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World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever

Posted by Darren Calvert

It seems that the world is going crazy for the World of Goo. We were so impressed by the beautiful looking physics themed action puzzler that we did the unthinkable and awarded it a mighty 10/10, the first game we have reviewed to receive that impressive accolade.

It seems this is not only our opinion as the most popular review rating comparison site Metacritic reveals. 1up, NintendoWorldReport, IGN and Destructoid all agree that this is one of the best games available on the Wii to date.

Interestingly the gushing reviews so far have pushed World of Goo to #1 in Metacritic’s all-time high scores chart! It is amazing that a lowly WiiWare game has managed to topple Super Mario Galaxy’s supremacy!


It will be interesting to see if a few less generous reviews drop down the average slightly over time, but for now the guys at 2D Boy can bask in the knowledge of knowing that their game has unified all critics with glowing reports. Not bad going for just three guys with a little bit of money and heads full of dreams!

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Shortay said:

This is the reason I'm so disappointed that we Europeans have to wait 'til Spring and we have to pay full retail price for extra content that I don't even want.

One of the few WiiWare games (that I haven't already downloaded) I actually want and we aren't even getting it...



Jockolantern said:

The game is definitely not better than Super Mario Galaxy or even Mega Man 9, in my estimation. That being said, World of Goo is still one of the most impressive Wii games to date and certainly already ranks amongst the Top 10 best Wii-exclusive titles. Of course, the farther I get into the game and the more I fall in love with its mechanics... my currently-stated opinion is certainly liable to change. ^_~



Djungelurban said:

I'm strongly considering just being bitter and completely block this game from existence when it's released in Europe. It might be great, but no part of me craves the game and I'll be just as happy without it. If it were to arrive on Wiiware I'd download it immediately just because of buzz. But as a retail I just can't be bothered. I own like 200 games that I haven't finished if not more, I won't run out of things to do. Maybe I'll pick it up as used in a few years but on the other hand, maybe not. I don't care that it's an indie game and that I usually really support that, this kind of behavior is inexcusable. ARGH! I hate regions... It's like they're asking us to pirate it.



Bensei said:

@Jungelurban: I bought several games spontaneous from a friend in Spring, and wanted to buy more games like DK:Jet Race to shorten the time until Brawl. Since then I kept a list with all the games I SHOULD complete before buying agmes I don't want 100% sure and games that I want to complete/play again but could throw thjem off.

Till now I didn't even complete half of them, gladly Nintendo fails to give me much 100% me-wants games this fall, as they did with spring 2 years ago (why did they have to delay Super Paper Mario?)



mrPlow said:

"World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever"
Oh man, for Europeans this is like rubbing salt into the wound .
Nevertheless this could (should) raise standards for all upcoming wiiware titles.



timp29 said:

You're joking? You mean this game is going to retail for Europe and Australia? What a bunch of money grubbing punks. I won't buy it because now that 300million people have had access to it for $15 or whatever I will always see it as a rip off. :/



Link79 said:

@ Jockolantern

I totally agree with you. World of Goo is a very good game but still not better than Mario Galaxy or Mega man 9. It depends on your preference though. Some people love puzzlers and others prefer platformers. I think it does deserve praise but World of Goo isn't the best videogame ever made. That's a bit too much praise.



wesleyh said:

You can play it in Europe -- I am enjoying it right now You'll need to install the homebrew channel though..



Wiiloveit said:

I feel like crying. I mean - Super Mario Galaxy is my favourite game ever (closely followed by Super Mario World), and now a game comes along that's even better - AND I CAN'T HAVE IT. I feel like buying an American Wii now - just for this game. Well, once I've bought a 360 only to get Geometry Wars 2 and Braid, and a PS3 just so that I can enjoy Little Big Planet. Basically, I'm not getting one. sniffle



ZBomber said:

You guys need to stop complaining. Look on the bright side, you're getting more content than whats on the wiiware version.



AlexSays said:

Actually someone recently gave it a 91.

So World of Goo is tied with Super Mario Galaxy.



Nintendork said:

This is too good to be true. A $15 game toppling the pillers of the great temple that Galaxy, Twilight Princess, RE4, and my personal favorite, SSBB built!
I can't believe I had low expectations for this game, and now It's above my all time favorite games ( RE4 excluded)?



