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So who's your favourite Nintendo character of all time? Mario? Link? Samus Aran? Maybe Pikachu? All of these and more star in Super Smash Bros. – a riotous 3D fighting game that pits the skills of your best-loved characters against each other in thrilling tournament match-ups!

The aim of the game is simple: smash your opponents off the stage as often as possible. Each arena is based on a familiar Nintendo game - complete with classic music, sounds and power-ups! And each character has their own trademark special moves and weapons, such as Link’s Master Sword swipe, Yoshi’s tongue slurp or Fox McCloud’s trusty Blaster.

If you’re a fan of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii or Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo GameCube, then prepare to experience the original Nintendo 64 classic that started it all!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Does the original Super Smash Bros. still knock out the competition these days?

Nintendo's most popular (and only!) fighting franchise started off quite strangely - in fact, it originally didn't even have any existing Nintendo characters! Created by Kirby Creator Masahiro Sakurai of HAL Laboratory and Satoru Iwata, the game was...

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User Comments (263)



The_Fox said:

Not as good as its sequels, of course, but still a must have, especially with how few fighters are on the VC.



Kurachi said:

super smaaaaaaashhh brotheeeeeersss
how it all started comes on VC, this will be great, people soon will be able to see how SSBM and SSBB got so big
there's 1 stage i'd like to have in SSBB from here, thats dreamland
btw, in this game, SSB, they made a mix called falcon punch kirby mix, on youtube

when i got this game first, i got those hidden characters very fast
and here i was pretty good at c. falcon

cool nintendo, very cool



Outrunner said:

I don't see the point in downloading this when I already have Brawl... I'm all for the nostalgia but this series hasn't moved forward very much since the original so Brawl is really the same game with bells and whistles..



MaxPlastic said:

I have actually been longing to play this one... The other two incarnations have brought all these bells and whistles, but without changing it much, for better or for worse. It'll be nice to get back to basics



Hilanderous said:

This game has not aged very well at all. Have any of you played it recently? It's just terrible and with Melee and Brawl being more updates then sequels, there is no reason to ever play this game again.



Mr_M said:

Excuse me but, why the #*@% has Nintendo not released Super Smash Bros. for download for the Wii in north American shores yet?



CanisWolfred said:

Fun game, even today. Only problem is the controls felt a bit stiff on the N64. Maybe the controls will be better with the classic controller.

Edit: Actually, the controls aren't that bad once you get used to jumping using the C buttons.


With that logic, why play Super Mario Bros. when there's Super Mario Bros. 3? Why play Street Fighter 2 when Street Fighter 3 is still on the market? If you ask me, just because the later games in the series are better doesn't mean that the original can't still be fun.



WolfLink22 said:

OMG does NOJ know it's Fans or what lol!!!!! I mean come on Japanese Wii Console owners will be getting it right away i bet.

As for me i know very well that i am going to get it.I have an un used Wii Points Card just laying around just waiting for the day NOA gets off of their rump and releases it here in USA.This is making me wish i had a Japanese Wii right now.That or a Japanese Friend who has a Japanese Wii lol.



Super_Flip said:

Even with Brawl and Melee by my side, It would be great to own this again. Then I will be in possesion of the compete trilogy again.



Bass_X0 said:

#9: because 2009 needs good games too. they can't release a large flood of good games and then give us nothing but crap until the VC dies. smash bros is coming.



Devastator said:

People can say whatever they want about this game being old, but it is an instant download from me.



rbtransformed said:

This is the news I've been waiting for! Hopefully it comes out in the US and the UK soon. Smash Bros. was such a huge hit back in the day and exceeded everyone's expectations. I know it pales in comparison to Brawl and especially Melee on a technical standpoint, but it is one of my favorite games.

I always found it fun to play as Kirby with beam swords on at a high frequency... I used to "juggle" my opponents by kicking them around and throwing swords at them from a distance. good times...

This and Majora's Mask are all I'm asking for.



StarDust4Ever said:

There is a particular list of classic "Mario" titles that I feel everyone should own:

SMB 1, 2, 3, and Lost Levels
Super Mario World
*SMW2: Yoshi's Island
*Super Mario Kart
Super Mario RPG
Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
*Smash Bros
Paper Mario

Out of the N64, all but one of these titles has been released: Smash Bros. I didn't include Mario Party due to the fact that Nintendo has released them with basically identical gameplay eight times. Really, everything on my hit list has been released in all regions except SMK and SMW2, because Nintendo for some reason has not taken the effort to biuld a working Wii-mulator for the SNES enhancement chips. Those games on my list, plus the three modern Mario adventures: Sunshine (GC), Galaxy (Wii), and New Mario Bros (DS) - also Thousand Year Door (GC) and Super Paper Mario (Wii) if you also like RPGs - are games that you have no excuse not to have ever played if you call yourself a diehard mario fan.

So yeah, diggity - that's one more gem I'll be eventually adding to my VC collection



CanisWolfred said:

Just so I know, was I the only one who didn't like Melee? I hated that game back in the day, and I hate it even more now that Brawl's out.



