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Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Missiles, Shanghai II, Copter Crisis, Dragon Master, Rabbids Lab and Solitaire (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Virtual Console does not bring us what most of us wanted.

After a week with no Virtual Console game, and the recent North American releases of Indiana Jones and Super Mario Kart, one would think that one or both of them would've been released in PAL regions this week - After all, either would've been the 300th VC game for Australia. Sadly, neither has been released, but we have finally gotten a certain DSiWare game.

Mighty Flip Champs took a while to come to Europe, but it's finally here! In this fun platformer/puzzle game, your goal is to make it through a multitude of stages by cleverly switching from screen to screen, each of which is slightly different, allowing you to progress. It's a bit hard to explain, but just trust us when we say it's one of the best DSiWare games. It costs 800 DSi Points.

We don't know much about Reflect Missile, other than the fact it's about reflecting missiles and that it's made by Q Games, who also developed Art Style: INTERSECT. We'll have a full review, info and screenshots detailing what it's about soon. It costs 500 DSi Points.

For Virtual Console there's just one game, and we can't imagine it's one too many people have been dying to see - Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye is, as you might guess, a shanghai game, in which you have a large stack of mahjong tiles which you must try to take away one by one. What's strange is that we're pretty sure this version of the game was never released in Europe, which led us to think it would be an import game. Best take advantage now if you're interested! We'll have a review soon.

WiiWare gets a nice amount of four new releases this week, all of which are priced at 500 Wii Points. Rabbids Lab is a downloadable version of a feature from the retail version of Rabbids Go Home - It allows you to customize your very own Rabbid and then play around with him inside your Wii remote. If this feature seemed fun to you but you weren't sure about the rest of the game, then check it out, we say! We'll review it soon.

Copter Crisis is Digital Leisure's latest - You use the Wii remote's pointer to maneuver a helicopter through treacherous terrain, hitting targets and avoiding obstacles. It seems pretty simple, but who knows, sometimes the simplest ideas can turn out to be very fun. The game also has DLC in the form of additional helicopters if you feel like spending. We'll have a review in the next few days.

Solitaire is as simple as it gets - It's solitaire, plain and simple. Yes, that game which is also on most PCs, in which you place playing cards in the correct rows. We're pretty confident that if you like the game, the WiiWare version will be just fine - How could you possibly mess up solitaire? We'll have a review soon.

Dragon Master Spell Caster is the only WiiWare game today that North America already got before. In it, you fly around on a dragon, exploring environments and battling other dragons. Sounds exciting, right? Well, don't be fooled, because it's not!

No big-name VC titles just yet - Hopefully next week!

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Betagam7 said:

I've a suspicion NOE is going to withhold SMK for a Xmas "treat". It seems to have this idea that nobody ever reads the internet or knows what's going on in other territories.



bboy2970 said:

Maybe Nintendo will let Europe sweat about Super Mario Kart for a while. Then they can feel America's Super Smash Bros. pain!



Croz said:

Next update will be in December so maybe Nintendo EU will start releasing interesting games for xmas.



timp29 said:

Bow your heads in shame nintendo of europe. I agree with you betagam7, it is almost as if NoE has no idea that we know what NoA is doing. Could someone please send NoE a link to this site?



Gavin_Rozee said:

Reflect Missile is pretty fun and has a LOT of stages.

The rest is garbage to me.

Super Mario Kart please.



Bass_X0 said:

I had 1600 points for today but I ended up downloading Super Probotector and Breath of Fire II instead of any new releases.



Kurachi said:

i wish for a mario solitaire game, lol, with only mario characters, THAT would be an awesome update
too bad no SMK, i got all games i like just as much, or lil less or better(SoM)
i have enough points atm, so i hope they release SMK soon, and maybe KSS after that



Egg_miester said:

i am a little jealous i have been waitng for a good Mahjong game since i got my wii and you guys have it



Hoffkage said:

Fook yeah, Dragon Master Spell Caster.

Lets brofist together through the internet!!!



Mario_34 said:

Hopfully next week some good release will come like Indiana Jones or Super Mario Kart



BulbasaurusRex said:

What were the people at GameOn smoking when they thought of trying to sell a WiiWare version of a card game most of us already have for free on our computers? They can't even add online play, since by the name's very definition, it's a single player game.



morphballer said:

I'm probably alone here but 'd trade any US release of the last month for Shinobi if I could. I just hope you guys don't end up getting Fatal Fury Special before we do.