ECM said:

I must be playing a completely different game: is it fun? Yes. Is it a high 90s (or even 90s title)? No, not at all, and it isn't even in remotely the same league as Galaxy, which isn't even my favorite Wii title.

This game is starting to take on the ridiculous air of GTA IV or Gears of War, two other series with games that, as far as I'm concerned, don't come close to the ridiculous amounts of praise heaped upon them by, principally, the gaming media.



blackknight77 said:

Actually in my opinion Super Mario Galaxy is underrated and it should have gotten a 10/10. Unless its garbage like GTA(sorry I am GTA hater) So many sites are afraid to give out 10's. In my book Super Mario Galaxy is a 10

Also I not sure I would compare a downloadable title to a full retail title



Digiki said:

Also I not sure I would compare a downloadable title to a full retail title

That. I f it was the same game just a full price retail title its score would be lower.



AlexSays said:

I must be playing a completely different game

I think you are...
There's always people who think a game is overrated.
Some people think Super Mario Galaxy is overrated.
Some people think Metal Gear Solid 4 is overrated.
You just happen to be in that little exclusive group that happens to think World of Goo is overrated..



Terra said:

I Would never have compared World of Goo to Top games like Brawl and Galaxy. It cannot be that good

Disaster currently has no release date at all in America unless us Europeans like the game, according to Reggie and i'm pretty sure he means sales wise, not review wise, so if we don't buy it, they don't get it.



Objection said:

To all Europeans complaining that they can't get it for Wii until Spring-maybe you should just get the PC version? I know that's not possible for everyone, but it might help some.



Djungelurban said:

I'm actually strongly considering buying Disaster. I mean sure, I like the concept and I'll definitely wait for reviews but even though I don't really buy new games ever really (unless it's a Suikoden game) I might actually buy it when it's released just so that I can do my part to bring it to North America. Yeah, that's right, I'm that weird. I just hate restrictions in general and region restrictions are the among the worst kinds (because it's so incredibly unnecessary) and I'm all too familiar with missing out on good games for no good reason (read: region restrictions) so I sympathize with you.



Objection said:

EVERYONE PLEASE BUY DISASTER! I really want it to come to the US. Yes, that's selfish of me, but I've heard it's pretty good so you aren't exactly suffering for it!



Corbs said:

It's worth keeping in mind that many people are reviewing World of Goo as a $15 downloadable title, not a full-blown retail release like Super Mario Galaxy.



Omega said:

This game seems to be one of the best Wii games to date. At least when sold for $15. I think, the rating from WWW is taking into account the price/performance ratio. But is it still 10/10 when sold for $40?



Terra said:

That would sound about right with the reviews i've seen.

It would be very unlikely that it could get 10/10 as a retail release. I mean, it could get a 10/10 when it's retail released but they'd have to put in a fair amount more content for the game than just an extra level though to get a 10. Also, isn't it a budget title for £20 in Europe?

I Plan to buy Disaster, so that's one sale closer to it coming to the US.

"I'm all too familiar with missing out on good games for no good reason"
I Know how that feels. I hate region restrictions so much (Pretty sure everyone would agree).

What happened to when it was announced that the Wii Would be region free? That sucked harder as we were told one thing and then got told soon after something completely different and not in the good way, Like say, surprise games being revealed to us that look awesome.

If the Wii was Region-Free (as originally told), would we have been able to access the other software in other countries like the different shop channel games? You just have to wonder about this stuff if you're a gamer



Corbs said:

They reneged on the region-free promise almost immediately after it was announced by Perrin Kaplan. It's a shame too, as I would sure love to play that Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Wii remake coming out in Japan in December. Not to mention some of the better import titles available on the Japanese Virtual Console.



Terra said:

While i've never heard of Klonoa, there are certainly some Japanese Virtual Console games I'd love to import. Maybe i should look into that region changer, although i have my doubts

By the way, love the new Halloween avatar Corbie



ECM said:

"You just happen to be in that little exclusive group that happens to think World of Goo is overrated.."

You honestly believe that if you took away all the hype and hyperbole, talk about price, etc., and sat down two gamers in front of Mario Galaxy (or Zelda or Metroid Prime 3) and World of Goo that a majority would not only state that Goo was better than Galaxy but that Goo is the best Wii game yet? Really? You really believe this?



