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Evasive Space Review

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Will Akinai Games’ WiiWare debut live up to expectations, or is it better off being lost in space?

Let’s face it, when we first saw Evasive Space, we all thought it was going to be something quite special. Developed by High Voltage for Akinai Games, many gamers were expecting this WiiWare release to be nothing less than fantastic, and for good reason too. With some reasonable WiiWare titles already under their belt, High Voltage Software should’ve known what gamers wanted from this. Now that the game has been released, many people may be shocked to hear that Evasive Space may not be exactly what they’ve been anticipating for the past couple of months.

At first glance, this appears to be a shoot-em-up game like any other. In reality it's anything but. Instead of trying to destroy enemies and obstacles by shooting them, your objective is to do the exact opposite: don’t shoot, but evade everything that’s thrown your way -- hence the snappy title.

The plot is fairly straightforward and simple to understand. The universe is blackening and it’s up to you, Konki the Stellar Guardian, to do something about it. Dr. Dark Matter and his army of evil space villains have stolen most of the Constellation Stones that make up much of the heavens. The cads!

By taking control of a spaceship, players navigate through maze-like areas, either collecting lost astronauts or power-ups and time bonuses, hoping to make it to a portal at the end of the maze. Each maze takes a few minutes to complete and there are multiple paths to follow. You can choose to take the most obvious and straightforward path, or, you can branch off and try an alternate route. Sometimes your exploration will be very beneficial and you’ll pick up some rewards along the way; other times you’ll end up in a very narrow passage that’ll only take longer to get through.

In each level, there are numerous portals that Konki and her spaceship can use to travel to a different part of the level that would’ve been previously inaccessible. One of the benefits of using portals is that you can pick up items that will aid you in your quest.

Scattered across each maze are a variety of power-ups that come in very handy indeed. Energy Cells which are used to power Konki’s ship appear frequently. By collecting these, the Energy meter will start to rise, which acts as "armour" for the ship and powers the ship's I-Shield.

Another item that appears throughout the game is the Chronosphere, which modifies the constantly ticking game-clock. Each level must be completed within a set amount of time so collecting these objects will prove to be a huge asset. Then there are diodes, which allow players to upgrade Konki’s ship and allow for increased functionality when you have ten of them. You can also pick up Constellation Stones, which are the focus of the adventure and necessary to your progress.

Visually, Evasive Space is one of nicest looking titles on WiiWare. The path that High Voltage took turned out well, and the audio is decent too. The modern look really helps add to the futuristic space-like them. The audio, on the other hand, helps set the atmosphere and establish the mood.

The main mode in Evasive Space is story mode, which consists of twenty levels scattered across four different acts. When you think about it, it's not all that much. Some may be able to breeze through the game in a matter of hours due to the rather low difficulty level, but thanks to the fact that the game boasts Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection leaderboards, many will probably return and try to earn high scores. Indeed, the game's online elements are pleasingly robust, and there is also a four-player-ready battle mode that allows friends to compete in a frantic "collect-em-up" contest.

Sadly, all of this excellent work is undone by one crippling problem--the frustratingly obtuse control system.

To navigate Konki through each level, players point the Wii Remote at the screen and hold B-trigger. It’s a fascinating way to play the game and certainly feels unique, but sadly it isn’t anywhere near as precise as it needs to be in a game that relies so much on accurate and painstaking control. We often found ourselves failing because we simply didn’t have tight enough control over the on-screen action.

If the controls were tightened up a little more, or--better yet--allowed for the Nunchuk or Classic Controller to be used for directional input, Evasive Space would’ve been far more satisfying. As it stands, whatever enjoyment there is is lost because of the annoyingly awkward controls. Trust us, you will constantly find yourself slamming into walls and enemies because pointing the Wii remote at the screen to steer is just way too loose a control method for a game of this nature. There were several moments where we were thankful for the Wii remote's wrist strap, because without it we might have ended up throwing several of the controllers at the wall in a rage.


When all is said and done, Evasive Space is nothing more than an average, overpriced WiiWare offering. It certainly has a few good ideas up its sleeve, but due to the pitiful controls the positive aspects are pushed to the background. It is a shame to see an otherwise enjoyable game ruined by an awful control scheme; even more so when you consider that this issue could have been solved by adding other interface options, such as support for the Nunchuk or Classic Controller. In addition to this the game’s length is disappointing short and only truly dedicated fans will want to come back and try to earn high scores. We had such high hopes for this title, but ironically it has turned out being one piece of WiiWare software that you'll probably want to evade.

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User Comments (95)



SilentJ said:

I had a feeling it might score lower than expected. I'm definitely evading this one.



