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Treasure: Buy Dynamite Headdy, You Fools

Posted by Damien McFerran

Highly respected Japanese developer Treasure has spoken about the Virtual Console service in a recent interview with

President Masato Maegawa said he was pleased with the commercial performance of titles like Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment, but was sad to see that so few people had downloaded Dynamite Headdy – a game which holds a special place in his heart.

We don’t want to upset such a legendary studio, do we? You’d better get downloading, guys!

Treasure also spoke about its plans for WiiWare, details of which you can find over at our sister site WiiWare World.


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Jockolantern said:

I quite agree with President Maegawa. Buy 'Dynamite Headdy', folks! It is a woefully underlooked and terrifically crafted platformer. Loads of fun and one of the Genesis' best games.



Objection said:

Dynamite Headdy? Never heard of it on the N.A. VC shop??
EDIT: Okay, it is, but I've still never heard of it.



wii-c-kid said:

I also bought it months ago. It's a good game but iit's bizarre sense of humor might not appeal to everyone.

Buy it anyway!



slangman said:

Not really convinced with Dynamite Headdy. Even if i really liked Gunstar Heroes and S&P. I was going to give this a try untill i got burned with Alien Soldier.

It does look really great graphics for a Mega Drive title though.



Digiki said:

I've played Dynamite Headdy a bit like 8 or so years ago, it was pretty fun.



Link79 said:

I'm sorta confused as to why people aren't buying it. I bought it back when it was released on VC having never played it before and I loved it! I knew of it when it originally came out but didn't own a Genesis at the time. If you like colorfull adventure games I promise you will like this one. Show your support to Treasure guys and buy this game.
btw Any of you ever heard of Mischeif makers on N64? It's another great overlooked game by the same company and hopefully it will get a VC release soon.



blackknight77 said:

Dynamite Heddy is a Sega Genesis game so you can't go wrong there. Of course I am a fan of old-school Sega to so I am biased. Smart move I think companies need to remind gamers about whats on the VC. Games can easliy be overlooked. One game that comes to mind is Comix Zone!



ECM said:

Dynamite Headdy was the one game that Treasure always wanted to do a sequel to (even when they supposedly didn't want to do sequels)--it's too bad it isn't performing very well on the VC since that means it'll likely never come to light.



Mr_Saturn said:

I had the exact same thought process as Post #2. I'll probably pick it up tonight since I've got a three day weekend coming my way.



Ian_Daemon said:

So... Maegawa is disappointed with the sales of ONE of his games on the VC? Treasure has multiple games on the VC that sold really, really well. It's not like Dynamite Headdy wasn't originally released years ago. It wasn't free back then. Maegawa just looks greedy at this point.



Swithom said:

Well, if the game has a special place in his heart, then its perfectly understandable him being miffed its his worst selling game...

Imagine you are a movie produce, you produce five or six films and the one you loved making, are really proud of, everyone says is your greatest, fails at box office. No one bothers to see it.
But the others all do really well.
I mean, well done, your a respected movie producer, but it would be a little bit of a blow to your pride and creativity.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I´m just like everybody else, bought Sin & Punishment and Gunstar Heroes... but not Dynamite Headdy.

Why? The other games had a tougher image and seemed more action-packed. I´ve been thinking about getting Alien Soldier sometime though, it costs a fortune to get it on cart! I hope to find DH for a bargain price someday.



Danieru_Lynx said:

Dynamite Headdy is a brilliantly fun game with a quirky yet lovable sense of humour. I have many fond memories of it from my childhood, and would happily (and have in fact been wanting to) purchase it for the VC were I to have the Wii Points to do so.



7th_lutz said:

I bought Sin & Punishment, not Dynamite Headdy. I have no regret on buying Sin & Punishment.

Dynamite Headdy is a great game, but I didn't download it for a reason. I already own the genesis cartridge and my sega genesis still hooked up.

I like to see Treasure release Mischief Makers on the vc.



Starwolf_UK said:

When I heared the US and European releases hads the difficulty buffed up (it was like this in the day) I recoiled a bit (its probably not as insane as Ninja Gaiden 3s difficulty buff).



