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Dynamite Headdy (MD / Mega Drive)

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Headdy, the central protagonist of the game, is the star of the Treasure Theatre production of Dynamite Headdy.

He has come to North Town from the country in order to visit his friends HeadCase, HangMan and Beau, but arrives to find that the evil puppet king Dark Demon is in the midst of attacking the puppet town to select which of the peaceful toys should live and which should be converted into his evil minions. Headdy is captured by the Robo-Collector and rejected by D.D.'s forces, and is dropped into the dust cargo to be thrown into the incinerator. However, Headdy escapes the clutches of Dark Demon's minions and sets off to defeat the evil king.

However, trouble is afoot. Not only is the puppet world filled with Dark Demon's minions, but to reach the evil overlord's castle Headdy must defeat Dark Demon's Keymasters, who serve as the king's elite guard. To make matters worse, Headdy is followed by his lifelong rival Trouble Bruin, a puppet jealous of Headdy's success. Bruin wants to be the star instead of Headdy, and will stop at nothing to get rid of him.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Headdy, the central protagonist of the game, is the star of the Treasure Theatre production of Dynamite Headdy.

Treasure has already secured its place in history as a purveyor of "gamers' games", encouragingly flying in the face of the accepted practice of style over content to provide such stone-cold classics as Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga and Gunstar...

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News: Treasure: Buy Dynamite Headdy, You Fools

Treasure: Buy Dynamite Headdy, You Fools

Highly respected Japanese developer Treasure has spoken about the Virtual Console service in a recent interview with 1up.com.

President Masato Maegawa said he was pleased with the commercial performance of titles like Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment, but was sad to see that so few people had downloaded Dynamite Headdy – a game which holds...

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User Comments (35)



Jazzem said:

"You got a secret bonus point!"

One of my all time favourite platformers and Mega Drive games, not to mention one of the better barmy Japanese games! Now to decide whether to re-buy it or not...

__Brett Celinski


Brett Celinski said:

It's weird. Awesome characters. It's hard. It's sick. Download it now!!! Like a platformers version of Gunstar Heroes.



Mendez said:

I've loved this game for years, and I'll certainly rebuy it as soon as it's out on VC =D
It just skims a 5* with me, but if I gave it 4 it would have been a very high 4.
Reccomended for anyone who likes platformers!



Alegeobla said:

I love this game, its soooo much fun. My buddy and i used to play it all the time, and then i talked him into giving it to me, and i still play it to this day



Mendez said:

The gameplay mechanics of this and Rayman are very different, but the thing they have in common is their retratable body parts (head for DH and arms for Rayman). They can both use them in similar ways for things like grabbings things, and hitting enemy's.



SKTTR said:

As a big Treasure fan (I have Mischief Makers, Wario World, Gunstar Heroes, Sin&Punishment 1&2, Alien Soldier, Light Crusader and Bangai-O) this comes as a nice surprise that I will definately buy. It also reminds me a bit of Mischief Makers (that cat like boss looks like the one in MM) so that must mean something really good. Graphics seem crazy and nonstop action. Must Have!



Outrunner said:

This and Rocket Knight Adventures are my all-time favourite Mega Drive games! Can't wait to play it again. Oh and it's nothing like Rayman or Smash Bros.



eMJay said:

What can i say, the game i've been waiting for the most! Just to replay it again...I check the new releases every week just to see if it has finally arrived! So much thought was put into this game-One of the cleverest, most challenging, satisfying games there is, coming from a legendary games master like myself! If you're someone who likes to try something different from your well known household name platformers, then this is definitely it. Never got the credit it deserved...a classic!



Mendez said:

I wonder if we'll get this awesome game a week Thursday. It'll be annoying having to wait another month if we don't!



Starwolf_UK said:

A quick thing to point out. Though its unlikely users with access to the Japanese Wii shop will bother with this site; the US and Europeans versions of this game are actually harder than their Japanese counterpart

A few other Treasure games have ended up that way (Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Silhoette Mirage are the only ones the spring to mind ATM).



