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In the exciting action/puzzler Mighty Flip Champs players control Alta on her journey to escape a stack of mazes which are displayed two at a time like pages of a book.

By flipping though multiple Maze Pages, players can travel over, under and around obstacles in mind-boggling new ways as they search out their fellow Champs and ultimately the exit! But be warned! As each new maze slams into place, you'll either come one step closer to victory or be smashed to pieces!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is Mighty Flip Champs the DSiWare service's first must-have title?

It's no real secret that the majority of DSiWare releases to date can be described as uninspiring at best. DSi owners have had to sit and watch as one mediocre DSiWare title after another has been released on the service with nothing truly unique or...

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Check out Voldi Way, the self-proclaimed tyrannical overlord of WayForward sharing a bit of new info on their upcoming DSiWare game, Mighty F

User Comments (31)



Wiiloveit said:

Yay for WayForward - hopefully this should be a pretty good example of innovative puzzlers working, but the real question on everyone's minds is bound to be "how the hell will this play?!?"



Crazed said:

Looks good. Hopefully other DSIware games come along as interesting as this one.



CuzinMike said:

Lol, when I saw the title i thought this would be an attempt to make a Flip Cup game, similar to the Beer Pong game for WiiWare. Too bad.




Puzzle platformers tend to be my kind of thing but for some reason I am not convinced. Must be because its quite hard to work out what a puzzler (platform or otherwise) will be like until you actually play it. That's a puzzle in itself, lol. Radared at least though



Dynetheous said:

This looks good but I hope they come out with a good RPG game that last more than a couple of hours



Pastry said:

Roar! I want this game! Well, at least I can play Bird & Beans while I'm waiting!



LGamer said:

It's June 1st now... and I'm waiting for the review... Jou Americans are SO lucky!!!



Syr said:

The first chapter alone is worth more than both WarioWare mini-games I downloaded. The ranking system gives the game replay value, and it actually gets difficult to get those S ranks rather early on. Great game so far!

I wonder how many people will comment on the chesticles... All E games should be like this.



Metang said:

This game is the best on the DSiWare (a tie with M vs DK: MMA). Get it if you haven't already.



AnimeGirl007 said:

Looks very tempting but I'm not sure if I should get it... 800 points is quite hefty and I don't wanna waste my points...

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