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The Art Style series brings you unique, simple-to-play games with striking visuals and immersive sound.

INTERSECT is a puzzle game with a difference, challenging your concentration and reflexes. Direct differently coloured cars through a crossroad so that only cars of the same colour occupy a road. This will generate fuel, which is ignited to propel the precious Core away from the approaching Spike. Earn high scores to win medals and even unlock new visual themes and music tracks.

Play in Button Mode, using the +Control Pad to direct cars, or try Touch Mode and use the stylus. Each mode includes the single-player Endless mode, VS CPU mode and also VS 2P for playing against a friend using DS Download Play.

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Posted by James Newton

It'll drive you mad!

Games in the Art Style series have a reputation for originality, aesthetic invention and for being among the highest quality games on WiiWare and DSiWare. Art Style Intersect, however, is a remake of an old GameBoy Advance title known as DigiDrive,...

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jhuhn said:

HUH: The original version of this game was actually developed by Q-Games.



Terra said:

I'd have thought this one would be a port as well. No point in remaking it unless it was for WiiWare



KeeperBvK said:

@ Terranigma: Why would it make any more sense to remake it if it was for WiiWare?

On topic: I always felt like this was the weakest of the bit generations due to it being overly chaotic and hectic, but it's still an enjoyable experience in small bursts.



DSiFanCJV said:

another dsi art style? hpoefully it will be as good as Base 10 and PiCTOBiTS.



joeshabadoo said:

it's AS, so it's instabuy. Not just because it's going to feature a refined puzzle mechanic with stellar audio and replayability, but because of how terribly these games sell on DSiware. Not a single one of the 6 made the NA top 20 this week. shocking given such a young platform



Kyloctopus said:

It's not weird just different. Warioware, Pyoro, and Paper Pane are weird games but Intersect isn't

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