Megaace said:

I live in Spain and I have bought the PC version via Steam. Then, minutes later, the game has been banned to europeans in Steam, too... What an insult!!!! (Luckily, Steam haven't cancelled the game sold to Europeans before the delay, so I can play it...
So, european friends, DON'T BUY the PC or de Wii version in spring... A delay of four or five months is innaceptable, only to pay three or four more for the same game with more levels in retail... It is always the same... In Europe, always later and more expensive... In Spain we are paying 50 euros (67 dollars) for any Wii game. Some of them (Opoona) cost 60 euros (80 dollars). And now this...

Returning to the game, I think it has been rated so high because it is original and it is cheap. It´s a good game, but it is NOT better than Mario Galaxy or Zelda... It is just a funny Wiiware game, Galaxy or Zelda are much better and bigger.



AlexSays said:

@ ECM- Ohhhhhh.
For a moment there I thought you knew what you were talking about. lol
But you're one of THOSE people.
So now I have to explain everything to you, in vast detail, so you're misinformed no longer.

The reviews and scores are relative to their price.
World of Goo, at $15 is a better game than Super Mario Galaxy at $50.
There's no debating that.
If World of Goo was $50, it wouldn't be as good as Super Mario Galaxy.

They're apples and oranges.
You can buy a nice pickup truck for $10,000.
If you pay $50,000 for that same truck, it's not so nice anymore.
Do you understand?
I sure hope so, because I have work to do.



Nath17 said:

It just proves that Nintendo hate us Europeans. We are always dealt from the bottom. A Wii Ware title that seems good seems impossible (except Mega Man 9), so much so that we cannot have it until five months and have to buy at retail for a few pounds more. No doubt, we'll get the new Brain Training game on Wii Ware this week; as casual gaming is prominent here (sigh).



AlexSays said:

It just proves that Nintendo hate us Europeans.

You're one of THOSE people too.
This game isn't being released by Nintendo.
You're blaming Nintendo for something they have absolutely NOTHING to do with?
Makes perfect sense.



planchitecto said:


You're AWESOME-love that sassyness.

I agree with your reasoning. We also have to remember that WOG was created by a small team without the thousands of dollars in budget that other games from large developers have. Considering this, WOG definitely deserves the praise it has received.



Objection said:

@planchitechto-Of course AlexSays is sassy and awesome. Don'tcha know who he used to be? Anyway, his last comment was just too easy, since it should be obvious that 2DBOy made the game, not Nintendo. Not that even that matters, since it wasn't their decision regarding PAL release either.
EDIT: Current numbers:
1 Super Mario Galaxy 97
2 World of Goo 97
3 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The 95



Terra said:

It isn't that Nintendo hate us. When it comes to release dates, it's that the games have to be translated into more languages and certain elements of the game have to be redone, like voices.

For World of Goo, this isn't their fault, so don't go blaming them. Blame 2D Boy if anyone, leave Nintendo Out of this



Omega said:

@Terranigma: No, I think World of Goo is not really a budget title. It can be preordered for 40€ (= £28,55) at in germany. Metroid Prime 3 currently costs 42,95€ at Amazon(.de). I cannot believe that WOG is almost as good as MP3.



Terra said:

It's Not?! That makes me feel like Europeans gamers who are really in-the-know with this sort of stuff are going to feel slightly ripped off by the game when America get's the WiiWare version much cheaper (Keeping in mind that it's without additional content).

There is no way that World of Goo can be as good as Metroid Prime 3 but everyone's entitled to their own opinions and to be fair, they are very different games and for me, i'd choose Metroid anyday. I personally have little interest in WOG myself but i do feel for Europeans who will end up getting a retail version at around double the price, if not more. What's the status on the PC Release in Europe? I haven't heard much on that



Peznaze said:

Hmm... Looks tied for first with Galaxy to me on metacritic, but then, these things tend to happen... King of the Mountain always has someone Kick the Can to topple that reign...

I'm sure it's a great, wonderful and fantastic game, but like Galaxy, too short for me to find it worthwhile.



Crazynoodle said:

I think that metacritic should make wiiware a separate category. Super Mario might be better or have more (ive never played it) but i played WoG demo and it roks. Low price games cant really be compared too high price (vice versa) b/c there are alot of factors 2 take acount of. And i feel bad for europe, i dont know why it happened. I think u can but the full game on 2dboy website reigon free for pc idk. WoG roks, dont be hatin. I wish it had DLC though, i really want lvl editor, more lvls, and so on. And for people who say this game is not as good is megaman 9, they are 2 diff types of games. It is all about how u think of things.
Go Patriots and Bears!