Adam said:

It would be a pretty boring game with direct control input. I found the controls to be fun and I think the controls are intentionally challenging. I agree with the concluding opinion though: it's a somewhat overpriced and decidedly average game.



Wiiloveit said:

Ah - that's a shame.
And after hearing exactly how it works, I must say that the controls sound like a downscaled version of those in the final shooting missions in PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint.

Also: is this the new reviewer? Hello there, reviewer person!



MarkyVigoroth said:

Oh, boo... and there was so much hype from WiiWareWorld, too...
At least we can go back to laughing at that "Bush evasion" photograph...



WarioFan63 said:

Argh what a shame! It sounds like some other users had a lot more fun with the title and now this review is probably going to turn away potential fans.



benfanboy said:

I disagree with this review.

This is actually one of my favorite WiiWare games. The control scheme is truly unique and well-executed. It took me about 30 minutes to get the hang of it, but controlling the ship is one of the most fun parts of the game.

If you like arcade-style games that are easy to learn but difficult to master, then this is an awesome purchase, and well worth the 1000 Wii Points.



Wiiloveit said:

If it was coming to Europe, then I'd give it a go, but HVS is just losing potential customers after refusing to release it outside North America. Silly fools.



thewiirocks said:

I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm not. Gyrostarr communicated High Voltage's abilities pretty clearly. Specifically that they are technologically very competent, but realistically have no idea how to take a game from mediocrity to greatness.

And it's not just a matter of not playing long enough or that the idea didn't pan out. The games they're creating are workable ideas that simply don't gel into something that's "fun".

This is an industry-wide problem I've noticed in a lot of casual games online. The developers have the graphics down, the sound down, even the gameplay mechanics down. Where they fail is that they don't understand how to tune the game to make it gripping.

"Gripping" (as much of a technical term as it can be) is in the details of the gameplay. The way the game reacts, how natural the controls function, whether X response is what the player expects rather than a natural function of the code. Such attributes are VERY hard to design and take quite a bit of time. In many ways, it's like an extended QA process.

Unfortunately, game creators like High Voltage rarely take the time to do such fine tuning. Once the game is code complete, it's on to functional testing, then it's out the door. A very nice approach from a business perspective, but not particularly enlightened when the software is all about the interaction rather than the function.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Awkward controls...? Oh please. It works better with the IR than it would with an analog stick, IMO. The controls are challenging, yes, and the branching paths add to the experience as a whole, but hardly frustrating to the degree emphasized... Once you get the hang of it, it's almost natural. Just like other games. This reminds me of thoughts of SMBBB. The controls are great but those that didn't allow the game enough time to get the hang of controls just passed it off as awkward and frustrating. Meanwhile, beneath it lies a great control scheme. I think there are some principles that can be applied here as well. I'm not saying the control scheme is amazing. It's just.. not what I expected (I thought it would be analog, TBH) and I'm glad it was the opposite. Analog may have been a bit boring/less challenging.

One complaint, though (mentioned this earlier): Accessing the Wi-fi Rankings is a tad tedious...

It would've been nice to cover the multiplayer aspect of it a bit more...

Sure, it's not as great as I had hoped but it's still quite enjoyable. Some have said that 1,000 Points is worth it but I personally feel 800 would've been a better pricing decision but whatever. Honestly, I'm enjoying this a bit more than Gyrostarr (which I was disappointed over).

I'm still waiting to see what other things HVS has in store for us because if they keep coming out with decent/good titles like this, I think I may continue to support them. Just price their games a bit more reasonably I guess... Still waiting for a GREAT game by HVS though. Nothing by them has blown me away which, admittedly, I thought either Gyrostarr or Evasive Space would but they haven't.

Keep up the good work, Layton! Luke may question your reasonings a bit though. lol. *ks8 is a big fan of Professor Layton



benfanboy said:

@KnucklesSonic8: Definitely glad to see I'm not the only one who likes Evasive Space.

IMO, the controls are what give this game the twist it needs to set it apart from other similar games out there. The "evasion" aspect is fine (and I enjoy it), but analog stick controls tacked onto this experience would make things a lot more average/ordinary.

And I agree, the "challenge" in this game relates a lot more to time limits than controls. The first couple levels, you'll fly all over the place trying to get a feel for things. But it gets a lot easier to maneuver before long.

It deserves a 7 at the very least (and I personally would grade it higher).



KDR_11k said:

You know, this whole avoiding stuff reminds me of how awesome Kurukuru Kururin was... Or hell, Roketz. That's a game that could be ported to WiiWare without problems...