Adam said:

Q Games, I love you. I just wish I didn't always confuse you with Q Entertainment. Wish we had some info on this Missile Reflect game.



Bankai said:

I love how everyone is dismissing the list as "garbage" - ignoring Mighty Flip Champs and dismissing Missile Reflect without having even seen anything about it.

Missile Reflect is not garbage. In fact, it's a lot of fun - something like Puzzle Bobble, Ball-and-paddle, and Art Style all thrown together. With literally hundreds of stages, and I reckon some of them will get really, really difficult, since you need to think even on the early stages.

For 500 points, it's going to be a game I play solidly for quite a long time, I think. That and MFC together is hardly a weak week for releases.



ToneDeath said:

We didn't get ExciteBots here, but I hope that doesn't mean keeping the new ExciteBike from Europe too.
Oh, and if you HAVE to release a solitary VC game, there must be something more worthy than mahjong, Shirley? What about some of those cool looking Namco arcade game Japan has been spoilt with, or how about throwing the N64 a bone?



Porky said:

I know this is an awesome update! Seven releases that is out of the way.



Bankai said:

How many games each week do you guys need exactly? You have 2 really, really good DSiWare games. That's heaps?



Bass_X0 said:

Don't have a DSi, barely interested in WiiWare and only one VC game in two weeks and its Shanghai... which I already have on Clubhouse Games but don't really play that much.



Bankai said:

Wait, so you don't have a DSi, but can make comments like "even MFC can't save this week" - a game you can't even play?

The two DSiWare games make this a really good week. I say this having downloaded and played both.



Bass_X0 said:

i also comment on the quality of japanese releases despite not having a japanese wii.



Bankai said:

You should probably stop - it's a little hard to assess the quality of something without actually playing it.



Twisted said:

Outside of DSiware (which I can't access due to not owning a DSi) I'd say this is a worse week than I originally envisioned. I was hoping for at least Excitebike or Indiana Jones (I'm not a big fan of SMK)

Maybe Copter Crisis will turn out ok but I'm going to wait for a review first. Good to see the Austrialia got a great 300th VC release though



geek-master said:

omg guys cheer up! you finally got MFC! you have been wanting that for ages turn that frown upside down!



KDR_11k said:

I'm grabbing MFC and since people here seem to like Reflect Missile I'll take that one too.

What were the people at GameOn smoking when they thought of trying to sell a WiiWare version of a card game most of us already have for free on our computers? They can't even add online play, since by the name's very definition, it's a single player game.

Most computers only have two variants of it while this one has 18.



mattraw said:

"The Virtual Console does not bring us what most of us wanted"
Nintendo treats its UK fans like garbage! They should be releasing far more games every week than they are at the moment. There are so many classic games out there, but at the rate Nintendo are going, it will be YEARS before we get to see many of them! I think Nintendo are too over confident over the life expectancy of the Wii. Don't get me wrong, I think the Wii is great, but how long is it going to take before people start getting fed up?



outrun2sp said:

Im starting to realise that wii does not really give me what i want in DL content. And that nintendo will not change their ways as the people that run the company do not understand games. I also do not understand the strategy that they are employing.



Tate24 said:

What bunch of moans!


Ive just download Rabbids Lab and its pretty good am in to whole custmise thing! & for 500 points its not breaking bank which i like!

u cant do everything u can on wii version but u still create sum funny Rabbids! u get choice of 1 tool - vise / 2 hats - turkey & santa hat! / also paint module which is my fav! all paint colours spary can, paint brush paint can etc... christmas theme stickers and come up with some creative designs! also experience fun u have throwing Rabbid around in wiimote plus take pictures send them to friends or to wii message board. and 4 only 500 points id say u get what u pay for a sweet custom Rabbid Rabbit:)



Yossarian said:

The wait for VC games is tedious.
Where is C64 for Australia (without all that region change crap) - is it even available yet?
Why is that Delta Goodrem mole still plugging the DSi? - Instant Boycott!
Why do they call pirates pirates?

Because they Yarrrrr



Mike1 said:

@6. bboy2970
"Maybe Nintendo will let Europe sweat about Super Mario Kart for a while. Then they can feel America's Super Smash Bros. pain!"

That seems fair to me. LOL!




Yey, yet, yet again the EU gets a poor WiiWare update. Thanks NoE.

DsiWare on the other hand has MFC which is a insta-download and Reflect Missle sounds very, very promising.



CH405K1N6 said:

>_< You're all acting like this is a terrible update. For the most part that's true, BUT YOU GUYS FINALLY GOT MFC.



