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Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Three adventures. One game. All Indy.

Grab your trusty whip and slash your way throughout all three Indy classics in this no-thrills-barred video game adventure! If it happens in the movies, it happens here: the giant boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the mine cart chase from Temple of Doom, the three trials from The Last Crusade, René Belloq and Colonel Vogel - It's three times the Indy, all in one fully loaded game.

  • 28 levels with storylines based on the classic Indiana Jones trilogy.
  • Hundreds of familiar faces and dangers to overcome, including blowgun-firing natives, killer monkeys, the rope bridge, even Mola Ram.
  • Travel to familiar locales, including the Chachapoyan Temple, the streets of Shanghai, Brunwald Castle, the Raven Bar and the Well of Souls.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Another fantastic movie trilogy gets another fantastic game

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User Comments (16)



Bass_X0 said:

This was unexpected. After Star Wars we had hoped LucasArts would turn to Indiana Jones to be released on the Virtual Console. And now they have. More please, LucasArts.



ejamer said:

This brings back great memories - looking forward to playing it again!



S_GE said:

Hey BassX0
I always see you as the 1st person to comment on games you must be a real Nintendo enthusiast. may I have your wii friend/message board code. maybe we can play some brawl or mario kart wifi sometime



S_GE said:

Still waiting for:
Castlevania Rebirth
Smash Bros 64
Ninja Turtles in time (Remix on wiiware)
And Castlevania Rondo Of Blood on TG16

Any other game that comes out is a stalling pile of crap to me!!!



KeeperBvK said:

I always wanted to get this game as a child and now I can finally play it. Great surprise.
...or at least once it hits Europe.



bro2dragons said:

anybody played this? i'm sure we'll have a review soon, but i'd like to know if it's of the same quality as the Super Star Wars games.... if so, i'm downloading asap.



Michi said:

This game seems like Super Indyvania IV. I might have to try this...



Adamant said:

"If it happens in the movies, it happens here"

Nah, it's missing the badass car chase scene from Raiders. Boo.

Good game, worth a download.



jhuhn said:

LucasArts announced that the PAL regions will get this game on November 20, 2009 via Twitter.



cheetahman91 said:

That means the Europeans & Australians don't have to wait as long like they did with the SSW games. Good for them.



astarisborn94 said:

This was seriously unexpected. I thought we would have to wait until 2010. Good thing it's finally on the Virtual Console. I remember this game when I was a child and I'll be able to relive it.



Mario_34 said:

I will finaly have the chance to play this on Friday. Looking forward to greatly

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