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Nintendo Download: Super Smash Bros., Cocoto, Asphalt and Sudoku (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As announced, four new games are new available.

Well, no surprises here! All four games released today were already announced beforehand.

Super Smash Bros. is the first game in Nintendo's massively popular fighting franchise. There's a total of 12 characters and 9 stages, which is obviously not much when compared to the content of Melee and Brawl, but it's still fairly fun. The question is, is there really any reason to buy it if you've played either sequel? We'll have a review up in the next few days to answer that question.

Cocoto Platform Jumper is the second Neko Entertainment game to be ported to WiiWare. Unlike the mediocre Cocoto Fishing Master it's actually quite good, and for 700 Wii Points could be worth checking out. Read our review to see what we thought of the game when it was released in North America.

DSiWare brings us two new games. We don't really know much about Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, other than the fact it's by Gameloft and it's a port of an iPhone game. The iPhone version was received surprisingly well, however, so if it's any bit as good the first DSiWare racer will be a great game. We'll have a review up soon to see if its 800 DSi Points price tag is worth it.

Sudoku 150! For Challengers doesn't really need an explanation. Developed by Hudson Soft, it's quite simply a package containing 150 sudoku puzzles, which I'm sure everybody knows how to solve by now. For 500 points it might be good for hardcore sudoku fans, but there's so many other ways to play sudoku that it's probably not worth it for most. We'll see soon enough when we review it!

No shockers! Will next week bring us another VC game, or will NoE continue its apparent return to alternating weeks of VC and no VC?

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User Comments (65)



King_Elemento said:

Hmm... I may download SSB64 at some point in the future. But it certainly won't be the FIRST thing I get from VC.
I don't see much in the others, but it's nice we're getting 4 games, albeit over 3 services.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Ha! I promise you I didn't invent it. I may (or may not) have introduced it to NL, I can't remember. But I was "inspired" by other sites.



King_Elemento said:

Argh, I deleted my comment not expecting you to respond, dangit.
Ah well.
Anyway, I figured you didn't "invent" them. I guess imported them would be more accurate.



Will said:

@ Chicken Brutus... Read em and weep guys! 2009-05-13 17:25 Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (13th May)

If you can find an earlier post I'l eat my balaclava! lol!



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

There was a pretty good gap between the time that Majora's Mask came to EU and then to the US...I wonder if we will have to wait a month or two for SSB now.



Terra said:

No, i edited my post. Damm my cheating, I just wanted some drama or something.

Go on then, attack me with your Ninja skills. I deserve it



Will said:

Your honesty gains you a pass, I was thinking of changing my avatar to a pic of me with a balaclava in my mouth! Ha ha! Could still happen if someone finds an earlier one!



Jolted85 said:

I wouldnt mind seeing SSB on our VC, I'm playing a lot more Brawl lately, every once in awhile I'll put in Melee, but still having the 64 smash would be nice



abe8812 said:

I hope we see SSB on Monday. Europeans be thankful Nintendo didn't try to release this on November for the 10th year anniversary.



mastersworddude said:

First Bubble Bobble, then Adventure Island, Then, Majora's Mask, And THEN, SSB, NA is the is getting the games last now!



Kurachi said:

yay, SSB is finally here
good old times coming back slowly this way
congratz europe !!



Atlantis1982 said:

I can really careless about SSB, I got SSBB for a reason.

What I want both regions to get are more freaking V C A. Does Namco really hate us or something?



Twilight_Crow said:

Oh great, now with SSB64 is Majora's Mask all over again, get cover! here come the complains . Everyone be patient, you all will get your Smash.

Btw, nice update for EU!



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

@ Jolted85

I know what you mean, about playing the different versions of SSB. To me, they seem to each have a different feel, so it is fun to change it up and not just play Brawl. Some people have argued, "Why would you wanna play the original...there is nothing to it."...They have a hard time understanding the beauty of nostalgia.



WolfLink22 said:

I don't know why but i want Super Mario Kart on the VC first then get/receive SSB last.

I guess that for me it is because i have Clay Fighter and i can wait another 2 - 4 months before we start to get SMK or SSB.



astarisborn94 said:

Congratulation Europeans! Hope us Americans will get it within seven weeks!

Maybe with Earthbound, it'll a different story (It's going to be on the Virtual Console, just be patience, even without offical confirmation.)



Bahamut_ZERO said:


I couldn't care less about Smash Bros but Asphalt! That is one of my most anticipated downloadable titles! Right next to Pop on DSiWare as #1! Dang it, I'm glad its released soon and all, but I want it badly. I hope the review comes up soon.

But we better get Pop first......



ganondwarf16 said:

wouldn't it be ironic if we got Earthbound before all the other regions(if we ever get it at all)



TwilightV said:

Well, i'm off to Washington to assassinate the president... of Nintendo Of America.



Rum_Rapture said:

Remember last year when North America got Brawl 3 months before we did? I think you win when it comes to Smash Bros release dates .

As for Earthbound, that was never released in Europe at all. It would be a wonder if we did see it eventually.



Mike1 said:

@10. Sean Aaron 11 Jun 2009, 23:45 GMT
"Never! SSB belongs in Japan and Europe only, the true homes of Japanese gaming!"

Since you have such a nice selfish attitude I hope Super Mario Kart gets only released in Japan and America just for you!



Hardy83 said:

Why did I upgrade to a DSi if all I'm going to get is Iphone ports and crappy Nintendo game demos that cost me money?