Anyway, KS8, while he's harping a lot on the controls those ARE a make or break issue and for him they were of the break kind so it's justified. Bad controls can ruin a game no matter what else there is.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@benfanboy: Yep, a 7 is exactly what I think too! And go to the "US WIIWARE UPDATE" thread. There's others who raelly enjoy this. One person in particular awards it an 8 or a 9.

And yeah, the controls DO give it a twist! Your point about analog controls is EXACTLY what I mean. It wouldn't be as much fun.

@KDR_11k: Be that as it may, the controls aren't bad. You just need to get used to it. Something many don't bother to do. You can see for yourself in the other topic that many others enjoy this game. I'm not harping on him specifically. It's just... I dunno. It's like he was gonna give the game a 7 but docked 2 whole points for a control scheme that isn't bad or frustrating to begin with. But yeah, you're right: Make or break. But the thing is, this review will turn a lot of people off. Something like the Snowboard Riot review, and that's something I'd hate to see as this really is worth trying if you're willing to.



MadMartigan said:

So would it be safe to say that Matthew doesn't like gameplay innovation? I can understand to a point what he means by "loose" but to say they are pitiful is a shame. There is a definite learning curve with the controls but would it have been as challenging or fun? I guess some people had a really hard time with the "awful" controls.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@MM: Actually, it seems like so far, barely any have had problems with the control scheme... And again, analog control wouldn't have been as much fun and I think they realized that.

@thewiirocks: Well actually, TBH, Hot Rod Show proved to me they deserve a chance after how Gyrostarr turned out. They ARE improving but maybe not as fast as everyone expects them to.



Nickname said:

Although I was not expecting too much from this I'm surprised it got such a low score.



understood said:

Ok first review Matt... is there a Co-writer to this review like most of your others on NS2 . Anyway, good luck with your new gig I guess. BTW.. how far did you get in the game... past 2 levels I hope.. hint hint



Dazza said:

I am a bit surprised that anyone is defending this. I must admit I got bored of wrestling with the control system after bumping my way through the first area. I just couldn't help feeling that the game would have been so much more fun with analog controls which are far more accurate.

Still some people prefer the wheel on Mario Kart Wii I suppose. Each to their own!

Great review Matthew, you read my mind!



thewiirocks said:

@KnucklesSonic8 - On the flip side, Hot Rod received pretty much the response I was expecting. One could argue that they're improving, except that High Voltage has been at this for nearly two decades now. When are they going to "get" it?

If you go back in time and look at their scores, you can see that HVS has never done particularly well at capturing the market. They have done well in creating half-decent games for licenses, so they deserve credit for that, but they're not showing any signs of being anything more than that.

I will say that I AM impressed with what I've seen of The Conduit. My hope is that HVS gets The Conduit right in spite of themselves. Given the amount of tuning I've seen to the game, that may very well be the case. But while they may succeed with The Conduit, I don't see the culture of detail that's required to sustain that success.

Thus my expectation is that HVS will become an engine producer like Id and Epic. If they do a good job packaging their software for other developers to use, they can have a very profitable business while other game studios get the serious kick in the pants they've been needing to start producing GOOD LOOKING Wii games.



PapaSmalls said:

I haven't played much of Evasive Space since downloading it on Monday. I however can say I understand the thought process behind the controls in Matthew's reviews. I however don't agree with the final verdict. I think it all depends on a person's ability to grasp certain control schemes in the end. Those who can grasp Evasive Space's control "difficulties" will realize it's pretty spot on. It makes sense in real world physics...the longer you apply propulsion to something, the harder it is to control when turning. There are a myriad of ways you can attack this of course...but the bottom line is the controls aren't as bad as they're made out to be in my opinion.

There are shortcomings to the game however and I think Matthew touched upon some of them, but I do believe the control issue was not portrayed correctly. Just my .02 cents.

Also, welcome to reviewing on WiiWare-World Matthew. I hope reviewing here will allow you to better yourself as a reviewer since your humble beginnings over at NSider.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@thewiirocks: Are you saying Evasive Space ISN'T good-looking? You need to get your eyes checked. lol. Hot Rod Show wasn't bad either.

@PapaSmalls: Agreed. Thank you for your thoughts. +1.

@Dazza: Well it's not rated a 7 so.... Oh wait, that's Corbie. lol.

"I must admit I got bored of wrestling with the control system after bumping my way through the first area." - That's just proving my point. These days, people don't put forth enough time into a game to see such things as gameplay or in this case, control schemes to develop and grow on you. The fact that you gave up so quickly really says a lot...



thewiirocks said:

@KnucklesSonic8 - How in the world did you get "poor graphics" out of what I said?

Hot Rod show reviewed to be a mediocre game. Just like Gyrostarr and now Evasive Space. Nothing to do with graphics.