BJ1 said:

Melee was okay but I didn't think it was all that great. It kinda got boring after a while but I still liked it. I love Brawl but I don't touch it as much as I want to. SSB is one of my favorites in the series, though.



sparrow-1993 said:

Super Smash Bros is the best game I have on my N64. I like all three games in the series but Brawl was not as good as I thought it would be. Great game though.



Nadroc516 said:

this is a classic in every way possible.
im really excited for this
cept i know im going to unlock the 4 characters in like an hour



WolfLink22 said:

Classic Race to the Finish bring it on now NOA!!!! Sure The classic Target Test is great too but the Classic Race to the Finish was just better then Melees was because on Melee's you could only get to the very very very end with a character like Kirby.But with SSB you have a chance at getting to the very end with each of the SSB Characters.



slangman said:

I have this on N64 since i was a kid. Quite good fun although cumbersome nowadays since the sequels offer far more depth. I still play it today though.



Hilanderous said:

@ Mickeymac
That comparison doesn't work; Mario and Mario 3 are completely different games. The only thing similar are the most basic things like Mario, koopas, and Goombas are in it, everything else has completely changed from level layout to bosses to powerups. Street Fighter II and 3 don't apply because of their different roster of fighters. Smash Bros kept the same list and added to it (with the loss of MewTwo, but he sucked). However, there is no reason to play the first version of Street Fighter II anymore because the later versions of that game are smoother, faster and have different characters (to be fair, I never played too much Street Fighter though).

Another problem with the original Smash Bros is that it boasts some of the worst graphics on the N64. I mean compare Mario in Smash Bros to that of Mario 64 and there is a big difference. You can hardly make out what’s going on anymore. Personally I feel that 2D games have aged better then early 3D games in this respect. For instance, in the original Mario, the game is so bizarre that the graphics have become stylized because of the lack of processing power. This level of stylization does not apply to early 3D games, either they look like what they are supposed to or they don’t. Bad 3D graphics amount to fuzzy polygons; in contrast, making Mario on the NES required him to look the way he did because they couldn’t make a realistic looking man with the systems power.



CanisWolfred said:

Whatever, man. As far as I see it, if you played the game back then and enjoyed, can't see what stoppin' ya from enjoyin' it now. I mean, if the series has stayed pretty much the same, and it's stiil fun, so's the original. Even after playin' Melee and Brawl, I still go back to this one, and sill as fun as ever, even without the trimmings.

But it's your choice, Mac, and I ain't here to change it. You don't want it, fine by me. Just hope you know what you're missin' out on.


Same here, man, same here. Don't play Brawl as much as I'd like, but the original's still my fave. One of the reasons why I refuse to give up my N64.



Ricardo91 said:

@Mickeymac. Would you wanna play Mario Kart 64 instead of Mario Kart Wii or DS? Or what about Virtua Fighter instead of Virtua Fighter 5?

I agree with Hilanderous. I played this at school with some fellow classmates, and I don't think this game has really aged well at all. It isn't bad, and it was nice to see some of the old stages that weren't in Melee, but they weren't nearly as exciting as the ones in the predecessors. The character roster is very slim, especially when you compare it to Brawl's whopping 35-chara roster. Having only classic mode and no Adventure or All-Star mode is also pretty bogus.

That being said, I'm still glad to see this game appear on VC finally. A new N64 game that doesn't suck is always welcome.
Plus, having the entire series on your Wii is pretty awesome.

@Hilanderous. They got rid of other characters besides Mewtwo, but they were basically palette swaps of other characters.
I wish they kept him in Brawl though. He was a terrible Melee character, but in Brawl, they could've made him the badass he should've been.



Twilight_Crow said:

@Mr. Cheez
Sorry to interfere but I really need to answer your first question, I absolutely prefer to play MK64 than MK Wii or DS. That something is new not always means you're gonna like it more than the old.

SSB is simpler than it's predecessors, I like that, some times I get tired of all those options and screens on Brawl when I only want a simple fight with a friend; each Smash Bros. game has it's own style, and the first one is great to play even now.



Kurachi said:

there's 1 reason why i'd play this game, even with brawl
thats.... some nice stages
too bad i cant see good ssb stages in ssbb
saffron city, dreamland... those were 2 nice ones to play on
dreamland came back in ssbm, but after that it got lost, while imo its the best kirby stage
hyrule castle was fun cuz of the tornado
peach castle is somewhat annoying but good enough to fight it
well, those stages in brawl would be cool, but we cant get it, so use stage builder

must have for those who got sick of bigger stages and strong hits of ssbm and ssbb
i give it 5/5



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

No, but that's because I hate Mario Kart, although I did hate MK64 less than MKWii, so if I had to play one, MK64 would be it. I also hate Virtua Fighter, although I did hate Virtua Fighter 1 less than Virtua Fighter 5, as its age actually makes the characters seem less pathetic.


Yeah, I really like the stages in SSB1, too, especially Link's stage with all the tornadoes.



WolfLink22 said:

I liked SSB's intro better then SSBM's or even Brawl's intro because it is like there was a person with a Bedroom or room with Nintendo Character dolls and other Nintendo based stuff in it.