Rapadash6 said:

I'm a sucker for platformers like this so I downloaded it the first day it was available. I definately don't regret it and recommend it to all platformer fans out there. Also, yes, I'd really like to see Mischief Makers put up on VC soon as well.



worrybomb said:

@ Ian Daemon

It's not that Mr. Maegawa's top priority is to get money for Dynamite Headdy, it was one of his and Treasure's first games so you can't blame the man for wanting more exposure for it. DH holds a lot of sentimental value for him. Plus not a lot of people mention Dynamite Headdy when it comes to best Genesis games.

And on that note if you haven't DL Dynamite Headdy and you love platforming games, then give it a chance. It's pretty darn good.



Bendover83 said:

I as well have downloaded it when it came out, then S&P.
DH is an awsome platformer, its a little out there but really fun, and I still haven't beatin it yet. I'll get around to it eventually.



Betagam7 said:

Why don't I buy Dynamite headdy? For the same reason I havn't bought a single Mega Drive game since my first VC download (Gunstar Heroes):
Its the same lazy 50hz, bordered, 17% slower crap they insulted me with the first time around and if anyone can put me in touch with Maegawa I'll gladly tell him that.



OverlordMao said:

I bought DH a WHILE ago,along with S&P. I was gonna get Gun*Heros to complete the set,but I was enjoying Dynamite headdy too much . I only bought it because it was mentioned so many times on Bonus Stage(flash cartoon), along with gunstar heroes, bionic commando, kid chameleon, and others. It IS a great game, and i'm glad Treasure is asking(begging) people to buy it.



Mendez said:

I didn't realise it did badly..
I strongly reccomend you guys to download it, it really is an excellent game!



Jazzem said:

I'm a huge Treasure fan and Dynamite Headdy was the first game of theirs I ever played, so it holds a special place for me. Highly recommended!



Starwolf_UK said:

Why don't I buy Dynamite headdy? For the same reason I havn't bought a single Mega Drive game since my first VC download (Gunstar Heroes):
Its the same lazy 50hz, bordered, 17% slower crap they insulted me with the first time around and if anyone can put me in touch with Maegawa I'll gladly tell him that.

Yeah that was my other reason for not buying (though i'm kind of happy as it means I can put more money into WiiWare which is also where I believe the money should go more) Sad thing is Treasure have no control over that. SEGA claim to know nothing about the virtual console and NOE don't care what their customers think. Which leaves us with nothing but suck

The sad thing is video mode=60Hz+country=USA fixes it in 75% of Megadrive games

Thing is in its day how did Dynamite Headdy do? I'd wager not as well as Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment (plus this has the whole first ever time to buy in English thing going for buying it*). Seems most VC only do proportionately as well now as they did in the day.

*-We can stop gifting it now, we've got our sequel out of Japan Next on the agenda is Earthbo...



Betagam7 said:

"The sad thing is video mode=60Hz+country=USA fixes it in 75% of Megadrive games"

Can you expand upon that? Are you saying that by switching the country to USA, Mega Drive games somehow run faster?



Manicfatty said:

As bad as I feel not supporting one of my all-time favorite developers, I own the cartridge and prefer the 6 button Genesis pad's feel. In addition, I have pledged not to download any more VC games until Nintendo actually gives us a storage solution. The download to card option is an insult and makes it clear that they think we are all complete idiots. My last download (Mega Man 9 - had to support Capcom and the Wii had the best control options) finished off the Wii points that were sitting unused, and I'm done. Screw Nintendo. If Sega were to bring the 'Treasure Box' (Collection on PS2 released in Japan) to these shores, I'd support them in a heartbeat.



Sabre said:

Anyone who doesn't own Dynamite Headdy, either in cartridge or downloaded form, is a filthy communist.



Chunky_Droid said:

To be honest, I don't have any Treasure games downloaded lol. I played Gunstar Heroes at a friend's house and really just couldn't get into it. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of Metal Slug either so it's probably just the genre.

Sorry guys!



Atlantis1982 said:

I liked the game when I gave it a try during my 16-bit years, but it didn't impressed me all that much.

On the other hand, I am still proud to have bought Sin and Punishment.



Cthuloops said:

I have S&P and love it. I am very glad that S&P 2 is coming out. That is good enough for me.