PALgamer said:

Like my sig says:
PAL is the new NTSC

On topic: Just one WW when this month we were getting loads of games? Don't get it how the US has two releases each week and we get only get one. Even when they have less games on the pipeline than us? We got an additional 20 games apart from the new ones that are coming in.



Viral said:

Super Smash Bros isn't that great after you've played the newer ones.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Mike: Since I have no feeling about either game, that would be swell!

Anyway, the votes are now in and I'm happy to report as follows:

Japan 2 point
Europe 1 point
North America Nil point

Sorry guys!




I'm getting slightly annoyed about the quality of the wiiware releases, but I am happy two dsiware insta-downloads are available this week for me. Asphalt 4 was a great iPhone game as mentioned above and I have had a bash on it this morning. Look pretty good from a 1st look perspective. The very well presented Sudoku Master DS retail title was made by Hudson Soft but published by Nintendo. I thus have downloaded Sudoku 150 though I am eagerly awaiting the Brain Training Sudoku DL as BT games have the best opresentation of Sudoku on the DS (so I am told and so I have seen of what sudoku ds games I have messed with).

Will prob be downloading SSB 64, even though Melee and Brawl are head and shoulders above the game. I don't own Melee anymore anyway.

Oh and btw, games still to come of NoE's list published a few months ago:

Nintendo of Europe April-July Ware release list:


Bonsai Barber (Nintendo)
Cave Story (Nicalis)
ColorZ (Exkee) *
Icarian: Kindred Spirits (Over the Top Games) *
LIT (Wayforward Technologies)
Overturn: Mecha Wars (Gamebridge) *
Robocalypse: Beaver Defense (Vogster Entertainment)
Spaceball: Revolution (Virtual Toys) *
Squibs Arcade (Alten8)
Water Warfare (Hudson Soft) *


A Little Bit of... Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: Maths Edition (Nintendo) *
Mighty Flip Champs! (Wayforward Technologies) *

The ones I'm interested in have stars next to them



Sean_Aaron said:

@Legend Marioid: And yet there's no forecast for VC -- what's up with that? At least with NoJ they say: this is what's coming in the next month (though there are always unannounced titles) and Namco has a nice preview of what they're working on for the Japanese VCA.

It's just not fair!




Have you seen the television adverts for games in Japan? They are SO numerous. I think there may have even been tv adverts for ware games too! They take ALL their gaming far more "seriously" than the rest of the world.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Atlantis1982. Namco hate everyone...I could go on for hours about them and Europe but I'll keep it short and snappy...Eureop got Soul Calibur Legends after Soul Calibur IV.

@mastersworddude. I can provide counter examples to every single one of those to prove Japan and Euorpe are getting the games last. Point is people get things at different times. If you want to complain at anyone complain at Nintendo for deciding on region locking the system and shops.



MrPanic said:

I'm still wondering if I should get SSB64 after having Melee and Brawl. I'm waiting for the review.



Pikamander2 said:

I find it sad how some people think buying 64 is pointless if they have Brawl.

Saying that Brawl/Melee are better than 64 is like saying that Twilight Princess is better than Ocarina/Mask. You can't compare them like that because the gameplay is so different.

Each of the games has different physics, which essentially makes them feel like different games completely. Even if you have Brawl and/or Melee, this is definitely worth the 10 dollars.

If you still have doubts, just download the ROM and play a few matches.



bestbuck said:

@mike, I hope America gets this game monday. Plus I hope europe and america gets super mario kart soon as well.
For me I can't wait for super mario kart



KDR_11k said:

Meh, I'd rather have more WiiWare than an obsolete fighting game like that...



Rum_Rapture said:

Less than a day and Super Smash Bros is already no. 16 on the VC download chart in the UK. I reckon it's going to be in the rankings for a good while.



Darel18 said:

I don't care too much about SSB... After Brawl, it can be really boring to play that old (but good and clasic) game.

I couldn't play Mario Kart (snes) or SSBM... Still, that doesn't mean they were good in their time.

If, like Micro$oft, they would release SSB on the VC (or WiiWare, whatever) with online features, that's a totally different thing! and it would worth buying.

Nintendo is pretty slow in terms of online game experience, unfortunetly.

By the way, I love Nintendo (no sarcasm)

Just look at the coming Perfect Dark for XBL... bastards, then again, I have an Xbox so lucky for me too lol



Mike1 said:

@45. Sean Aaron 12 Jun 2009, 07:42 GMT
"@Mike: Since I have no feeling about either game, that would be swell!
Anyway, the votes are now in and I'm happy to report as follows:
Japan 2 point
Europe 1 point
North America Nil point
Sorry guys!"

Anyway, the votes are now in and I'm happy to report as follows:
The votes are in:
U.S.: 303 games
Europe: 293 games
Sorry Aaron!



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I've only kept Melee because it's notably different from Brawl. Unless SSB64 is notably different from Melee, I'll skip this one.





Agreed. I was really excited about the DSi's app store until I bought an iPod touch. I'm glad I didn't get a DSi now. All of its apps are kind of lame, and there are thousands of better counterparts for each app available for free, or around $1.

I hate how WiiWare has a min price of $5, and DSiWare of $2. The iPhone/iPod touch App Store is so great because it has thousands of games and applications for free, and tens of thousands of inexpensive ones (and counterparts of the same quality on other platforms cost a lot more. For example, I bought Peggle for $0.99 for my touch yesterday. The same game costs $30 on the DS. THE SAME GAME!)

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