Monkeyboy22 said:

It has one of the best level of all time. The pokemon one i wish brawl and mele had that level. instant download for me.



Terra said:

I'll get this when released. My brother loves Smash Bros and has wanted the original game for years so i'll buy him it.



Betagam7 said:

No reason to download this now Brawl is out. Glad I sold it a few months back for a decent amount.



blockhead said:

i love the Smash Bros series i will even go as far as to say its better than street fighter series



Digiki said:

This game has not aged very well at all. Have any of you played it recently? It's just terrible and with Melee and Brawl being more updates then sequels, there is no reason to ever play this game again.

Yeah I played it yesterday, it rocked HARD. It's faster than brawl, you can combo, it's more accessable than Melee, there arn't uber characters that destroy the rest of the cast with ease. Brawl was more or a Wiidate (i.e. better graphics much less depth)



WolfLink22 said:

If you don't want SSB then don't get it.But there are those who want all 3 for if not the Characters the Stages like SSB Hyrule Castle my favorite or the Target Test and even the Race to the Finish.

Overall if you liked Brawl and Melee better fine but for others SSB is and most likely will always be the best.For me i like all 3 for different reasons.Reason 1 the stages, Reason 2 no copied Movesets that i can remember, and Reason 3 the Game's Intro alone is great.So get it or don't and leave it at that.



WolfLink22 said:

We won't get it before Japan unless NOA pulls a suprise on us.They seem to like suprising USA with VC Games which i hate.



megacody said:

I loved this game, but it can only be fully enjoyed with four players. Melee sucked, Brawl was awesome, but the original is fun because it was simple.



OmegaBlacky said:

yeah we probaly should get it next week to because the added a game on the super nintendo so the next system is the n64 it i really hope it is super smash bros



dfalco said:

smash brothers when it coming out to europe it my all time best fighting games serise i love them all . i have 20 copies new and sealed



Digiki said:

Melee had deep, but difficult mechanics I guess it sucked because I suck at it...



touffeboy said:

OMG, i'm remember! it was the best game in my life! (Except Mario Party 1) XD, When i pass some 5:00 per day to unlock Dark link! loll , I really want to buy it!



WolfLink22 said:

dfalco there is no proof of that.Japan however is getting it next Week and i can back that up with proof to it's VC Page too.

Here is that page in which i sent it to VC-Reviews too:

http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/vc/vc_dsb/index.html There you go there is SSB's Japanese VC website section from Nintendo of Japan.

As for USA i don't see NOA giving it to us for a while longer.Sure i could agree that NOA could give it to us in March. But then again NOA loves suprising it's fans.

I am happy that Japanese Gamers are getting SSB but i want it too.



Kaeobais said:

Really the only reason I would have to download this is the Platform game. So I won't be downloading this.



SamuraiBlitz said:

There is no point in getting this. Super Smash Bros. is way to basic compared to Melee and Brawl and you can easily find better things to get for 1000 Wii Points



Digiki said:

There is no point in getting this. Super Smash Bros. is way to basic compared to Melee and Brawl and you can easily find better things to get for 1000 Wii Points

You could theoretically say that about most games on the VC



Orochimaru2072 said:

I wish this game could come to the Us soon. I haven't played in like forever! But all in all this game is 5 out of 5 stars, and it even introduced Earthbound to all of us who didn't know, "Who the hell is Ness?" I knew who he was when i was little b/c my parents bought me this game and i played and beat it over and over again. I was so freaked when I unlocked Ness, with Pikachu. So my two best were those 2, the funny part was that I didn't know who was Kirby till Kirby64! lol btw i downloaded that and beat that hell out of it! lol!



Nintendork said:

Ah, the memories. Beating the living crap out of friends with Link and Kirby, matches ending with the throw of a bomb at Hyrule Castle. Those were the days.



Ivan said:

this is an instant download even better than brawl on wii (brawl was hoppless)



Terra said:

And today's the day Japan get it. Lucky Buggers. Who knows how long we'll have to wait (Still haven't got Mario Golf to make it worse for those who want both games)



AlexSays said:

even better than brawl on wii (brawl was hoppless)

No it wasn't.
Brawl just had things called jumps in the form of hops.
You can press the jump button and call it a hop if you like.



Shinnok said:

I enjoyed the first Super Smash Bros., but I feel that with each entry, the series evolves into something better. Though if this game were released in North America, I would surely purchase it. Unlocking the secret characters was always fun for me.



WolfLink22 said:

When most of us Download SSB we will have all 3 Games if we don't already have all 3.



Ivan said:

"AlexSays: No it wasn't.
Brawl just had things called jumps in the form of hops.
You can press the jump button and call it a hop if you like."

brawl WAS hopless. i got boring after like 5 mins, but the 1 on n64 never gets boring. the whole concept of brawl on wii was poo.
melee was heaps good equal to SSB n64 but brawl was the crapest game in the series by far
it wasnt even fun



Shinnok said:

Brawl was easily one of Nintendo's best titles on any console, let alone out of the Super Smash Bros. series. But I guess you can't please everyone.