Corbs said:

I'm sure it's a great, wonderful and fantastic game, but like Galaxy, too short for me to find it worthwhile.

Wow you guys must have a lot of time on your hands. I personally can't find the time to play games that are too lengthy nowadays. Even RPGs are starting to take me months to finish instead of weeks as they used to. I'm still trying to find time to finish up Tales of Vesperia.



KDR_11k said:

Review averages tend to go down as more reviews are added, Game Rankings won't allow a game to place until it has 20 reviews and even then it'll go down as more reviews are added. Back when it had 30 reviews Super Mario Galaxy was ahead of Ocarina of Time (which has ~30 reviews) but now it's below that.



Clayfrd said:

WoG is fantastic, but there's no way it's better than SMG. Sorry... no. WoG is a masterpiece of art, style, and physics, but is in no way the greatest game ever.



planchitecto said:

Y'all need to chill. More reviews will come in and will balance it out. WOG is fantastic though.



AlexSays said:

It's a good game but its not as good as SMG

It's the best game ever for it's price.
I'm sorry everyone keeps comparing it to games which are three times more expensive.

You're AWESOME-love that sassyness.




RadioShadow said:

Where does it it say in that News the game is going to be a Wii game in Europe? Where is everyone getting there information about this?



stedaman said:

@ AlexSays
Which is what this whole post is doing when using metacritic, hence why I said its not as good as SMG.

@ RadioShadow

Press releases galore have confirmed World of Goo as a retail game in Europe. RTL are handling it.



Omega said:

@Terranigma: The status for the PC Version is the same as for the Wii version. Both games will be released (in germany) on February 29th, 2009 (according to The Computer Version (which is for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X) will cost 29,99€* and the Wii Version 39,99€. The Wii version's publisher is NBG EDV Handels & Verlags GmbH (in germany) and the Computer version comes over RTL games.

*) you can also order the region free computer version right away from for $20 (which is for windows only) and get access(?) to Mac/Linux versions when they are available. (I, for myself, would not do so because this version is most likely not translated into the respective national language.)

@RadioShadow: I have these informations from the Amazon Online-Shop.



Clayfrd said:

@AlexSays- If WoG were $50 and had 3 times more content, it still wouldn't match SMG in my book. Is fanboyism tainting my judgement? Maybe a little, but I still think Galaxy is better for your money (especially for someone like me who can get every star with M&L and 9999 star bits with Luigi and STILL find the game entertaining).
I will say that this is the first WiiWare game (excepting MM9) that I've been able to play continuously for more than an hour. I love the game, but it's not the best ever. Also, Ocarina is 10 bucks these days, and it may not trump WoG in charm, but it does in content. Okay, that's a bad argument since Ocarina was expensive back in the N64 age, but still... I don't know. I usually like to beat a game before I give it the final word, so I'll get back to you.



PHANTOM93 said:

Wow, just wow. Thank you 2D Boy for making such an awesome game.

@ Corbie

I see you're all ready for Halloween



OverlordMao said:

boy, I'm so glad my friend gifted it to me.It's frickin amazing! Can anyone help with the fisty level?



shadows262 said:

world of goo cant be the best wii game because its also on the PC and its a “wiiware” game its not a “wii” game but its a “wii-WARE-” game



Decus_Q said:

To me I beleive personally and with full conviction World of Goo would not be what it is without it's music. The game overall is a great game with one of the best physics engine and a good back story. But without the music i don't think it would have had such an impact to take it to the number 1 spot it's at right now. The music sounds like Dr. Suess, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman got together and wrote the score and designed the game around it. My truth on the matter is because of the music I was nearly brought to tears during it's most depressing or hopeful moments for the little goos and the world they were used in. Further more I recommend that this games music recieve the highest honors amoungst we gamers who are fortunate enough to play it and bask in it's Gooey Glory.



AlexSays said:

@ Decus Q-The music is amazing.
I think the music actually prevents people from getting frustrated with the game.
There's been a few levels I've had trouble with, but I didn't mind playing them over and over just because I enjoyed listening to the music.

world of goo cant be the best wii game because its also on the PC
So a system's best game HAS to be an exclusive? It couldn't be the best PC game too?
That makes no sense.
And you should try forming a sentence sometime, it's fun.



