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Fri 6th Feb 2009

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Disco_Stu commented on Take Five and Double It!:

What a bold change to make... I think this is for the best really, a scale of ten is much better IMHO.

Hey, now we get another chance to comment on the reviews we liked (or those we didn't!) all over again!



Disco_Stu commented on Review: Evasive Space (WiiWare):

I fall into the camp of those who don’t like the controls in this game. Sure they work perfectly fine with a bit of practice, but I am unconvinced that IR controls add anything to this type of game at all. There is no question that it is much more imprecise than analog.

Then again, maybe that is the point of this game. It’s not so much about ingenious level designs as it is learning to master an cumbersome control scheme. I concur with the 5/10 awarded here, must try harder next time High Voltage.

This review echoes the sentiments expressed by IGN and 1up in their reviews regarding the controls. I don't think it is misleading as some have suggested, if anything it is only guilty of being brutally honest. While some people might get a kick out of it, I expect the majority will be like me and think “meh, so what!”.



Disco_Stu commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

Great job on the review Paul - you really hit the nail on the head!

I couldn't agree more myself. I had high hopes for this game, but the rubberbanding AI just really killed it for me. Still its nice to have another game to play online with I suppose.