Twilight_Crow said:

You should really hate Brawl to take AlexSays joke about your spell error and take it as a defence for the game: still, come on man did you really need to use the word s**t? if you got bored with the game what a shame, but in fact is a well programmed game that many people enjoy, including me. I don't understand why people insult someone's hard work just because they didn't like it, Brawl is not a bad game, is a matter of taste, you just hate it.



Digiki said:

Brawl was easily one of Nintendo's best titles on any console, let alone out of the Super Smash Bros. series. But I guess you can't please everyone.

Not even close, most Zeldas, main series Marios, and Metroids were way better, as were the first two Smash Bros.
Brawl's gameplay was a step backwards from Melee, the only thing it had to make up for it was online.



Shinnok said:

The only tolerable Zelda title was Twilight Princess, Metroid is simply a waste of time, and Mario continues to disappoint me. Melee was Brawl's prototype, and the first Smash Bros. was Melee's. The only problem I had with Brawl were the Event Matches. They weren't as creative as Melee's.



Nintendork said:

^"The only tolerable Zelda title was Twilight Princess, Metroid is simply a waste of time, and Mario continues to disappoint me."
YOU sir, have the strangest opinion I've seen in a while now. How can not like Zelda, Metroid, or Mario?!?

"Brawl's gameplay was a step backwards from Melee, the only thing it had to make up for it was online."
Wait, what? Melee was too fast paced and was hard not to just button-mash, and the online was probably the worst part of the game because of its lag in almost every game.



Shinnok said:

Well now don't get me wrong. I liked Twilight Princess (I just used the world "tolerable" for dramatic effect), and I love Super Mario 64. It's just the new Mario titles I don't care for. But as for the rest of the Zelda series, and Metroid, no, I don't like it. Now, the F-Zero series, that's different. I love those games, especially F-Zero X.

And yeah, you're right about Melee. It was too fast in certain parts.



Ricardo91 said:

@Shinnok. I was gonna say, you can't POSSIBLY hate those series entirely, otherwise why would you be here?

@Alexsays. I didn't catch the joke there until Twilight Crow pointed it out. Funny!



Shinnok said:

Let me elaborate, Ricardo91. I don’t like certain parts of the Metroid, Mario, or Zelda series. Metroid and Zelda, too me, are nigh impossible to enjoy because I can’t stand playing them. But I usually love the stories so much, I yield and buy the games just to experience it firsthand. Now Mario on the other hand, always has terrible stories (save for the RPG series), but they are mostly fun to play. Just lately, they’ve been slipping (I despise the control gimmicks in Sunshine or Galaxy). I guess I just wish they’d make another Super Mario 64. And I really did, honestly and truly, enjoy Twilight Princess (especially the climatic four-part finale against Ganondorf).



VirtualConsoleGuest said:

Hey there,
I'm very glad that me and my brother's Nintendo 64 -- and the first Smash Bros. -- still work very well. Luckily for that reason alone, I won't need to buy it again! Even though we got the original one some years after it officially came out, I remember so much with this game.

On another note, I don’t see why Smash Bros. Brawl is always said, by at least two or more people on message boards, to be less ‘deep’ than Melee or the first one. Or that one can’t ‘combo’ in Smash Bros. Brawl. These complaints, and the outright walloping that I’ve sometimes come across, baffle me. Once in a while, such message-board posters even manage to end their harangues (and even diatribe-like remarks) in saying more or less ‘a great game this, great game.’



Digiki said:

You'll get a lot farther button mashing in brawl than you will in melee.

The games aren't prototypes for the next one at all, the new ones are just sequels.

Don't get me wrong Brawl rocks, but if Melee and the original had online I would most definately play them more than Brawl. It just lacks so much depth compared to Melee, its deeper than the first although the depth is a trade-off since it lost L-canceling, and defense is usually much better off an option than offence in brawl, off course SSB had too much hitstun, but I'd rather have explosive offence than, too effective defence and a general lack of worthwhile punishments when your opponent makes a mistake.



Shinnok said:

"The original form of something, which has the essential features and is the model for subsequent forms." That's the definition of "Prototype" off of my computer's dictionary.

Think of Super Smash Bros. (the prototype for the rest of the series) as a template. It was great for a first try, but they needed to expand it. In Melee, they did just that. Then, in Brawl, history repeated itself, and Smash Bros. evolved once more.

Melee was a great game, no doubt about it. But when compared to Brawl, so many flaws come to light. Clone characters such as Ganondorf and Falco had all the same animations as their counterparts (Captain Falcon and Fox, respectively). But in Brawl, that was fixed. The soundtrack in Melee was so wimpy than that of Brawl's (which contained many tracks from Melee, mind you). And Melee's gameplay was far too frantic, as Nintendork stated above. And as you yourself mentioned Digiki, Brawl had online. Plus, Sonic was finally present!

But like anything else, it wasn't without its flaws. I found Solid Snake to be an unfitting addition to the roster. And as I said above, the Event Matches were sloppy.

But, like I've said before, we all have our own opinions.



Digiki said:

Super Mario Bros. isn't a prototype for the sequels, just like the original isn't to the rest of the series.