Ricardo91 said:

"You should try forming a sentence sometime, it's fun."

@Corbie. I love Greg's new head.

I can't believe that World of Goo ranked higher than Super Mario Galaxy. Sure, it's only $15, but it just doesn't make sense that a lowly Wiiware game about building up balls of goo would do better than something as brilliant as SMG. Really, it can't be THAT good. Better than Brawl maybe, but not Galaxy. It's like Braid beating out Halo 3 or GTA IV as the highest-ranked Xbox 360 game. Maybe I just have a Mario bias.

I'll believe it when I play it. And I gave up on trying to run the demo: I downloaded DirectX 9.0 like 2D Boy told me so, and it STILL won't play on my computer! And I DLed the freakin' FULL PACKAGE!!!! I never got why it would'nt run either; It was said to be compatible with my computer and everything...

@Clayfrd. OoT can't rank as one of the best Wii games because it's a re-release of a 10-year old N64 game.



PHANTOM93 said:

@ Mr. Cheez

Though OoT isn't (technically) a Wii game, it is the highest rated (by metacritic) piece of software that you can own for it. (For those of you who don't know OoT has a metacritic score of 99)



World_1-1 said:

It's my favorite WiiWare game by far... (second is Mega Man 9, and third is LostWInds). IMO it's not nearly as good as Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, or Resident Evil 4. But it's still one heck of a game. Everyone needs to buy it and support 2D Boy. We need a World of Goo 2! (And I haven't even beaten the game yet... xD.)



Angelbound said:

mp3 was a joke compared to the others' dumbed down gameplay constant loading of doors and so on. Wog is deffinatly better then 3 but wog is a differant game, but I will say I enjoy wog then most wii games.

And I also feel for euro but keep in mind its only 2 people of course there going to release it where they live first. Besides didnt eurooe get a platformer wiiware title that usa will never get? And they didnt tell us until the release date?



Angelbound said:

Well they dont seem like a greedy company to me, the truth is we dont really know why, but it makes sense that it costs alot more to release multi region.



Omega said:

I think the retail version for Wii causes higher costs for package design, instruction booklet, translation, distribution, promotion etc. The price of 40€ may be justified. Otherwise there are many other very good retail games for <20€ already on the market (like PS2-Platinum Series). Well, everyone must find out for himself if it is worth 40€ or not. At the end, it is a matter of taste. (And if one waits long enough, the price will surely go down. I can wait... )



Luigison said:

WoG and SMG are currently tied on MetaCritic with reviews scores of 97, but WoG is winning the user vote with 9.4 to 9.1.

Gamerankings has SMG winning, but if they included's 100% for WoG the games would be nearly tied.

What does have to do to be one of Game Rankings main sites?

Edit: Based on this news and how much I'm enjoying this game I'm upping the prize amount in my Mii contest to 1500 points.



Dazza said:

A site needs over 100 reviews to enter the meta rating on GameRankings. We only have 38 so far, at this rate we'll influence the overall average sometime late in 2009



wesleyh said:

Tell me again why 2Dboy needed a publisher in the first place? This is all digital download, right?? .. Couldn't they have handled everything themselves?

And second point, I'm sure that they would have made much more money had they released the game as a digital download in Europe, versus the retail release a few months away.. Stupid decisions, really.



AlexSays said:

I'd rather have it in a box too.
The game takes up about one-sixth of the Wii's total internal memory.
And the retail game comes with more levels.

No memory + more levels = better version.
People are just complaining because of the time.



PALgamer said:

You can buy it in a box if you feel like it Alex, just for a measly price of $55 in a few months time. I know you want to.



maka said:

Add one more vote for the wiiware version. I don't think I'll be picking this game up unless I find a good priced 2nd hand copy.

Now, if it'd come out on wiiware, then I'll probably buy it without a second thought...

And anyway, internal memory will only be an issue for a few months more...



Serpent said:

Yes, it is the best wiiware game, Megaman 9 is close second.

What do you mean it will only be an issue for a few months more. Saving directly to the SD card isn't really going to solve anything.



KDR_11k said:

They got a publisher because they needed some quick money. The retail price of 40 Euros (was in a press release) is just insane though.



AlexSays said:

Finally beat Mega Man 9.
I'm so happy.