Alfred_ENG said:

outrun2sp get a Xbox 360 it's the best console out right now. You can play outrun online with me. The Wii is just not cutting it. We want real polished online arcade games. Not the S**t we have been getting for years. I tell Nintendo what i want and i don't get any of it. My 360 just keeps getting better. I will never be a Nintendo fan like i was in the past. I will be playing my 360 tonight.



Alfred_ENG said:

Also on the 360 XBLA games get released at the same time around the world. None of this Americans and Japanese get it first. We all get to play at the same time. Europeans are treated like equals.



astarisborn94 said:

Guys, why are you complaining? You were in a far better situation then Americans just a month ago, so please stop complaining.

December should be a lot better for you guys.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

@Super Smash Bros. Fan1999: European Virtual Console in a better situation than US? I don't think so, except if you don't mind borders and gameplay-lags. You should definitely try out one of the many bad PAL-conversions on European Virtual Console. After that you won't complain about getting a game a few weeks later any more.



Sneaker13 said:

Yeah have you seen the list on the forum with the difference between VC/WiiWare US en EU. It's sad.



SafariSuz said:

|sf>If Shanghai II weren't an import, I suspect that there would be less disappointment for those in Europe. The difference between Excitebike (NES) and Excitebike (WiiWare) is lower than the difference between Clubhouse Games' "Mahjong Solitaire" and "Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye." In Clubhouse Games, you have one tile set; Shanghai II has 10. Clubhouse has 10 layouts; Shanghai II has 13. In addition, Shanghai II has a unique two-player mode where one player places the tiles (attempting to make a solution 'impossible') while the other player tries to clear them all off.

What is a shame is that the Genesis/Megadrive version was chosen. This game also had a SNES release. The SNES version had slightly better graphics and it wouldn't suffer from the European VC's "speed glitch." However, you can't blame those faults on the content of the original game. The original cartridges at my house have seen a lot of use. I've been waiting months for this game to hit the US VC, regardless of whether it was the SNES or Genesis version.

Even though I just gained an account today, I've enjoyed reading the reviews on here for years. I know that the reviewers on NintendoLife will give the game a fair shake, despite the disappointment in the lack of certain other "big name" titles.



bestbuck said:

One word "Disappointment"
Think I'll sell my Wii and buy a stick, might have more fun with that.



KDR_11k said:

Maybe Nintendo will let Europe sweat about Super Mario Kart for a while. Then they can feel America's Super Smash Bros. pain!

I don't care, I've still got a working SMK cart and SNES.



Fuzzy said:

Damn. Indana Jones and SMK are two games Ive been waiting for since the VC began. Ah well, theyll come out soon (i hope!)
Might as well go and get LostWinds 2 then!



outrun2sp said:

Alfred Eng. I have a 360 with outrun online. Also have an xbox with outrun 2 and outrun 2006. Also a pc with outrun 2006. In case you havent guesses its my favourite game ever . Been playing it for years, mainly with the F40 in manual. I will give you a game anytime mate im bud the chud78 gt.

I do like the wii for first generation titles and tg16 games and about 3 wiiware games. Am playing mario bros, fifa 09 and muramasa. Still no Rondo of blood on WII = Rubbish.

At the mo 360 is not releasing good games online as well though. I do have Garou, Kof98UM, SF2HDRM, Ourtun online, Virtual on etc, castlevania sotn. Hopefully they will fix it up when they get over themselves with COD MW2 and start releasing more games. Good thing about 360 is nothing is 50hz for me. 60hz Gunstar Heroes.



Alfred_ENG said:

outrun2sp your right 60hz is best. I also love TG16 games. You have some fast times. You will kill me at outrun. Your a big fighting fan, I bet you got a arcade stick. I hope to get a stick in 2010. I bet you had a Dreamcast?. I hope sega bring out Jet Set Radio and ChuChu Rocket! and the rest of there games.



outrun2sp said:

Ha my times are lame compared to some of the others. I.e. F40. That guy is the best in the world. Im using a 6 button blanka pad for fighting games. Have a dreamcast, yeah.



Ristar42 said:

I'm late saying it, but this update was 'craptacular'. So much potential and we got this, No Indy, no Blob, no Excitebike - but instead a rubbish 50Hz mahjong game on the Megadrive!? Lets hope these games show up soon (and Mario Kart).



Brainhost said:

Though I like how big it is... I want my Bit.Trip Void. Or Cave Story, but that's something for later.

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