But Brawl wasn't an evolution, it lowered the depth of Melee, and added a ton of content. Clones aren't a flaw, and Ganondorf and Falco still aren't far off being clones, nothing wrong with Melee's soundtrack, Brawl's is better although a lot of songs are relegated to lame stages, and will be listened to less. How is Melee too
frantic? Sonic is pretty irrelevent, a lot of his moves are pretty similair, and a lot of his moves are near useless due to terrible power to speed ratios.

Snake is unfitting but I have a bigger problem with how dominant he is compared to most of the cast.



Goomba2996 said:

I am dowloading it as soon as it comes to VC. Never have played only melee and brawl want to the roots of SSB.



MickEiA said:

what n64 vc games should i get

super mario,yoshi island,lylat wars/starfox,paper mario or super mario world



Goomba2996 said:

Aw man it didn't come today. I was so dissapointed when SSB didn't come today. Come on Nitendo how long do we have to wait.



Kurachi said:

first to the brawl discussion:
Brawl is a more advanced Melee, with stage builder(which never bores me) and online play... almost forgot the stickers, trophies and the most advanced storyline
brawl and melee are still different, melee was more an advanced SSB, and they made SSBB to advance that even more
even though i like brawl most, i still keep SSBM and SSB, and will buy SSB on VC once its in europe

i just give 1 great tip: dont compare them, they are still all great

2 things which are most used by me in all 3 versions:
1. Kirby
2. Zelda stage (even though SSB's is smaller and different)

@ 89. KnucklesSonic8: dream more, maybe it helps you could make all happy

1000 for a game which has only basics of SSBM and SSBB and is smaller and slower... will pay that yea !!!



Ferret75 said:

Despite what some people say, this game is still very good.

Better than Melee IMO.



Ricardo91 said:

@Shinnok. That's alright. All I was saying was that you had to enjoy Nintendo's "big three" somewhat, otherwise it wouldn't make sense for you to post on a site dedicated to Nintendo's download service.

@Mickeymac & Twilight Crow. Perhaps MK Wii was the wrong example. Perhaps I should've used Double Dash!!?

OK, the both of you completely missed my point. I was trying to say that Smash Bros. is a type of series whose sequels do little more than improve on the previous game, thus making the last one seem obsolete. If you're nostalgic for the older game(s), you'd still get some enjoyment from them, but those people who play the sequels beforehand would generally prefer them over the original. You see what I'm getting at?

But, with that being said, I'll still put the needed 1000 points down on SSB once it hits shop, just so I can have the entire series on my Wii.



Digiki said:

Tweaking the formula, totally changes the gameplay.

Playing reckless in Brawl gets you a smash to the face (or other fairly minimal punishment), playing reckless in Melee gets you combo'd, and playing reckless in SSB gets you combo'd to death.

Sequels don't make the older games obsolete, if that was how it went what would the point of the VC be? There wouldn't be much.



Shinnok said:

Actually, that's not true Digiki. The Tekken series evolves with each title, rendering the older entries obsolete. That, plus the fact that the entire series sucks, makes it utterly pointless to pick up the previous editions. Super Smash Bros. is the exact same way, which is not to say that Melee isn't fun, it's just inferior now.



Ricardo91 said:

"Tweaking the formula, totally changes the gameplay"

Actually, no, no it doesn't.

"Sequels don't make the older games obsolete, if that was how it went what would the point of the VC be? There wouldn't be much"

Simple: Nostalgia, and people who are curious about the roots of their favorite franchises. Plus, there's plenty of series on VC whose entries are different enough from eachother to be all worth playing (Super Mario Bros. much?).



yoshiman8964 said:

This is a must have game, I had this game for about 10 years now, and when ever I pull out my N64, I would play this game.( I wish they would release Banjo Kazooie on VC )



Bass_X0 said:

why don't you just play Brawl more? Its not like you're missing out on anything by the N64 game being delayed. I shall not be downloading this game when its out.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@92/Kurachi: lol. Funny thing is, a lot of the things I dream about end up happening one way or another. Sometimes in a slightly different way but still remaining true to my dream. quite weird really.

@93/Ferret75: high fives



Shinnok said:

I'd like to see more F-Zero characters. I think that Black Shadow and Samurai Goroh would be the most appropriate.



Mr_64 said:

I think I'm in a minority of one, but Smash Brothers games have never appealed to me in the slightest!



Party_On_Dude said:

I'm telling you people, complain all you freaking want, but I'm HIGHLY PREDICTING that SSB64 will eventually come out on APRIL 27TH... on its annivery since NA got it 10 YEARS AGO!!!

That is if NOA isn't that STUPID!!!!!!!!!



WolfLink22 said:


That could be true or they could do this:

March 30th 2 or 3 unexpected games for VC Game or Games 294 or 295 followed by another 2 or 3 on April 6th for a total of 296 or 297 Virtual Console Games then add another 2 or 3 for 299 or 300 VC Games if they speed up the VC releases again.

But if we get 1 for the next 8 weeks VC Game 300 could be something else unless Nintendo is making SSB VC Game number 300 and going with a 2 to 3 game Nintendo Download week.

for SSB to be VC Game 300 and for it to come on April 27th we would have to get 1 VC Game Monday March 30th then on April 6th get 2 followed by 2 more 2 VC Game weeks on April 13th and on April 20th and then back to 1 on April 27th.