You can buy it in a box if you feel like it Alex, just for a measly price of $55 in a few months time. I know you want to.
Actually I do.
If money is THAT much of a problem for you, you picked the wrong hobby.



tehub said:

Great game, but I don't know if I like it mroe than Lost Winds. Still, phenominal.



Objection said:

If money is THAT much of a problem for you, you picked the wrong hobby.
Very true. Since game systems are hundreds of dollars and gaming PCs can be thousands, with games averaging $40-60, this is not the free time choice for those with small wallets. @Alexsays--Congrats, man.



StarDust4Ever said:

How in the world did I miss the hype surrounding this game?!?!?

10/10 is not a score to be given out lightly.

I guess I'll have to give it a go sometime when I return home, but that's a lot of Wii Points, ROTFLMAO!



Clayfrd said:

@Objection_Blaster/AlexSays - Video games have been my long time hobby, and I have a small wallet. The difference is, I'm into classic games, which tend to be cheaper, and I can make a game last a long time. Even without any income, I always seem to have the money to get any game I really want. I'm not sure why, it just seems to happen. I guess I'm a lucky guy.

@AlexSays - Good job. I beat it two weeks ago, and it's quite a feeling to beat that game. It took me 9 E-Tanks and 1 M-Tank to beat Wily's Castle, but I'm still proud .



that_dan_guy said:

Just a thought... Will the European / Australian release be reviewed differently, ie, appear as two different versions on meta critic? Because this would no doubt affect its score (I am assuming downwards, but who knows, the extra content may still warrant 10/10s).



PALgamer said:

To the duo Objection_Blaster and AlexSays: That isn't a issue. What it really comes down to for me is value for money, and that is a subjective matter (see Serpent's comment). Wii lost a sale to PC.



Omega said:

@Clayfrd: I think this is the right attidtude and I agree with you completely. Video Games do not need to be expensive. If you look around among the classics, there are so many good games that you can never be in short supply. And many of them are not even really old. I am thinking of games like Final Fantasy XII, God of War or GTA. You can get them new and in original packaging at a throw-away price. Okay, I admit: These are for the PS2 but for the Wii/Gamecube/N64, there is also enough (at least at eBay). And then there is still the Virtual console: Lots of games which cost next to nothing. What more could you want? I do not understand people who believe they have to spend much money for videogames. Maybe they earn more money than average.



Ren said:

gosh i wish I wasn't so broke right now. I would kill to play this game. I also loved mario galaxy but found it a little easy, and I'm not that hardcore. I imagine WOG is a little easy too, but it looks like a blast. about the reviews; the price point goes a long way, thats a huge factor. Obviously all of us here already have very different standards for wiiware games because we know about the size limits and the lower price so putting out a really great lasting game is tough especially on a low budget with a small staff. We all know some of the crap full price games that are out there that this surely blows away, it's worth receiving the praise to raise the bar a little.



Yasume said:

It has a score of 95 right now and is tied with Twilight Princess. It will drop a few more points more probably.



BigKing said:

I played this game on my European Wii (go figure ).

It's amazing. I might buy the disc version as soon as it comes out, and if it has A LOT more levels(not just one extra world). The game is pretty short. You can finish it in a few hours.

I just don't understand why they didn't release it here on WiiWare. And why it doesn't feature a downloadable content feature for new levels



Clayfrd said:

@Omega- Definitely. You can SMB 1-3, and The Legend of Zelda for the price of 1 Wii points card, and those games can last you a LONG time. That's just naming a few games too. I understand that a lot of people have invested a lot of time into those games, but it's even easy to save on new games. You can save at least a little by buying used and/or on ebay. Keeping up with change is also a great way to get games. I came up with around $16 (appx. 12 euros) in quarters a few months ago by saving all of my quarters. I'm a bit frugal yes, but it makes keeping up with games a bit easier for someone without an income (so does being a Nintendo fan, sigh).



Omega said:

Yes, I'm also frugal. I usually do not buy newly released games when I can get 2 or 3 interesting older ones for the same price. But I think "World of Goo" would be an exception (if I would live in America). For 15€ it seems to be nice even for a brand new title. Shame that I live in Europe. But well, I am not annoyed too much, because there are still enough other funny games to play. And If someone can wait 2 oder 3 years, it will probably cost no more than 9.95€ (and 1.99€ on eBay). Waiting is always worthwhile.

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