For some dedicated fans of Super Smash Bros., a big favourite isn't an official entry in the series - for a time Project M, a mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, had a large and devoted following and was even part of the competitive scene. Talented fans worked for years on creating a blend of the Wii title and much-loved predecessor Super Smash Bros. Melee, but after six years it was finally closed as a project by the main team.

Some of those involved with Project M said they were working on something new, and along with some industry veterans have done that through Wavedash Games. It's now shown the fruits of its labours through the weekend's Evo festivities - Icons: Combat Arena. It's a free-to-play title coming out on Steam (PC) this Autumn / Fall as a beta; check out the trailer and description below.

Lightning fast and endlessly watchable, Icons: Combat Arena is a free-to-play platform fighter that features online play, ranked and casual matches, and combatants from across the galaxy.

As a game playing to a demanding crowd of enthusiasts and core players, the main trailer upload has so far been met by a mixed response; currently the dislikes outnumber the likes. Some comments are certainly tough, criticising the similarities with Smash Bros., especially in relation to a few of the movesets; some are already referring to it as a clone. Unlike Project M this isn't intended to be a mod of a Nintendo game, of course, and isn't using any of the Nintendo IPs.

Of course, Smash Bros. isn't the only game entitled to use stage-based 'Smash' mechanics. Plenty of games have thrown their hats into the ring over the years, perhaps most notably PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Icons may have a tough time, like various other titles, of winning over those committed to Smash Bros., of course.

Let us know what you think of this one. Is it borrowing too heavily from Smash Bros. and Project M? Does that even matter?