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United Kingdom

Tue 3rd Jun 2008

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stedaman commented on Driift Mania:

Looks alot like Super Off Road to me...which is a good thing.

Definatly getting this.



stedaman commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

@ AlexSays
Which is what this whole post is doing when using metacritic, hence why I said its not as good as SMG.

@ RadioShadow

Press releases galore have confirmed World of Goo as a retail game in Europe. RTL are handling it.



stedaman commented on WiiWare Games To Be Directly Downloadable To S...:

So I'll say again? Solved it made the process a bit "faster" ?

Not being able to play the games off the SD card does not make it better!
Nintendo : "We have something better than a hard drive"

where is it?




stedaman commented on WiiWare Games To Be Directly Downloadable To S...:


Is this for real?

First of all they cannot release this till next year? LOL ?

Then the most important doesnt solve anything?

Are they actually retarded? WTH does allowing to save to SD card but not able to play off them solve. The space on the wii is still limited and you will still have to swap game fromt he wii to SD card. HOW IN THE HELL DOES THIS OLVE ANYTHING???

I am hoping you are wrong...coz that doesn't solve anything...hence whats the point in doing it?



stedaman commented on EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast...:

I'm here, not sleeping..dw!

Wow what a surprise...This is truely great. No complaints this time. Bet we get rubbish next wiiware day

  • I hope you guys get them Monday....should do really.

But...where to put them? storage solution plz! ^^



stedaman commented on EU WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch and Pop:

@ battledevil789

Oh come on!

You have like 6 more games than us, and all of the ones we have now.

Family Table Tennis, Critty Round Up, Gyrostarr, Protohea, Defend Your Castle, VIP Casino and some more u'll get for the next two mondays while we wait two weeks!

We are sooooooooo behind



stedaman commented on World Of Goo Will Not Be Released On WiiWare I...:

"burning through savings and getting into debt we were simply nearing the end of our runway and it started being pretty important for us to get some money coming in. RTL was there to help us"

Sorry but it just looks like they are tranna make more money to try to pay for the debts they are in. Best way to do it?

Thing is i'll buy it for sure, i'm not happy about it...but its a quality game from the looks of things....I just hope the extras are actually worth the extra price tag. One bonus level would be a piss take.



stedaman commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokemon Ranch:

one game?

When they boast there are 100 wiiware games or w/e in development it takes the piss with one a week. Especially when theres clearly another 15-20 ready to launch for sure.

Why not 3 a week?

If it takes 2 weeks for wiiware games to come out in the UK that sux. One per two weeks its not enough!



stedaman commented on EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist:

Arg only one.

Don't wanna sound greedy but would have liked at least Pop and DYC as well.

They better up it from one a week when theres so many availible and/or in development.