Edit: I think you misread that last line. I was saying that HIGH VOLTAGE creates good graphics for the Wii. By licensing Quantum 3 to other studios, other studios will produce good looking games too.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"So would it be safe to say that Matthew doesn't like gameplay innovation?"

If that's the case, then I doubt he would have purchased a Wii to begin with...



PapaSmalls said:

This is just a general question to those who review on this site (Dazza or Matthew or anybody who cares to comment)?

Is there a set policy to WHEN a review comes up? For instance, do you play a game the whole way through before committing to a review or is it partially or what? Do you get advance copies of these games to be able to offer a timely review? I'm just curious, thanks!



PapaSmalls said:

@Tony: I'm a bit fuzzy on the developer/publisher deal...but I thought HVS published the game and Akinai Games/Yukes developed the game myself.



CanisWolfred said:

Let’s face it, when we first saw Evasive Space, we all thought it was going to be something quite special.

I didn't. I thought it was gonna boring, with bad controls and uninspiring gameplay. Apparently, I was right.

And thank you, Matthew, for this well-written and enternating review. I really liked the pun at the end, funny stuff!



thewiirocks said:

@Tony - Akinai Games is a sub-division of Yukes formed for the sole purpose of publishing downloadable games. This article may help you make more sense of the relationships.

@PapaSmalls - HVS developed the game and Yukes/Akinai published.



odd69 said:

i predicted a low score and i was right. i was actually going to get this today despite the review but my money is better spent on a fun game.



Chunky_Droid said:

Oh well, another WiiWare game I won't get, seems like they're putting all their attention into the Conduit, and pumping out WiiWare games to continue the cash flow.



KDR_11k said:

With all this talk about new game announcements and the DSi, did we forget the sales charts update?



blackknight77 said:

@ Wii rocks
It's sorta like the old days of Konami and Ultra or Acclaim and Flying Edge.

Anyway its shame to hear the controls are poor because this is such a pretty game.



professorlayton said:

Wow, I was told that I'd receive a lot of backlash, but I didn't imagine this much.

Let me put things this way for those complaining. If you can adjust to the game's controls, you may find some enjoyment in the game. If you can't, you're only going to see this as an average title.



Corbs said:

Don't let it bother you Matthew. This is part of the job. Just be honest and the rest will take care of itself. After awhile you'll develop this overblown sense of arrogance that will shield you from the backlash. In other words, you'll become a know-it-all just like me.

Great review, BTW.



Adam said:

It's odd that such an average game is getting people so worked up. I think other games that received 7's, despite the score chart, have generally been regarded as average, so there is still an overreaction to scores lower than 7. I think the score is spot on and agrees well with the review. I disagree about the controls, but the general brevity and often uninspired level design is more than enough to mark this an average game. I enjoyed it enough not to regret it, but it's nothing to get too excited about. Obviously there are two exceptions here, but it looks like they're the only ones. If that niche is the extent this game appeals to, that's not enough to consider it a good or great game.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"If that niche is the extent this game appeals to, that's not enough to consider it a good or great game"


It's not the reviewer's job to pretend he's part of whatever minority of gamers might appreciate the game most; it's his job to assess it based on its own merits and his own experience. If he does not write from his own experience with the game, then he is not being an honest critic.

People are getting worked up about the low score, but I think the review justifies it. You don't have to agree with his reasoning, but he does provide his reasoning and that's all you can ever ask for from any critic.

You have no right to get upset over a score you feel is too low...you only have the right to get upset over a review that doesn't make its reasons clear.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Matt: Part of the job. Get used to it

Anyway, work on your reviewss a bit. It seemed very positive up untill the end. I dont care how big of a bad that is. Treat this like a position paper. Ignore most goods, and attack every bad. I also feels that this game could be better w/ analog, and you score was pretty close (6 might have been more fair), but you need more reasons. Besides that, hope to see more of you in the future (Im gettin used to this whole lazy Daz and Corbie thing ).

@Corbie:And by know it all I assume you mean the knowledge that every game deserves a 7

@KS8: When I came on this site and saw 39 comments already I was like "KS8 is stiring up some more controversy aint he." And I was right



mojo25 said:

Man, I am pretty good at predicting games, whether they would be good or bad...lol, I like the last line, Matthew: "We had such high hopes for this title, but ironically it has turned out being one piece of WiiWare software that you'll probably want to evade"

ha great review too.



Dazza said:

@KnucklesSonic8 - That's just proving my point. These days, people don't put forth enough time into a game to see such things as gameplay or in this case, control schemes to develop and grow on you. The fact that you gave up so quickly really says a lot...