We will have to see tho.



Modern_Legend said:

this needs to come out for real im tired of waiting, they better not decide to leave it on forever like they did with earthbound when it was still "scheduled" for illegal release



bpf11 said:

Sweet !!!!!!!!! I have brawl and I have played melee.I am not so sure if i have that much to look forward to sense brawl is the best but i still will get it if it comes out in the us !!!!!



LGamer said:

This is an instant download for everyone! This is a game I can't miss in my collection!



WolfLink22 said:

Stages or not Super Smash Bros needs to get released already and removed from the coming soon list and added to the Out Now list.



Party_On_Dude said:

NINTENDO WOULD BE STUPID, (ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING NINTENDO?!); to not give us Super Smash Bros 64 next week on its 10 year anniversary... & since Japan has had it since January 20th on their anniversary!!! Same goes for Zelda Majora's Mask... if they're holding it for #300; (we just may get it on May 18th with Punch-Out Wii)! That is if they continue with the 1 VC releases they've been torturing us with since who knows God when?!

I mean if Nintendo decided to totally screw with us now, & not give SSB64 to us next week... then there DEFINATELY would be a TON of ANGRY NINTENDO FAN BOYS running amock, & sending a TON of HATE email to Nintendo!!!

Come on... someone's got to agree with me?!



JTC-Pingas said:

@party on dude. I agree with you. Also Nintendo should start supporting N64 games more since there are no more storage issues. Thanks to Wii Menu 4.0



TourianTourist said:

I hope Europe doesn't get it not until November 20th then... because that's when the game will have its 10th anniversary here.



JTC-Pingas said:

What the hell Nintendo of America? Why would you not release this on the 10th anniversary? You dissapoint me once again.



N64_Gamer said:

Is this for real? Am I in an awful nightmare or what? What is taking them so long? NA didn't get this game for their 10th anniversary. Come on Nintendo, what is the point in letting us wait? Just release it in EU/NA and let's move on, this is getting tiresome. It has been over 3 months now since the game got released in Japan...



Party_On_Dude said:

@JTCPingas09 & N64 Gamer... or everybody on VCNintendoLife:
I still feel everyone's pain!!!
I too wish Nintendo would STOP with the crappy 1 VC game weekly releases & just FREAKING GIVE US SSB64 already!!!
The month of May had better DAMN FREAKING DELIVER either N64 game; SSB64 or not or Zelda MM instead!!



JTC-Pingas said:

I would just play it on an emulator, but owning the ROM wouldn't satisfy me. Plus the VC is the only legal way for me to play SSB64.



Rally said:

Saying That SSBB came out of this...
'm gettin It! out of my way nintendo!



Party_On_Dude said:

Okay what has happened to this comment section... come on guys?! Are we all lazy now or just don't care anymore?!



Tyler_100 said:

Sure hope this isn't the only great 64 game to come out at time of release. I can't wait! One of the best first games I ever played. Loved the original. Mele and Brawl have weren't up to my expectations. Long Live Old School Gaming!



jillyoldsnilly said:

trust me this wont come out to middle 2010 as its got (realesed in Japan)
anyway na will probably get this before uk and theres games out there that has been relased in japan from 2006 come on nintendo ur startin to suck balls



mariofan5000 said:

Yeah,Maybe you're right. I would say it's about 50-50. We'll see what Nintendo does on May 25th. But i'm still keeping my fingers crossed for SSB64 on May 25th.



mariofan5000 said:

OMG we STILL didn't get this game today! what the crap? are they waiting for E3 2009? i think that's on June 1st. Correct me if i'm wrong.



JTC-Pingas said:

SSB64 is great yes. But Nintendo isn't going to do 2 N64 games 2 weeks in a row. Just be patient. It'll come in either June or July.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

This game is sure to get massive amounts of sales. Still looking forward to it eagerly. As for when I think it'll appear? Between the end of E3 to September. I really hope they don't save it for #350... But they might...



mariofan5000 said:

Aw man! you don't know what it's like to wait and wait and wait and wait and it just makes me mad! Why couldn't NOA just tell us when this game is going to come out?!



JTC-Pingas said:

For some reason only 3rd parties announce when certain games are coming to the VC and not Nintendo.



mariofan5000 said:

JTCPingas09:Sorry i don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff so please forgive me. but now that i think about it i just remembered it's a first party game!



Captain_Jack_Sparrow said:

Yes I know they are taking forever with Super Smash Bros 64!
But after Majora's Mask came out I just don't care when SSB64 comes out; Nintendo can take their own sweet time with it!
Be it may though; let's not get our hopes up if we see SSB64 as our N64 game of the month of June, or July... if its going to be way latter then there will be hell to pay!



alvieao said:

Perhaps eventually, Super Smash Bros. will be released three days after Europe gets it. Who knows?



Captain_Jack_Sparrow said:

I know; so let's cross our fingers & pray to Nintendo (instead praying to God); that they release SSB64 as our 1 VC game for June 15! If not let's not panic & get so upset!