GBAKirbster2007 said:

I thought I had seen that character somewhere before....I've never played this, but everyone seems to agree its good, so I guess I'll buy it. Someone said something about Rocket Knight Adventures? That I am DEFINITELY getting, along with Sparkster for the SNES. Sparkster as a character was pretty cool, I mean come on, an armored possum with a sword and a jet pack? How original can you get?! It's a pity that he never got a chance with Sonic and Mario snagging the spotlight....Vectorman was in the same situation. There are and always have been lots of games that people overlook simply because it doesn't sound familiar. Hopefully now those characters might just get the chance to make a comeback.

One last thing, Sin & Punishment on VC FTW. Make our day Treasure!
You know you can do it easily! Give us the Awesomeness NOW!!!!



romanista said:

yup, sin & punishment would be lovely.... also a real function for the VC, like battle loadrunner, to bring us games we originally couldn't get.



Mark said:

I remember people talking about this game back in the day. But I've never had a chance to play it - till now. Fantastic!



TheNintendoBoy said:

Great game, though I used to like it better before playing the Mcdonalds Treasure Land game which is just like a prequel to Dynamite Headdy, except of course for the license. Lots of weird characters and innovative game design, but with a bit less polish to it.. So if you like this one, check that out as well.

Trivia: The japanese version actually had a story in it so it makes more sense, and the somewhat generic-looking robot bosses in the western versions were originally a giant girl doll and two devilish geisha twins.



Delay said:

A great game, which together with Mischief Makers proves that Treasure can make incerdible acrion AND jump n`run games.



Juice_Lee said:

At it's heart, Dynamite Headdy is a kids game. It plays very simply, has lots of colorful graphics, and a fun soundtrack. But it takes an adult, or at least a really smart kid, to actually finish the game. It is deceptively simple. When it pulls you in, it starts to get really tough, like any Treasure game. This is the Treasure game that people get nostalgic about, even moreso than Gunstar Heroes. If you are a fan of Treasures games or just quality platformers, this game is for you.



BanjoSonic said:

Even though it's hard as nails, it's still one of the Mega Drive/Genesis's great platformers and definitely one of Treasure's finest games along with Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment.



Inventive, classy, charming: there isn't much better on VC than Dynamite Headdy. As far as Treasure's VC releases thus far go, this is the pick! If you've never tried it, bypass those typical Sonic and Mario games and invest in the premier platformer on the Genesis - this!



retrogamer said:

This is an awesome platformer! Too bad it never got recognized until nowdays. BUY IT!



Dormin87 said:

Quite a quirky platformer, but a great one. Gotta love some of the bosses in it!



Swithom said:

Years ago I only rented this game, and never had the chance to finish it. At last I can fulfill my dream on the virtual console, which is great, because it really is an example of 2D platforming at its finest.



carson said:

MEEEOOWWW!!!!! the best part of this game are those STRANGE ROBOT CAT THINGS! i used to play this game at my cousin's house. it was my favorite sega game for a while. I'd like to buy this game but i just dont have the money. i think ill spend my last 1000 points on mario golf



carson said:

MEEEOOWWW!!!!! the best part of this game are those STRANGE ROBOT CAT THINGS! i used to play this game at my cousin's house. it was my favorite sega game for a while. I'd like to buy this game but i just dont have the money. i think ill spend my last 1000 points on mario golf



Clayfrd said:

I got this game on a whim, and I must say (even though I lost shortly into the game) I like what I've seen so far. It reminds me a little bit of Ristar, which is definitely a good thing. Fun, fun stuff.



GN0LAUM said:

I heard a bunch of good reviews for this game so I decided to pick it up. Yes it is fun and yes it is difficult to a degree, but the charm on this game is so high that it brings you back for more. I actually find this game more charming than the likes of Kirby or Yoshi.



strenny said:

Wonderful game for anyone who has the patience to "learn" how to get through each level by heart. I own this title since fall 07 now and i am still returning to it regulary. One of the 3 TOP Mega Drive/Genesis games IMO.

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