I never said I gave up on it, but like most people I have finite time to play games, so when I get time I want to play games which I can enjoy without too much flustration. With Evasive Space I just find myself "managing" with the controls rather than enjoying the experience. Don't get me wrong, I did play it enough for the controls to get easier, but I still never really got the feeling I was actually enjoying the game.

I actually thought I would really like this because Kurukuru Kururin is one of my favourite GBA games of all time.

But that's just MY opinion. If you get a kick out of it then more power to you



Chrono_Cross said:

Evasive Space is yet another average attempt from HVS. Evasive Space will be enjoyed by people no regard but yet people will always dislike a game no matter how GOOD it is. So with that being said if you like the game as much as you might and a website comes along and gives it a poor/average rating though you purchased it before the review(s) you shouldn`t dislike it anymore than you did before lol

Evasive Space to me is a 6.5/10.



Kaeobais said:

@Bahamut ZERO: Yeah, I'v been noticing those poppong up lately too ...

Ah well, I had a feeling the controls would break the game. These games are hard enough on the computer and that's as precise as you can get. Too bad, it looked nice. Another reason not to pick up a points card tomorrow. I'll just look for some GCN games.



Stratos said:

I play Geometry Wars on the Wii w/ the IR controls since I've yet to grab a classic controller (I need to do that soon for SNES VC games). I am quite fine with those so maybe I will enjoy this. I agree that this game and the Hot Rod game are a bit over priced. They both should be at 800 points.

It does seem that HVS is at least consistent with their games: varying degrees of decent and average. All of their WW games - with the exception of that Black Jack game - have automatically fallen into the "I'll get them later if I'm bored and nothing good is released" category. They also fall into the "I'll get them when I have enough space on my Wii" queue. Several times I've almost D/L'd several of their games but don't have any unused games to delete to make room.

Thanks for your review Professor! I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next one by you.



lockelocke said:

Good review, but daaaaamn, Matt, you stuck it to em. With words like 'awful' and 'pitiful,' 'average' and 'dissapointing' being flung about with such fervor, I bet these guys are crying on eachother's shoulders right now. How do you sleep at night, sir?
Nah, I'm just playing



Objection said:

@K8-I can see where you're coming with the "give it time" approach, but I don't think a gamer or reviewer should have to "warm up" to a game. The first moments, hours of a game are where the strongest impressions are made. So if it takes a while to get used to controls that lead to multiple deaths until adjustment, I can see why people tuned out. I'm saying this as a general opinion, as I haven't played ES.



Ricardo91 said:

Hooray! More mediocrity from the masters themselves, High Voltage!

They better redeem themselves with the Conduit, or all hope I ever had for this company will be lost.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Ricardo: Yeah, Im really looking forward to the Conduit too. If they screw up, I too lose all faith. Conduit is supposed to show the world "Wii can handle hardcore games!" So if they screw up, thattransitions to less sales, which means less hardcore games for Wii. which means more material for those damn 360 fanboys I meet on my Neoseeker account.



CanisWolfred said:

@Bahamut ZERO

His review was positive up until the end because, as he said himself, it was a good game if not for the horrible controls.

I'm not really looking forward to The Conduit. While I'm sure that it will be a good game, it does look pretty generic, with almost no attempt at originality whatsoever. Since I have an Xbox 360, the current king of FPS's, I don't think I have anymore room on my plate for something so uninspiring. If I want an FPS on the Wii, I'll just get Onslaught - at least that game game will prove to be a somewhat unique experience.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Mickeymac: It dosnt try to be in deisgn. But by default, it is origional in controls. The FPS king, the 360, will never have motion. If this turns out to be a solid 9/10, then it will be a quality FPS with a unique control scheme. Not to say Conduit is the first Wii FPS, but this could be the first good one (MP3 was really more adventure, and I did like MOHH2). I know what Im saying is hard to understand, cause I suck at explaining, but try to get it.



odd69 said:

Fps's are good on the ps3 too. but i think the conduit will put fps appeal on the Wii. But then again Metriod has done that already. i found Far cry on the Wii enjoyable , so i don't see high voltage flopping on the conduit.



CanisWolfred said:

@Bahamut ZERO

That's why I mentioned Onslaught. Not only does it utilize motion controls, but it also provides some rather unique gameplay as well. Besides, I've always found FPS's to play better with two thumbsticks, anyways, so motion controls aren't a big selling point for me, especially at $50. As it stands, The Conduit is a bargain-bin purchase for me, right alongside all the other dull and generic shooters.



Chrono_Cross said:

How can you say The Conduit is dull and generic if you haven`t played it? I bet if you`ll give it a chance it`ll be worth $50.