Foamyfan231 said:

This game didn't get the respect it derserved. I recently played this game on an emulator and I LOVE IT!!!!! its charm makes the game nice, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is awesome as well and the bosses are kick ass. I am getting some wii points soon. I will download this game, I WON"T UPSET YOU Masato Maegawa!!!!!!!!!!!!



RadioShadow said:

The US/EU version had the diolog removed for some random reason.

Plus I wasn't keen on the game. It was good, but not my cup of tea which is strange as I'm a fan of platform games.



Starwolf_UK said:

Can you expand upon that? Are you saying that by switching the country to USA, Mega Drive games somehow run faster?
Talking about hardware here (the component of the hardware is emulated). If you're making a region free Mega drive you'll be adding two switches the Mega Drive as well as changing the cartridge slot.

One switch is for country (a number of games check this as a region check though quite a few don't it almost seems random) and the other is 50/60Hz. A few games when set to EUR+60Hz won't boot or if video mode is switched during gameplay will glitch (i.e. that had some PAL optimisation done for them). However setting the switch to USA and 60Hz they run just like a US version.

Of course with the Wii Genesis games bought through the US Wii shop (AnyRegion Changer homebrew) in theory should work in proper 60Hz provided you get the channels running (there are a number of homebrew firmware patchers for region free channels and tempory solutions for same*) but there is the risk they don't and you're left with a point defecit. I say in theory as my Wii points don't go on Virtual consoles titles (I feel the VC is horrendously overpriced and I would rather use my limited budget on WiiWare as its better for the industry)

*-As in you set it and upon powering down the system it is back to normal.



Twilight_Crow said:

I love platform games but, I simply don't like DH, so I haven't, nor I will, Download it, sorry; I have nothing against the game it's just not my cup of tea, still though I've really enjoyed other Treasure games (S&P, GH), and I'm a big fan of Mischief Makers (shake, shake!).



KingMike said:

Apologies. I have so many Sega compilations, I assumed it HAD to be on at least one of them.



Fignuts said:

Im not confused why people arnt buying, it has some seriously buggy mechanics and can get frustrating quite quick with the glitchy attacking system. i played it for about 25 minutes, and put it down, never to return.....ill stick with ristar for a techno colored abortion of a game.



ICEknight said:

"46. Fignuts United States 10 Oct 2008, 05:52 GMT
Im not confused why people arnt buying, it has some seriously buggy mechanics and can get frustrating quite quick with the glitchy attacking system."

I don't think I've ever found a single "glitch" in this game, and I've been playing it from time to time since it was originally released. I'll go as far as to say that it's one of the most solid and imaginative Mega Drive platformers ever made, and it's one of my all-time favorites.

It was my first VC download, and I was indeed disappointed to see that it didn't run fullspeed in european Wiis and that it also had some sound issues, but only SEGA is to blame for those faulty emulators they're using. This game truly deserves to be bought from the Wii Shop... and then played through some other, more accurate (unofficial) emulator.



Betagam7 said:


Yeah, I have a switched UK Saturn that has the region and HZ settings so thankfully I get to play those PAL games in 60hz.
I'm too nervous about bricking the Wii to run that kind of homebrew on it though. God it's so annoying that Nintendo is making people go to such absurd lengths when all it has to do is tell developers to get there games running at 60hz full screen before submitting them.
People call Microsoft greedy but you wouldn't catch them allowing 50hz bordered games on Arcade.
God I'm sick to the back teeth of Nintendo's complete disregard for its PAL customers.



Outrunner said:

Headdy is my favourite Treasure game. I played it all the time when I was wee and it was an instant download on VC. You people who have overlooked it don't know what you're missing.
On the other hand, I totally agree with the 50/60hz thing. It shouldn't be happening in this day and age... sort it out Nintendo!



Starwolf_UK said:

This game truly deserves to be bought from the Wii Shop... and then played through some other, more accurate (unofficial) emulator.
This old problem. Some games need support (Sin & Punishment for instance would'nt have a sequel coming in English if it wasn't for the support given on the Wii Shop and Earthbound gets my support when it comes along*) but the only way to support them is to buy the complete package including shoddy emulator and Nintendos cut**. And then to make matters worse you have to get warez to play it...

