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Sudoku 150! For Challengers (Sudoku Master in US) offers 150 unique puzzles that beginners and experts alike will enjoy.

A handful of tutorials will help you learn the rules and controls as you go, and handy features like Write Mode and Temp Numbers make Sudoku pleasantly user-friendly. Feeling confident? Then try your hand at Title Mode to work your way up from Rookie to Sudoku Master. All puzzles were created by Sudoku veteran NIKOLI Co., Ltd., and tips from Sudoku godfather Maki Kaji are offered between games.

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Posted by Adam

Does this add up to the 500 points asking price?

The Sudoku craze began a few years ago and since then the quaint Japanese number puzzle has become cool, whether on the train, chilling at home or simply in need of something to occupy your time, Sudoku offers a relaxing alternative to the crossword...

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. I think I'd prefer the layout and mechanism of Brain Training Express Sudoku myself. However, didn't Hudson Soft help produce the impressive Sudoku Gridmaster? May therefore download this baby.

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