Though I`ve also enjoyed several FPS on the Wii other than Metroid Prime 3 and Call of Duty WaW. I`ve enjoyed CoD 3, Red Steel, MoH Heroes 2, and Quantum of Solace.
Far Cry Vengaence was very mediocre in all sorts of ways which made it unattractive to me.



odd69 said:

did cod 3 or moh heroes have online multiplayer? i'd like to try out moh 2. farcry didn't appeal to many players,but i really really liked how they implemented having double weapons i wish other fps's had this feature especially resistance 2.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, that's a bit disappointing. I'm sure the controls would be fine for me as I quite enjoy the odd bit of Lunar Lander which can be incredibly hard to control and is coin-operated.

However, awkward leaderboards and a 1000-point cost are the main things that put me off as well as the game length. Of course since it's not out over here the choice is removed...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Bahamut: Nice try, but I can't take all the credit. XD lol.
@thewiirocks: Yep, I realized after I posted. No worries. And no, Hot Rod Show was not reviewed to be a mediocre game. It was decent.
@Obj_Blaster: Yes, but that would insinuate that the player bothers to play more than 30 minutes without simply writing it off.
@professorlayton: Way to show some maturity there and to back up your opinions. So, you were expecting backlash were you? Was that before or after you decided on a score?
@Sean Aaron: Yeah, that still puzzles me... Why did they make the Wi-fi leaderboards so tedious to access. There's a Leaderboards option on the Main Menu that displays Local scores. Why couldn't Online scores be incorporate there as well. It just doesn't make any sense!



Jockolantern said:

Cleary Matthew and I are not playing the same game. The Evasive Space I have played controls every bit as smoothly as I had hoped it would and, while the game is a bit too short (would've been nice to see double the levels or so), I find it to be a fun time while it lasts. I seriously don't understand how anyone can find these controls to be bad... they're smooth, responsive and incredibly fine-tuned. This might be the most misleading WiiWare-World review I've read yet on this site. Evasive Space garners a solid 7.5 / 10 from me.



Sean_Aaron said:

There's a video review up on Joystiq as well: http://nintendo.joystiq.com/2009/02/18/joystiq-review-evasive-space-wiiware/#video

It seems to me that the main problem with this is game is that they decided to use the IR pointer to steer the ship, which just makes no sense to me. If you want to have that control method, then fine, but at least have a wiimote-on-it's-side option using the d-pad, which is a lot more traditional for this kind of game, and probably would result in a better reception by reviewers.



benfanboy said:

I was playing Evasive Space again last night and have to say, I really appreciate the control scheme more and more. I've reached the point now where I can navigate the mazes and corridors from beginning to end without running into anything, and never let up on the thrusters.

The game definitely has some annoying flaws that betray a certain lack of polish (online leaderboard access, delivery method of the story, the message ticker at the bottom of the screen), but I don't think the controls are one of them.



Disco_Stu said:

I fall into the camp of those who don’t like the controls in this game. Sure they work perfectly fine with a bit of practice, but I am unconvinced that IR controls add anything to this type of game at all. There is no question that it is much more imprecise than analog.

Then again, maybe that is the point of this game. It’s not so much about ingenious level designs as it is learning to master an cumbersome control scheme. I concur with the 5/10 awarded here, must try harder next time High Voltage.

This review echoes the sentiments expressed by IGN and 1up in their reviews regarding the controls. I don't think it is misleading as some have suggested, if anything it is only guilty of being brutally honest. While some people might get a kick out of it, I expect the majority will be like me and think “meh, so what!”.



Doogle said:

@ Sean Aaron - I just watched that video link you posted from Joystiq. yeah this does look like a bit of a stinker doesn't it?

This review seems really positive compared the impressions on that video. Man he sounded SO bored. He didn't like it at all did he? lol



calculon said:

Wow. Either the guy on the Joystiq review really sucks or pretty much every review is spot on with the IR control issues. Considering I'd go along with the knowledge that there is NO WAY IN HELL that IR would offer finer control than any other method for this type of game play I'm going along with Matt's review on this one.

Plus I totally agree with the random obstacle issue that IGN brought up - I saw that coming when I watched the first preview videos a while back. My initial reaction was WTF? when whoever was playing couldn't move for about 10 seconds because he/she couldn't get out of the way of laser fire fast enough. I'm sorry but crap game design like that is just frustrating. Then annoying. Then INFURIATING.

Good to know HVS still aren't pushing their half-arsed efforts over here though. I still reckon The Conduit will suck too but I'll buy it because I want to become a graphical whore



Damo said:

I'm noticing a worrying pattern with some of the comments we get on these reviews. They start off hostile, and then as the nutcases get their rants out of the way (OMG UR SITE IZ GAY THIZ GAME IZ AMAZIN), we start to get the more level-headed chaps giving their opinion, which usually agrees with the review.

