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United States

Fri 3rd Oct 2008

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Fignuts commented on Treasure: Buy Dynamite Headdy, You Fools:

Im not confused why people arnt buying, it has some seriously buggy mechanics and can get frustrating quite quick with the glitchy attacking system. i played it for about 25 minutes, and put it down, never to return.....ill stick with ristar for a techno colored abortion of a game.



Fignuts commented on Altered Beast:

Really boring game. Every level is basicly the same, involving the charecter collecting upgrade orbs as fast as possible, and fighting waves of lame enemies.Pass



Fignuts commented on StarTropics:

Such an amazing game. Can get alittle frustrating in some parts, but all around one of the most solid titles on the NES back in the day.....basicly cause its a zelda clone with way more style.