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Solitaire features 18 variations of the most well-known and best-loved single-player card game including Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Pyramid and Yukon. Most games have custom gameplay options so you can enjoy the game with your favorite rules. On-screen instructions allow learning of new Solitaire variations.

Statistics are available for players who love to track their wins. Save the game status any time for later or customize the look with a wide variety of backgrounds. The game's style and interface has been designed for easy intuitive operation with the Wii Remoteā„¢ controller.

Sit back and relax... Enjoy the endless challenge and fun with this Solitaire game collection.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Loners rejoice!

It would be proper to regard any WiiWare program consisting of a game that's already pre-installed on every Windows PC in the universe as a complete waste of everyone's time. It would be about as pointless as releasing a poker game with rules for only...

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BulbasaurusRex said:

What were the people at GameOn smoking when they thought of trying to sell a WiiWare version of a card game most of us already have for free on our computers? They can't even add online play, since by the name's very definition, it's a single player game.



Sean_Aaron said:

Forget about computers, how about a deck of cards? Still I'll try to be open-minded. If the game is a serious selection of games straight out of the Hoyle's Book of Solitaire and Patience Games and teaches you how to play it could be worthwhile. If it's the same game I have on my iPod (bog-standard klondike) then I'm not going to be very happy.



Xkhaoz said:

@Sean_Aaron It's just a hassle to set-up a game. And you always have to look off of a computer game to see how to set it up.



Kurachi said:

this is cool, now i'd like to see either super mario solitaire, or nintendo solitaire, which should have mario characters (mario solitaire) and well known nintendo characters (nintendo solitaire)

and tbh i'd prefer Nintendo Solitaire, i dont care if its about 800 points



swebby said:

For those who question the sanity of something already 'free'. I can't wait for it to get here so I can play it while on my treadmill.

Show me a PC game or game using cards where I can do that.

When's it releasing in the US??

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