The review is 100% sound IMO; I could understand the fuss if other sites were calling this The Second Coming but it's hardly that now, is it?



Sean_Aaron said:

But it could be, if we were to learn to like using an onscreen cursor to direct the ship!

I'm not even asking for analogue control here (I really see that as "tacked-on" for 95% of all games that use it), but a simple rotate-left and rotate-right on the d-pad. Is that too much? I mean that's as old as Asteroids and this game should have emulated that a little more.

Inertia? Awesome.

Unnecessarily complicated control and a more fatiguing controller position? Lame.



calculon said:


Sorry. Had to do that Damo



benfanboy said:

@vherub: I didn't have any trouble with arm fatigue.

I know what you are talking about because I had that problem with LostWinds (don't know if you've played that or not), but you don't spend as much time jerking the remote around in Evasive Space - you generally keep the pointer in a fairly small area near the center of the screen and only make minor adjustments in order to correct your ship's course.



Mik said:

I was looking forward to this game, but based on this review (and let's be honest, it's the only WiiWare review site that's good enough out there) it's disappointing and I'll give it a miss.



blackknight77 said:

I don't think people need to get offended if you like a game that gets a poor to average review. Personally I like Clayfighter which got a poor review, and I am not offended its just a matter of opinion and taste. Some gamers can overlook flaws others cannot, but we still need to know about the flaws so we can make informed choices about the games we get. Evasive space got an average review it does not mean there is anything wrong with the reviewer or the site. Just respectfully post your opinions on the game. No need to insult the reviewer, just post your impressions good or bad.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Tony: Etiquette. Online lolz

But all jokes aside, I have noticed a 235.4% increase in the hostility of people on this site. Where do those numbers come from you ask. Why, I made them up of course



Sean_Aaron said:

I guess you could aim from the hip which would be less fatiguing, but I figure if you're having to follow around paths this might not work as well.

I just don't see a valid application for pointer use here; it seems overdone. As an alternate control scheme sure, but it's an arcade game so what's wrong with arcade controls?



Objection said:

@Damo-I hope you don't mean K8. He may have a differing opinion but he's never been hostile.
@K8-Well, yes. One should invest at least that much time before writing a game off...no matter how painful that may be.



SRPirate said:

@KS8- I have Dr. Mario the game for wiiware, so we can play anytime. But i really want your MKWII number. Please send it soon!

@Stratos- Geometry Wars for the wii is awesome. A whole lot of fun, and I got it for $10!



DigitalSanz said:

Allright im starting to get tired of those IGN copy reviews, I dont understand why is Wiiware-World staff trying to be like those embittered IGN reviewers. When will you learn... a game doesnt have to be violent to be a rly good game.

Tough controls doesnt doom a game. Sports games like THE BIGS are rly good but they need practice thats it.



Clayfrd said:

@Dazza - You put in words everything I've been trying to elaborate to KnucklesSonic. I don't have time to give a game time to get good. That's just foolish when I could be playing Brawl or Street Fighter IV or Ikaruga or Contra, all of which have superb controls (even SFIV on the 360 controller). I don't want to spend time waiting for a game to get good unless it's something I know I'll like, like GTA or something.
I'm starting to think that KS8 likes the underdog games just for the sake of doing so. I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with that, but I sure don't get it.



Dazza said:

@Clayfrd - I do think there is something to be said in persisting with a game in order to discover a diamond in the rough, but the controls just didn't click with me after about two hours of playing. I am sure I could carry on practising for hours more and find the gameplay second nature, but I just don't have the inclination to. As you say there are games which are instantly fun to play, in that case for me stuff like this is just redundant.



Neomega said:

Beat the game...got every diode, managed to make it on the online leaderboard due to glitches, I'm sick and tired of not being able to shoot stuff!

How about offensive space?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Obj_Blaster: I should hope so too....

@SRPirate: Cool! I'll message your Wii! We gotta play MKWii sometime, man.

@Clayford: Well, each person is different. I suppose I've become this way of not writing games off so quickly because of past experiences and I'm much more tweaked when someone says such comments like one I received yesterday saying, "Oh! De Blob looks a very stupid game", without even giving the game a chance. He's barely a teenager but still, opinions like that annoy me especially when it's a game like de Blob or even Zack and Wiki that DESERVE praise but just isn't getting it because people judge games too harshly based on reviews, first impressions, or the first 5 minutes of a gameplay experience.

