long haul". Tell me you all didn't have a little bit of a Nintendo honeymoon when you first got your Wii like "holy crap, this is really fun, as simple as it is!"

Once that wears off, you only have 1st party titles that still use it well, and the other systems games look better. This is still a great opportunity for companies to try new things but it means staying creative enough to work within the limitations of the Wii. It probably feels safer to make games for the other consoles, but as long as we keep getting the occasional gems for the Wii, I think it'll be fine.

No one wants to buy anything for any console right now, cause it's all so expensive so the online model has it's chance to shine with the cheap smaller titles.



Sean_Aaron said:

I didn't even buy the Wii because of Nintendo software and I've never been a fan of the company or its franchises, but having bought most of the games that have "Wii" in the title and tried many of those franchises, it's pretty plain to see that Nintendo puts a great deal of care into the presentation of their product, the documentation and the marketing.

I may not play my Nintendo-produced software more than others, but it's certainly the most consistent in terms of quality and when I buy something published by them I expect to get a game that works and does what it says on the tin.

If the 3rd parties raise their game, try to aim for markets outside of the traditional ones and Nintendo stops some of the sludge flow they'll have some great success.



Donatello said:

Most 3rd party companies are playing it lazy, but you have to give major props to Capcom for delivering Zack & Wiki That game is anything but lazy.



AVahne said:

It's not like it's all Nintendo's fault, its the fault of the so called hardcore and fans. It's also because most of these companies don't even bother trying to advertise their games, they think that if Nintendo doesn't do it why should they? They also depend on the millions of gamers out there that actually look out for games, but they fail to realize that many of those gamers are complete idiots who are extremely biased and rely on "Major" journalists like IGN to decide their fate for them. Those people are also, in my eyes, mostly disgraces to gaming.




A lot of BS Sony "attacks" on Nintendo suggests they are really worried about Nintendo. Good for Nintendo. Keep talking Sony.

(Don't think the Sony isolationist hardcore would like a ps motion control device btw )



odd69 said:

The ps3 is just picking up momentum, with the ps3 slim and price drops more people are buying. I see why big developers are kinda switching but i think that the wii will always get love from them( just not as much?). As long as they can keep the Wiiware service with enough decent titles I'm happy. I'd say more developers should start small on the wii console like releasing a budget title that is NOT shovelware on the wiiware service first.



M00se said:

3rd parties sell on wii becuase its EASY! wii has casual gamers, therefore its really easy to trick those types of people with crappy games, and that way you get more money! hardcore games made by 3rd party are harder to sell because of the casual gamers on the wii. plus 3rd developers are lazy as all hell!



nasachi said:

it's easier for 3rd-parties to sell (hardcore) games on ps3 and 360 because on those hd-consoles the 1st/2nd-party-games of Sony and Microsoft aren't as good as on a Nintendo-console, but that's always been the case



GN0LAUM said:

I find it interesting that there are a lot of comments about how there's this "Nintendo effect" that prevents high 3rd party sales. Guys, the NES and SNES gave us some of the best (and highest selling) first party titles ever made, and that didn't stop the flow of tons of great 3rd party games that were so successful, some of them even became franchises. All of this was due to a popular, high selling piece of hardware that was in practically every home -ring a bell? Yes, the NES also had gimicky doo-dads like the Zapper, the Fun Pad or the Power Glove, but in the end, we got Castlevania, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy and so on and so forth. Did these 3rd party titles make as much as Nintendo did off of Mario and Zelda? No, but they made some good cash because their games didn't suck.

You know who lost money? All those companies who made crap for the NES and SNES, caught a few suckers off guard (no internet to warn them) and the went bankrupt when they realized that Bebe's Kids just wasn't going to keep them afloat.

Granted, the NES also had very little competition over here in the Americas, but the SNES certainly saw its share of competition from good ol' Sega and even (depending on where you were in the continent) Turbo Grafix16. Despite that, Nintendo didn't lose the faith of its 3rd party supporters until the N64 and I think, that's where the problem really comes from. They've never recovered from that -not entirely.

Tony's comment (#50) had a good point. Third party games may not be up to par these days. Everything is so bland and "samey" and when they're unique (Zack & Wiki), they get no advertising (and let's be honest, even with a good ad campaign, its tough to REALLY sell a point-and-click game these days).



NotEnoughGolds said:

@Hardy83: I fail to see how the 3DO had no third party support.
It had quite a few games, all of them 3rd party.
The hardware itself was also 3rd party.
The real issue was the cost of the system.



Ren said:

@ Maniac
I see what you're saying but the Wii remote isn't just a gimmicky doo-dad since the major selling point of the console has been it's new control scheme (I'm not saying all the games use it, but it's way more important than the zapper and turbo pads were since it has less buttons because of it and controls many 1st party games entirely).
You're right about game quality in general, but the success of a modern franchise on the Wii (1st or 3rd) does depend a little on some "gimmick" or innovation utilizing the controls because it's the only major advantage Wii has over the beauty of the other two big Consoles.