June 15th's VC game may as very well be a game we know we don't all want... be it SimEarth also is pending for a June release!

Which also leave the possibility that SSB64 could also come out on June 22 or 29 for us long time NA hardcore gamers who have been waiting far too long enough, BTW!



Kurachi said:

europe has it, this is awesome !!
lets hope NA get it soon aswell
gonna get it soon now



WolfLink22 said:

Maybe i should treat the Wii Shop/VC service how i treated E3 2009 and maybe NOA and Reggie would get the picture as to how we are feeling about all of this 2 - 1 - 1 crap that is going on with 2 WiiWare 1 VC and 1 DSIWare Game per week thing.

It worked at E3 2009.I expected E3 2009 to be Flop number 3 for Reggie and Company but they proved me wrong.Maybe they can do the same for the Wii Shop too.



Bass_X0 said:

I remember not knowing whether this game would be released outside of Japan ten years ago.



J-Man said:

Me too. But there is a good chance that this game will be out soon. (If not tomorrow) Just look at the release pattern for Majora's Mask. Europe has it now right?



mariofan5000 said:

It says on Super Smash Bros. Wikia that a U.S. Re-Release Date is planned for sometime in 2009. I think this is True.



J-Man said:

I sure hope so. I grind my nails every late Sunday night waiting for it.



DSiFanCJV said:

This sucks. Europe and Japan has this, but America doesn't. When will this come out!?



mariofan5000 said:

I had a dream about a Week ago that this Game got released and i was playing it. I want it so much i dream about it! LOL



OmegaBlacky said:

(To Mariofan500) Thats Funny because I had a dream like that to LOL.Man I can't wait for this to be realsed!!!!!!!



Nintendo64Dude said:

It didn't came out today but here's the good news for those who haven't heard... NOA released TWO VC games today.



Yellowkoopa said:

I don't understand why this game isn't available yet! Edit: Yes! I've got it.
This game is a great start to an awesome series. It's worth to be in your VC collection.



The_Cow said:

And I still don't understand why NOA is making wait & wait some more for SSB64 in NA?! It's been about 7 & a half months now since Japan has had it; & almost 2 months since Europe has had it!

So if not by August 24; then Nintendo is clearly wanting us to wait until we get more POed & we'll have to wait until September & possibly labor day like we all keep predicting!! Remember our SMRPG situation... so please NOA don't make it just like that & release it September! More like release it NOW!!

And yes we all know; can't people on this stupid NintendoLife site be any more obsessive without not having SSB64?!



WolfLink22 said:

I bet we won't see SSB 64 until next year around Japan's or Europe's release date for it the way NOA is treating it's USA Fans.



The_Cow said:

September 2009 is now our only option; and believe me it's been a HELL of a LONG wait as it has been!!

Count them... 8 months since stinking Japan got it in January; & 2 months since stinking Europe got it in June!

So trust me; Nintendo MISSED A LOT of oportunities to release SSB64 already!

First; March wasn't good enough since Brawl's anniversary! Second; April wasn't good enough since the origonal N64 release on April 27!

Third was in May... but we got Zelda MM as our #300 game; which was awesome btw!

Fourth was June; nothing! Fifth was July; nada! Sixth; ZITCH... since now August is over!

Nintendo sure likes to be cruel; but I think they should just freaking STOP!! Believe me; us NA N64/VC fans have had enough of it already btw!!



The_Cow said:

Yes; & not even on Labor Day for all reasons! I tell you I get more fed up with Nintendo these days it's not even funny; despite my countless rants & complaints!



Darkflash said:

Maybe they're waiting because Europe didn't get Kirby's Dreamland 3 right away and now they might make us wait just as long for this game to even it out? I'll get this the instant it comes to the vc.



astarisborn94 said:

I don't know when the game will ever show up. Hopefully, it will by Christmas.

We have waited too long.

I really want this game on the Virtual Console in America. I had lots of fond memories of the game and being able to explore them again would be great.

@Darkflash: That's bull, Kirby's Dreamland 3 is defindently not the best Nintendo title out there.

If they are making us wait that long, they should release it this Monday.



IRock81 said:

They never release any thing worth purchasing they release Wii Ware games that I will never download I just want classic N64 games that I loved as a kid but that will never happen.



Bass_X0 said:

I am thinking NoA won't bother releasing this game since America already has Brawl at retail. NoA haven't released SNES Mario's Picross on the Virtual Console presumably because of the DS version. Nintendo are telling you if you want Smash Bros. then get the retail game.



astarisborn94 said:

@Bass X0: So they're basically trying to give it's Virtual Console fans the middle finger? That could severely piss off Nintendo of Japan, because they actually cares about the Virtual Console to the point that they will demand NOA to release the game on there Virtual Console.

Just to let them know, I prefer the original to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I see no point in the game not being released.

Let's say Earthbound was released in Japan, Korea, Australia, and Europe after clearing all copyright issues, but NOA refuse. That will prove they don't care.

I just realize something. Maybe Earthbound has to do with the lack of North American Nintendo's Virtual Console release? If not that, then I don't know.