Think of it this way, if you only played Mario Kart Wii (for the very first time) and let's say this is your very first entry in the series, hypothetically speaking (wow... boy has that person missed a lot! XD). After spending 15 minutes or so on the only unlocked courses and modes at the time and playing on 50 cc, would you conclude that the game is boring just because of the fact that you only played the game for a bit and you can see that it's just not fun. Well, no! That would be stupid because on 50 cc, the engine class makes the game a tad slower than when on say Mirror Mode or 150 cc. Maybe not the best example I could use (as I have many) but I hope maybe I can help illustrate what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, on a slightly different note: name a few "underdog games", then. Does a game like FTT fall under that blanket? Like I said before, there's not much to like about Family Table Tennis. It's a horribly shallow and empty experience and I regret accepting the gift I was given. I'd hardly classify Evasive Space as an "underdog game". The production values are quite impressive!

I'm not the type of person to write off games very quickly, that's all. If a game sucks off the bat, then I MAY give it a bit more time just to see if it gets better but otherwise, I doubt I'd play it again.

Case in point: Space Invaders Get Even was disappointing. I only played it twice, both on the day (and second day) it was out on the WS Catalog. Never touched it after that. It's just not that captivating and quite frankly... not that much fun. Which is a shame because it held a lot of promise. Now, let's say you loved SIGE and found that the game got better as you go on. Wouldn't you tell me that I should play the game a bit more to see if my thoughts change if there's a possibility of things improving? TBH, I didn't spend that much time with it. So I'm not "overly-optimistic" if that's what you're trying to say. Also, I'm simply not positive about every single game. There are some games I absolutely can't stand and/or regret buying (and yes, this blankets some titles on the VC, WiiWare and the Wii itself).

And I apologize for the somewhat lengthy reply. I'm just trying to explain myself like you indirectly requested. If you have any more... "questions", then lemme know and I'll answer them as best I can. It would be better if you could cite examples though, for example, having me express my thoughts on a certain (maybe obscure? or at least, not as popular...) game I have on Wii/WiiWare/VC.

@DigitalSanz: Toki Tori isn't a violent game and it's one of the best games on WiiWare, nay one of the best rated games on this site. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree that IGN is full of violence-loving and embittered people. And might I add that their reviews are awful, especially more recently. Anyone who still trusts IGN so strongly to impact their gaming decisions clearly needs to re-examine their thinking.

@Dazza: Thank you for acknowledging that as that's partially what I've been trying to convey to Clayfrd and others. I'd hate to write off a hidden gem like my best friend almost did with Zack and Wiki. Boy was he glad he listened to me.

@Neomega: Nice! And.. what's this about a glitched/broken online leaderboard? Oh great... not another game... Please elaborate.



Clayfrd said:

@KS8 - I'm reserving this space for later use, for I'm not feeling so great, but I do want to respond at some point.

A couple of things, though...
1. Please spell my username the way I spell it. Sorry, that's just a pet peeve of mine (then again, so is the term pet peeve ).
2. I understand what you're saying with MKW, which I do like, but I sort of mentioned that in my comment about Grand Theft Auto (4). It is a game that starts out sluggish, but I know it will get good for two reasons, 1. It comes from a venerated series, and 2. reviews. I just can't be bothered to spend hours waiting for a game to get good if it has received bad reviews across the board.
3. Ha, I'm not going to "freak at you." I am going to edit this with my questions and such, but I've got some stuff to get done, so I'll probably edit it later today.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Feel better, Clayfrd. Then you can freak at me later.
And I apologize for the misspelling. Minor slip-up. As you'll notice, I have spelled it correctly many times in the past, even on VCR.



rhythmheavenfan said:

Once you get a hang of the controls I actually thought that the game was quite enjoyable and it is one of the more enjoyable games for me that I have bought on WiiWare. Also, a very nicely written review!



MikeyMikeMike said:

I really don't feel this game was fairly treated here.
Though this game is not without it's quirks, obviously the main point of contention for many is the controls. The first two upgrades for your ship are a shield that let's you skid off walls and a magnet pickup that let's you avoid getting too close to the walls making the controls feel much more forgiving. The passageways are so narrow, considering your ship speed (which increases with later upgrades), that even with analog stick controls I could see many being frustrated in the first two hours of the game. Each upgrade makes this game more fun and I think the main problem is that it takes too long to get them. After having gotten all the upgrades I even found going to back to the earlier levels for leaderboard times pretty fun. I currently hold several first place times and a number of top 5's and I don't by any means consider myself to be a wunderkind gamer, making me think that probably not many people bought this. If you were turned off from buying this game because of this review, I urge you to give it a second thought. Just accept that it's a little tough at the beginning till you pick up some upgrade diodes and you'll find yourself having a pretty good time thereafter.

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