*-It is a dead franchise for Japan but there pleanty of potential life left in the West (seeing as we've only seen a third of it).
**-Chances are the Japanese person who wrote the VC guidelines had a wishy-washy "should play like the original did" which NOE interpreted as meaning 50Hz (had that interpreter had their brain working they might have noticed the 60Hz only Zelda compilations and NES classics...).



StarDust4Ever said:

I've got some spare points. I'll put it on my "games to download" list next time I go home from college to play on my Wii



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

If I buy Dynamite Headdy, will you put Mischief Makers on the Virtual Console? And perhaps release Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting stateside? Oh, how about a Mischief Makers sequel on Wii!

Yeah.....our Wii dollars probably aren't going THAT far.



Starwolf_UK said:

If I buy Dynamite Headdy, will you put Mischief Makers on the Virtual Console?
It isn't Treasures's a bit of an issue that game. It was a collaboration with Enix and after the game came out (Enix was the publisher in Japan and elsewhere Nintenod was) neither party could reach an agreement on rights (or something like that).



whalleywhat said:

It might hold a special place in Maegawa's heart, but a lot of people think Dynamite Headdy is one of Treasure's weaker efforts.



Betagam7 said:

I found it very interesting that Nintendo took the time to alter the PAL version of Smash Bros Brawl so that the unlockable demos (sorry "Masterpieces") ran in appalling 50hz bordered badness.
Proof that they know the games are different in this country and that they are worried that the casual factions might wonder why thegame they download from VC is slower and more squashed than the one they unlocked in Brawl.
The fact that PAL 60hz versions of Zelda exist already on the collectors disk for gamecube really shows the true extent of the laziness



Ricardo91 said:

I DLed both Gunstar and Sin & Punishment and loved them both, but was never really interested in Dynamite Headdy. It looks too fast-paced for a platformer IMO. But the whole head-throwing mechanic does sound interesting.

Mr. Maegawa, if you can talk Nintendo into releasing Mischief Makers on VC, maybe then I'll buy your game. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.



Mike1 said:

No thanks. Dynamite Headdy doesn't look interesting at all. Besides I didn't like Sin & Punishment, and Gunstar Heroes was just okay. Contra 3 is so much better.



Outrunner said:

@whalleywhat: I don't think Headdy is a weak effort at all. I think it's a solid, well rounded and wacky little platformer with loads of quirks. There's never a boring moment in it. Each level has something different and the gameplay style even changes around (some of my favourite levels are the shooter stages). Not to mention it has some of the best music in any game on the Mega Drive. Treasure are one of the only developers that actually made the MD sound better than most Snes efforts. The boss themes are particularly good. Oh and speaking of bosses, the ones in this game are awesome!



x10power said:

Headdy is a great game to any platforming VCer collection that I would rate 5 out 5 stars because on how much I enjoy it.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah...been meaning to get to that. Then again, I still need to get Alien Soldier and Gunstar Heroes, so it'll have to wait in line.



Betagam7 said:

Alien Soldier is not worth the hype imo. Rare and expensive games arent always great (That Gundam game on the VB for example)



CanisWolfred said:


Your point? As long as it's good I'm still going to get it, although the reason I'm getting it first isn't as much because it's good, as I planned on getting it about 6 months ago, and never did. Then I planned on getting Gunstar Heroes, and never did. Then I planned on getting Dynamite Headdy, and you guessed it, I never did.

If I ever manage to get these games, I plan on going in order, even if some of them are better than others.



Outrunner said:

Alien Soldier is AWESOME! A game packed full of nothing but top-notch boss battles. What's not to love?



Clayfrd said:

@Manicfatty- I would join you in your protest to not buy VC/WiiWare until a real solution is presented, but I don't have that kind of self control. WoG is too good!

Oh, and I got Dynamite Headdy yesterday with some residual points from my WoG purchase. It's really good. Am I alone, or does it remind anyone else of Ristar? Anyway, I hope others decide to support it too.



Betagam7 said:


My point was that I don't think Alien Soldier is very good at all. I'd say its an average game at best and one of the worst Treasure games I've played. That is all.

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