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Launch a one-of-a-kind mission to rescue the stars. The universe is going dark, and it’s up to you, Konki the Stellar Guardian, to set things right. Dr. Dark Matter and his roving band of space thieves have stolen many of the Constellation Stones that make up the heavens. It's time to suit up, power up, recover the Stones and once again bring light to the night sky.

Using the Wii Remote™ controller's unique pointer capabilities, simply point and thrust Konki through 20 dangerous time- and collection-based missions in the harshest of environments. Navigate through narrow, mazelike astral caves riddled with space worms, steam pipes and mining drills. Explore vast space stations while avoiding turret fire, mines and huge crushing gears. Weave through cluttered asteroid fields and gaseous planetary rings. Evade the hazards, pick up precious items and ship upgrades, and save the Constellation Stones before the night sky is lost forever.

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Will Akinai Games’ WiiWare debut live up to expectations, or is it better off being lost in space?

Let’s face it, when we first saw Evasive Space, we all thought it was going to be something quite special. Developed by High Voltage for Akinai Games, many gamers were expecting this WiiWare release to be nothing less than fantastic, and for good reason...

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User Comments (14)



Flaviohmg said:

HVS is making all kinds of games! Good job! I hope luck with this one, i will download it sure.



AVahne said:

wow HVS sure is dominating WiiWare. theyre making so many games that aren't even related to each each.plus theyre also working on The Conduit for the main system



Wiiloveit said:

Blimey, you got a lot of screens there, WWW. I thought that when I finally got to number 106, I'd get some form of "congratulations" message. Sadly, I didn't. Ah well.




calculon said:

My eyes! My beautiful eyes! i thought bloom lighting and lens flare could never be THAT overdone but damn that's one hell of a lot of neon.

I'm not sure about this game. For a starter whilst it looks kinda retro the art style is also really ugly and the colour scheme is gaudy. Maybe once I see it in motion I'll be more excited.



ness said:

It looks pretty nice, hopefully the graphic is not the only good thing in the game^^.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Heh, so was I tatemon, so was I. They're obviously getting better in the Graphics department since Hot Rod Show!



LGamer said:

Woohoo! Evasive Space! Here I come! I really want this. tatemon555 and KnucklesSonic8, i'm drooling with you!

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