Bass_X0 said:

That could severely piss off Nintendo of Japan, because they actually cares about the Virtual Console to the point that they will demand NOA to release the game on there Virtual Console.

I doubt Japan cares enough or even has the power to force a game to be released in America.

Japan cares about Japan.



^ That's true. Japan doesn't really appreciate America. The same can't be said about America, which practically worships Japan.

You know, Super Smash Bros. would make a great Christmas gift, since people actually want it.



NazoZakk said:

Maybe it's not released yet because YOU PEOPLE ARE ARGUING.



WolfLink22 said:

SSB would most likely be released on December 7th or on Christmas day since NOA or Nintendo in general told Gamespot of all people that Super Mario Kart was coming and also added in the fact that Pilotwings and SSB were coming at the end of 2009 as well.December is in like 4 days meaning that November 30th could be anything from Pilotwings to Sonic and Knuckles from Sega.

SSB would be a great early Christmas gift for USA Wii Owners as Super Mario Kart would be a great Christmas Gift to Europe and AU Wii Owners.

We will see what comes out within the next few weeks in these 3 places in due time or suprise announcements as was the SMK Announcement to gamespot from Nintendo.



Bass_X0 said:

It didn't come out. The 7th was a random date anyway. It would more likely be the 21st, the Monday before Christmas.



WolfLink22 said:

There are 3 soon to be 2 Mondays left in December 2009 so we will have to wait and see what comes out with Sunsoft's first VC offering tomorrow.



IRock81 said:

There is a weekly Nintendo show that said "next week we will be checking out some new smashing virtual console titles." So by smashing they most likely mean SSB.



IRock81 said:

Now on Gamespot they say the release is Q1 2010, Hopefully there wrong. If not I will be pissed because we should have gotten this months ago. Nintendo could be waiting for the next milestone but as I see it VC is garbage because all Nintendo does is wait until milestones to release any of the big N64 titles.



astarisborn94 said:

Phew. About time this game comes out. I am so looking forward to buying this game. I really enjoyed it a lot and should get my hands on it now.



Honorio said:

Downloaded this the second day it came out in NA and fell in love with it. Probably one of the best games to be released on the VC and N64.



astarisborn94 said:

Got the game and I do say, it's wonderful. Nolgtaslia is rushing back into my memories, plus I finally unlocked all four unlockable characters. Yay, just need that extra stage. Time to get back on that game.

BTW, got this on December 23, 2009.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Glad America got this back in December after that long wait when Japan and Europe got it first. I already unlocked everything in this game. I probably got bored with it now. Melee and Brawl has TONS of things to unlock which takes months and months!

This is probably a long story here. But I'll just say anyway. Back in June 2009, when the game was announced for release in Europe on June 12, 2009, at night time, I went to get up and get me some Wii Points with my credit card. Then I finally downloaded the game and enjoyed it. After I got up in morning, I went to see DEIVION212's review video on YouTube. And now months when I come to see this comment section seeing people want this to come to America. But now in December 2009, America has finally got the game.

I'm finally glad the game is on the VC in Japan, Europe and North America. Hopefully if Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 hits VC sometime. Come on Nintendo, just release Mario Party for us!



wolfen532 said:

if u have project 64 i can tell u all the codes for the game. ive even got the code of the metal mario stage on vs mode!! i will type the codes tommorow



wolfen532 said:

here are all the gameshark codes for project 64 800A4D08 0002 - Camera Zoom
8113140E 0001 - Crazy Pokemon (Safron only)
8025E158 000A - Give Kirby a Weird Blow-up (care to explain this one? I can't figure it out)
810A4938 0FF0 - Have all Characters
810E4D30 2400
810E4DFC 2400
810E4E40 2400 - Hit Anywhere (cause damage to all players no matter where you are)
8113FECC 240D - Infinite Jump (I love this one )
81131422 0000 - Infinite Platforms (Mushroom Kingdom)
81099110 FFFF
81099112 FFFF - No Music (sfx only)
D109EFA4 0400
8118D0A2 0001 - Press D-Down to make items appear
80265A1B 0006 - Weird Pokeballs (have yet to figure this one out)
800A4D09 0009 - Kirby Beta Stage 1
800A4D09 000A - Kirby Beta Stage 2
800A4D09 000D - Metal Mario Stage
800A4D09 000E - Fighting Polygon Stage
800A4D09 000F - Race to the Finish Stage
800A4D09 000B - Tutorial Stage
800A4D09 000C - Alternate Yoshi's Island Stage
800A4937 00FF - Item Switch (IIRC it also activates Mushroom Kingdom, but well)
codes for project 64



SmashBrosGal said:

@Super_Flip you can have Super Smash Bros for n64 on your wii i downloaded it on my wii from the wii shop in the section "Virtul Console" they have it for 1000 points ($10)



Varia01 said:

Those codes are used for cheating! You dare break the law of multiplayer?! You dare break the the law of fun?! I will make you cheaters pay!!!!



Weedy said:

@EvilSins Ok, sorry, as you already stated I am quite cautious! Thank-you for the kind offer but I have just recieved a working code from another good samaritan. I hope you find someone deserving to give yours too.

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