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Wed 11th Feb 2009

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DigitalSanz commented on Review: Evasive Space (WiiWare):

Allright im starting to get tired of those IGN copy reviews, I dont understand why is Wiiware-World staff trying to be like those embittered IGN reviewers. When will you learn... a game doesnt have to be violent to be a rly good game.

Tough controls doesnt doom a game. Sports games like THE BIGS are rly good but they need practice thats it.



DigitalSanz commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

Why is ppl always getting reviews from IGN for Wii, we all know IGN is a bunch of Wii haters who cant accept his favorite system is not leader machine of its generation as PS2 was in the past. So as Wii is the system of the masses and its not Sony they are frustrated and declare it is "casual".

Remember last year when Gears 2 came out? Because it was an X360 exclusive they decided it shouldnt be in the game of the year list, "its just a sequel". "MGS4 is the better shotter out there". Men lets face it MGS4 is the best damn PS3 game but for God sake even a noob know it is not a shooter. Now, what happened with Resistance 2? "Oh this game rocks cuz its PS3 exclusive and we can miss it, it deserves been in the top 10 game of the year". Yep partiallity is what i see here.

GTAIV was the best game of 2008, it was multiplatform, but after praissning it in the review they suddenly started to flame it after the download content for 360 was annunced. "buu its not for PS3, it sucks" and we started to hear comments like "GTAIV was a good action game, but a BAD GTA".

They are obsesed with gore, violence and sex. A game without those elements is not a game... its a "casual" software. Just check the wii section, i dont even remember when was the last update... a month ago? The reviewers are partial always saying it is a "kid friendly" machine. But who are the Wiifit buyers...? 6 year old kids....? Games like Snowboard Riot are constantly compared AAA+ PSN tittles like SuperstarDust HD. BTW I dont see anything wrong in Bomberman, in my opinion its one of the best WW games out there.

I came here trying to find a FAIR and non-partial review, but for me the guy who made this review trust TOO much in IGN...