I know some hate the "waggle", but when it's used creatively it's really an awesome experience that 3rd parties have still just begun to get going on. All the talk of Zack and Wiki points to just this idea. You can't really do Z &W justice on anything but the Wii and thats what makes it golden. The same thing happened early on with touch screen controls for DS, and we all know how much crap there is for that but there are certainly some amazing gems out there; it just took a long time to get companies really behind it, and they're still not exactly churning out the hits for it.
theres just a lot of competition.
The NES days will never be entirely back because there's so much more competition than there was, that it's just not smart to dump too much R&D into one console anymore so I can see why even great devos like capcom (not to mention rockstar) shy away from putting too much into Wii devo when they can't ignore the PS3's HD not to mention that Natal thing.



Rm88 said:

Wait, you mean 3rd party games don't sell well on Nintendo consoles? Welcome to 1996. Also, Resident Evil 4 and Okami did pretty well on Wii, even if they were ports (and even if you could play the GCN version of RE4 on your Wii). Why? Because they're not dumbed-down-on-rails-bad-versions of other games.



Hardy83 said:

It's EVERYONES fault, it's Nintendo, is the market, the developers, it's you, it's me, it's the White House, it's Fox news. It's everyone that has even the most minor relation to video gaming and many that don't.

There's no ONE reason, it's not that simple, it's not black and white and there's a ridiculous amount of reasons.
Trying to pin the blame on 1 person or body is just being stupid.
That's why this'll never come to a conclusion with anyone because the blame is everyone's, not one thing...Yesh.
Pretty much what everyone has said here is valid, but there's way more to it than what anyone has said.



"you have no concept of markets and anything to do with them. What I wish to say will get me banned so all I'll say is I politely disagree with you on everything you've said."

Creating magical ethereal markets to play the blame game shows that you don't know a thing either. And that's cool I don't agree with your distorted POV. So we are even, "Nintendo(should be like MS) fan"



komicturtle said:

Games on Wii fail when developers try to go over the limit, and mostly, under the limit. As in, WORK WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE WII and THEN AND ONLY THEN will the game actually succeed. It's sad to see some devs moan and b*tch about the Wii's limited 'what-not'. But you see, if the Wii's limits is a terrible thing, then why, oh why, are there MANY games (most overlooked/ignored) on the Wii that actually look amazing, play amazing... And just.. All around awesome? Then, we look at these lazy ports or just lackluster games that sell poorly (some sell well, even though another game that's AWESOME is not selling well, deserves the sales that the bad game is hogging up).

Marketing helps you know. Some marketing for (Wii) games these days are unoriginal... and just doesn't do the game it's advertising justice. Yet Devs and Publishers love to blame the non-existent faults of the Wii, instead of evaluating the situation, finding the problem, then coming to a conclusion that everyone can benefit from. Three simple steps made easy... :/



Rm88 said:

Let's take a look at the N64 and GCN top 10 best selling games:

Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
GoldenEye 007
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Super Smash Bros.
Diddy Kong Racing
Pokémon Stadium
Donkey Kong 64
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Star Fox 64

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Super Mario Sunshine
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Luigi's Mansion
Animal Crossing
Mario Party 4
Metroid Prime
Mario Party 7
Pokémon Colosseum

Can you guys stop acting like this is big news? Nintendo fan like Nintendo games, it's been mostly like that since the N64 was launched 14 years ago.



Slapshot said:

Its funny just how little some of you here know about anything gaming outside of Nintendo. Sony is picking up content from the Wii because of PSN services and using the motion controller. Lost Winds IS coming to PSN as well as Dead Space Extraction ($15 USD Only). Its really cheap and easy for developers to create these smaller games, not the $20 Million you guys were talking with Modern Warfare 2. Microsoft will be getting some of these titles too as well with Natal more than likely, wich will be cool as well as it will offer gamers Another Way of Playing the Games! Games reaching a wider audience from a Third Party Developer is a GREAT thing, as the smaller companies have a much harder time staying in buisness and it means they can keep on developing great games in the future because of increased sales on multi-systems. It was inevitable that the other companies would move to motion control, now its Nintendos turn to invent something else crazy to keep there gamers craving the Nintendo brand.



StarDust4Ever said:

Geeze, I never thought it was possible for the VP of such a big corporation to have his head shoved so far up his own.......



Mike1 said:

Every Sony executive simply shouldn't open their mouths because everytime they do nothing but garbage comes out. Jack Trentton, Rob, Kizai (spelling?); they are all idiots. The end result is the Wii is beating them in the system sales and making the most money.



TeMPO said:

I love reading threads like this just to see all the fanboys who seem to have zero gaming experience outside of the Nintendo market freak out like someone just groped their mother in front of them.

