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Fri 25th Jul 2008

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Angelbound commented on World of Goo is Officially the Best Wii Game Ever:

mp3 was a joke compared to the others' dumbed down gameplay constant loading of doors and so on. Wog is deffinatly better then 3 but wog is a differant game, but I will say I enjoy wog then most wii games.

And I also feel for euro but keep in mind its only 2 people of course there going to release it where they live first. Besides didnt eurooe get a platformer wiiware title that usa will never get? And they didnt tell us until the release date?



Angelbound commented on How to play Plättchen - Twist 'n' Paint:

First of all, claim all you like that you don't hate the company but if you didn't carry hate in your heart in general you wouldn't look for something to troll constantly, you're acting like fools, this is why companies are afraid to innovative he is just trying to not let all his work go down the hole.

The reason we get bad games is because of people like you. You bring it on yourselves, where is this so called false advertising? I kept my eye on this game and I never saw or read as such, you can put whatever false justifications behind your judgement but the is no evidence that this company is like any other greedy company.

I understand that some of us feel cheated out there by companies with bad products but you don't need to judge the indi companies, for example 2d boy focused on making world of goo actually alot of fun and worth 15 dollars probably more, so you see good companies do exist and more will come be patient.

People just want something to whine about as someone said earlier you made a bad game get over it, well look in the mirror your the ones not getting over it sitting here complaining like children.

The company tried to do to much at once thats really the larger issue of this game according to ign and other reviews, they are creative and had the right idea they just needed a little trial and error to learn from there mistakes, and if we don't recognise that then companies will never innovate.