Rm88's list pretty much says it all. Memorable third party games for the Wii are just far too rare. On the other side of the coin, when you look at how many outstanding third party titles hit the PS3 this year you can't really deny that there's a huge gap in quality of development between the two consoles.



LztheQuack said:

Wow.......just wow. Another blast from Sony...what a surprise. Need I remind them that the PS3 and PSP are still in last place?



Slapshot said:

@TeMPO.... really, and the funny thing is they guy never "Bashes" Nintendo. If he came out and was saying crap about First Party Nintendo Games then yeah he is bashing Nintendo, but the guys said the same thing that everybody already knows. Third party games dont sell on Wii, so they are moving onto PS3/360. How is that "Bashing" Nintendo. Guy states a fact...... Fanboys go crazy, its funny has crap! PLEASE DONT TELL THESE GUYS THAT MONSTER HUNTER TRI FOR WII IS NOW BEING PORTED TO PSP, they may not be able to contain themselves



nasachi said:

if i was a third-party, i'd probably also develop for ps3 or 360 cause it's much easier to beat the (core) games of Sony and Microsoft in terms of quality and sales than to beat Nintendos games



Boshar said:

Nasachi is right. Its easier tot compete with X-Box and PS3 1st party titles. Just look at that new Sega / Sonic racer. I played the Demo on X-Box live. Its a very bad Mario Kart ripp-off it can't possibly compete on the Wii but on the X-Box end PS3 it has a good chance.



Deviant_Mugen said:

ITN: Third-party games don't sell; crying and rebounding ensues. Also, some Sony guy--who's not at all photogenic--inflates ego...

'So now they're taking those resources, coming back to us and saying, "Sony, we're going to be able to provide you with that exclusive content," or "We're going to put more engineers on it and figure out to maximize the Blu-ray and get more out of PS3." That's what we're seeing now.'




TeMPO said:

@lz2010: I don't see any "blast". I see a factual answer to a question about their market. And as far as sales go, Wii is in first place due to a combination of price, accessibility and first party content. PS3 is in last place because it's been the most expensive console available since launch...but, on the other hand, it's also the most advanced console on the market and comes with the most features out of the box so you get what you pay for. This conversation is about third party development, not console sales. I hate when people lazily throw out the overall Wii sales figures rather than providing a valid argument or even putting any thought into their response.

And @JimLad: Um, possibly. But I'd think it's probably more accurate to say that you're losing out on potential development opportunities from major developers because most of the third party garbage that is allowed to be released on the Wii has developed a stigma among consumers. That's the real issue.

and finally @Metroid_Fan: I roll my eyes at all the folks on here that pass this off as a Sony exec stroking his own ego. This is something that has been said by other developers for months. Hell, back in like third quarter of last year the Electronic Arts CEO was going on about how disappointing their sales for Wii titles had been when compared to the other platforms. All we're seeing from this guy's interview is a culmination of months of frustration from a number of major publishers. So I don't get it. What's hilarious, exactly?



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

sony and miscrosoft dont have a good variety of good third and first party games for there consoles like the wii does so for these company to say that the wii community isnt buying third party games explain why no more heroes and tatunoko v capcom are doing well and NMH has been goin strong for 3 years now.

these companies need to see why most of there games dont sell because they dont make many great ones and nintendos first party games happen to be much better then what theyve been making. is gonna be even worsy because of the new zelda and metroid later in the year



Slapshot said:

@Acidfoxdyi..... you have absolutly no idea what you are talking about! Sony has ruled the 3rd party market for years and prob always will. The PS3 alone will release more high quality 3rd party games just this year than you will find in the entire collection of the Wii, and that is just this years releases, not counting the backlog...... Lets see....
Demon Souls
Motorstorm and Pacific Rift
Burnout Paradise and DLC
Mirrors Edge
Street Fighter 4
Soul Calibur 4
Bionic Commando ReArmed
Blazblu Calamity Trigger
..... that is just to name a very short few, and then the 360 has most these and not to mention RARE develops for them now!



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

@slapshot82....thanx for proving my point even more i just saying that the wii has (IMO) has a bit more variety than the ps3 does.

dude its ok i didnt mean it in any bad way

its just mostly all u see on the ps3 is third party so ppl cant really say some ppls aunts are gonna buy a ps3 for GTA4 or street fighter 4 way



bloo122 said:

one of the main things i cant stand how websites reporting sales of Wii games is that they are so one-sided. they try to point out how Dead Space: Extraction sells 9.2k its first week (even though its on-rails). But they dont wanna point how Call of Duty Wii titles sell over 1 mil, or how Tatsunoko vs Capcom sold 100k its first week. they just try to make the Wii look bad, its so annoying.



Michael553 said:

Well if third party developers would actually spend time developing a game for the Wii then we wouldn't have this problem. Gamers know what to expect when it comes to multiple platform third party games: 360 and PS3 all get full attention awesome stuff while the Wii gets stuck with a lousy PS2 quality game. It's all because of lazy developers.

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